Jean Luc Brunel

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There was one name in [Virginia] Roberts’ court filing that escaped the public attention heaped on others: Jean Luc Brunel.

Brunel, who is French and in his 60s, is the co-founder of MC2 Model Management [website], a Miami-based modelling agency with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. A well-known model scout since the 1970s, Brunel is credited with launching the careers of Milla Jovovich, Christy Turlington and Sharon Stone.

But his career has sometimes been marred by controversy. A CBS 60 Minutes documentary once accused Brunel of sexually exploiting young women, an allegation he denied.

But Brunel’s close friendship with [Jeffrey] Epstein has never been in doubt. The model scout’s name appears frequently in the flight logs kept for Epstein’s private jets and prison records show he visited Epstein 67 times when he was in jail.

The 30 December court filing relaying Roberts’ allegations, however, went further than the innuendo that has occasionally surrounded Brunel’s friendship with Epstein. It explicitly alleged that Epstein was effectively exploiting Brunel’s access to young women for the purposes of sex trafficking.

“He would bring young girls (ranging to ages as young as twelve) to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, especially Epstein,” the filing states. “Brunel would offer the girls ‘modeling’ jobs. Many of the girls came from poor countries or impoverished backgrounds, and he lured them in with a promise of making good money.”

Roberts alleged she was forced to have sex with Brunel, too, and was made to “observe” the French model scout engaging in “sexual acts with dozens of underage girls”.

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