Marshall Windmiller

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Marshall Windmiller ... Professor Emeritus of International Relations, San Francisco State University

Windmiller taught International Relations at San Francisco State University from 1959 until his retirement in 1994. Beginning in 1973 he specialized in the study of the role of intelligence and intelligence agencies in the formulation and execution of foreign policy. He is the co-author of Communism in India, the standard work on the Indian Communist Party, and the author of The Peace Corps and Pax Americana. Windmiller has had a longstanding interest in the use of media for public education. For eight years in the 1960s he broadcast a regular commentary on world affairs on the Pacifica radio stations, KPFA Berkeley, KPFK Los Angeles, and WBAI New York. During the Vietnam War he went to Saigon and Phnom Penh to report on the political background of the war. From 1976 to 1977 Windmiller was the moderator of the weekly television series, World Press, broadcast nationally on PBS. In 1982 and 1983 he hosted another weekly world affairs program called World Report, broadcast locally on Channel 32. He is currently a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), and appears frequently as a guest expert on Bay Area radio and television. Windmiller's articles on world affairs have been published in the San Francisco Examiner, the Oakland Tribune, the San Jose Mercury News the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and various other publications and academic journals. Born in Sacramento, California, Windmiller is a graduate of the University of the Pacific. A veteran of World War II, he served three years in the US Army Signal Corps in India and the South Pacific. With fellowships from the Ford Foundation and Rotary International, he pursued graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Paris (France), and the University of California, Berkeley, where he received his doctorate in political science.

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