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Hashachar Ha'ole is an Israeli chocolate manufacturer. This company also funds some of the most extreme settlements.

Uri Blau reports (15 December 2015): [1]

One of the key non-profits operating in the territories is the Fund for Promotion of the Zionist Idea, which is located at the same address as the settlement organization Amana and directed by Amana head Zeev Hever. The fund supports the settlement of Itamar, the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem, a seminary in Elon Moreh and other settlement institutions.
One of the fund’s donors is chocolate spread manufacturer Hashachar Ha’ole, which donated 50,000 shekels in 2013. “Our company donates 6 percent of its revenue a year,” says CEO Moshe Weidberg. “This is a family business; each of us gets an amount to donate and chooses where to give it. I believe in a Greater Land of Israel, which you call ‘the occupied territories,’ and I wish I could donate even more,” Weidberg told a Haaretz reporter.

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