Alfred Mansfeld

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Alfred Mansfeld ... Architect Alfred Mansfeld passed away at the age of 92. Mansfeld, who taught for 49 years at the Technion, won the Israel Prize in 1966 for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Senior partner at the firm of Mansfeld Kehat in Haifa. Some of his prominent buildings include Haifa Auditorium, Tikotin Museum, Zim Building, Kibbutz culture centers and dining halls, synagogues and hundreds of residential buildings in Haifa. Born in 1912 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Al Mansfeld studied architecture in Berlin and Paris.

Al Mansfeld, Architect. b. 1912, St. Petersburg, Russia. Immigrated 1935. Studies: 1931-33 Technische Hochschule, Berlin; 1933-35 Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, Paris, with architect, Auguste Perret. Teaching: 1949 Technion, Haifa; 1954-56 Head of Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa; 1965-78 guest lecturer at institutions throughout the world; 1967 Full Professor at the Technion, Faculty of Architecture. Prizes: 1966 Israel Prize, with Dora Gad, for design of Israel Museum, Jerusalem; 1969 “Gold Plaquette” for Foreign Architects from B.D.A. (Association of German architects). 1971 Elected member of the Berlin Academy. Designed projects in Israel, which over fifty years have greatly influenced architecture here. 1983 Elected Honorary Member, Paris Academy. 2001 Honorable Mention, The Architects Association.

Michael Mansfeld is his son.

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