Amos Ben-Gurion

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Amos Ben-Gurion (1920-2008), born in London, was the son of David Ben-Gurion and recipient of several famous letters in which the father discussed his political ideas.

He was educated at Herzlia Gymnasium in Tel Aviv and at the Kadoorie Agricultural High School next to Mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee. After serving in the British Army during World War II, Amos Ben-Gurion was appointed deputy police commissioner nut had to resign under a cloud -- there were allegations of corruption. Later, he became the CEO of the ATA textile factory, which in its time was Israel's largest and most important textile enterprise, but was removed from this position too.

In 1946, Amos married a gentile woman named Mary Callow, who had taken care of him while he was hospitalized during service in the British Army. His mother opposed Amos's marriage to a gentile, and asked her husband to talk their son out of it. David Ben-Gurion, however, refused to comply, and, in a conversation with Amos and Mary, approved their wedding plans. Mary converted to Judaism -- Joachim Prinz claimed to have done the conversion using a principle that he invented himself for the occasion[1]. She and Amos had two daughters, Galia and Ruth, and a son, Alon.

In his biography of David Ben-Gurion, Bar-Zohar suggests the possibility that Ben-Gurion approved of Amos's marriage to a gentile because at that time he was in love with a gentile woman himself -- Doris May, Chaim Weizmann's secretary.

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