Yasmin Tayseer Sha’ban

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Reham Alhelsi reports (28 December 2015):[1]

Yasmin Tayseer Sha’ban: 32 years old, from Al-Jalameh in Jenin governorate, held captive in Israeli jails since 03.11.2014.

Yasmin is a mother of four. She was kidnapped from her home on 03.11.2014, and underwent five days in interrogation at Al-Jalameh Detention Centre, during which she was tortured; she was left to stand on a chair tied with chains for long periods, and was threatened with the arrest of her husband and children. She described the interrogation cells as “very bad, with rough walls, and dirty mattresses, high humidity and lack of hot water”. She was denied to meet any lawyers, and was transferred to HaSharon prison (Tel Mond) on 09.11.2014. Israeli interrogators alleged that Yasmin was planning to carry out a resistance operation together with another 4 young men from Tulkarim governorate.

She suffers from thyroid problems and shortness of breath and asthma and is in need of regular medical follow-up. On 22.04.2015, Yasmin and 5 other prisoners were punished and isolated in their cells for 4 days and denied family visits for a month; they were accused by the IPS of singing and waving a Palestinian flag while the sirens were on for the dead Israeli occupation soldiers. Also, it was also reported that on 03.05.2015, Yasmin and another 4 Palestinian detainees were isolated for a week after an Israeli jailor claimed that the Palestinian female detainees pushed her. Following protest from the other Palestinian female political detainees, they were returned back to the wing of Palestinian political prisoners, but with the same isolation conditions for a week, with the exception of Shireen Issawi, who was transferred to isolation in Neve Tirza (Ramleh).

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