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Aaron Maté (sometimes written as "Mate") was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Aaron comes to Democracy Now! after a two-year stint as an independent journalist and as a researcher for the author and journalist Naomi Klein. Through his work as a journalist and activist, he has had the opportunity to visit the Occupied Territories, Haiti, and South Africa. His writings have appeared in publications including the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, and the Guardian of London. Aaron received his B.A. in Communication Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. He is a regular contributor to the Montreal/San Francisco-based magazine Warrior.

Previously Mate was (2003) Vice-President (campaigns) of the Concordia Student Union in Montreal. He is (2005) a Montreal-based independent journalist and researcher.

Maté is a member of the Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation.

Raised in Vancouver by Jewish parents, Maté identifies both as Jew and a supporter of the Palestinian cause. His father, the Hungarian-born physician and writer Gabor Maté, lost his grandparents to the Nazi death camps. He has encouraged his son's activist activities, and Aaron has inherited his father's left-leaning views. His public role as a pro-Palestinian Jew has brought him into conflict with Hillel members, and he has been accused of being a self-hating Jew. "It hurts," he admits. "For someone from my own community, a community that I cherish, to tell me that I'm a traitor and scum is unsettling." He admires Noam Chomsky and is a firm believer in free speech. He maintains that it was a mistake to block Netanyahu's right to speak, and argued against the suspension of Hillel.

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