Sarah Aaronsohn

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Sarah Aaronsohn, a sister of Aaron Aaronsohn, was a member of NILI (Netzah Israel Lo Y'Shaker), the group that he and Avshalom Feinberg had created to supply intelligence to the British against the Ottoman Turks. In September 1917, a carrier pigeon used by NILI was ambushed. Two weeks later, a member of the group, Na'aman Belkind, was arrested and disclosed some of the group's secrets. In early October, the Turks surrounded Zichron Ya'acov and arrested several NILI members, including Sarah Aaronson. They tortured her for three days, during which she refused to betray her accomplices. After three days, she managed to commit suicide.

Earlier, returning to Palestine after a failed marriage in Constantinople, Sarah Aaronsohn was a witness to the Turkish massacre of the Armenians.

After the war, Dr. Hassan Bek, was convicted of involvement in the torture and sentenced to prison.

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