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Bradley Edwards is (2015) a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some time before December 2009, he filed civil suits on behalf of five women who claimed that Jeffrey Epstein sexually exploited them when some were as young as 14. In April 2011, a document submitted to a court in Florida revealed that Alan Dershowitz, a prominent supporter of Israel, was present in Epstein's house when some of the abuse happened. This revelation received worldwide publicity in January 2015 after further papers, mentioning Andrew Windsor, were submitted in court.

At the time the suits were filed, Edwards was an employee of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, a firm which had 70 lawyers and 150 employees before it was destroyed by the actions of one of its two founders, Scott Rothstein. Rothstein, with some others, ran a Ponzi scheme which, unknown to Edwards, used the suits against Epstein to raise funds from investors. (Rothstein told his prospective investors they were buying confidential legal settlements in whistleblower and sexual harassment cases from plaintiffs who preferred quick lump-sum payments rather than waiting for all the money. All of the settlements were phony, with Rothstein and some of his office staff making up the backup paperwork.)

Edwards was targeted in a law-suit by Epstein who claimed that Edwards had trumped up the allegations of sexual abuse to perpetrate Rothstein’s fraud. Epstein dropped this suit in August 2012, a day before the lawyer representing Edwards was going to ask a judge to throw out the suit. At the time that Epstein withdrew the suit, Edwards's lawyer said that Epstein "filed these baseless, scurrilous claims for the purpose of trying to extort Mr. Edwards into abandoning the lawsuits on behalf of Mr. Epstein’s young victims"[1].

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