AH, girl whom Alan Dershowitz tried to discredit

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AH, girl involved in the Jeffrey Epstein case whom Alan Dershowitz tried to discredit ... This article says

One of those girls, referred to by police as AH, told detectives she was recruited by an associate of Epstein who overheard her tell a friend in a clothing store that she could not afford a holiday.

She claimed the erotic massages also led to Epstein asking her to engage sexually with an eastern European woman, Nada Marcinkova – a female member of his entourage allegedly bought from her parents in eastern Europe as a teenager – while he watched.

AH told detectives of her reluctance to go further than erotic massages with Epstein, who she said gave her $1,000 and a car. However, she recounted one incident during which Epstein “bent me over the table and put himself in me” without her permission. AH said Epstein stopped after she screamed ‘no’, but she was so sore after the incident that she had difficulty walking to her car.

When police eventually raided Epstein’s mansion, they discovered one of AH’s high school transcripts along with a container of peach flavoured “Joy Jelly” lubricant and Amazon receipts for explicit books such as Slave Craft: Roadmap For Erotic Servitude Principles.

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