Amal Ahmad Al-Sa’dah

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Reham Alhelsi reports (28 December 2015):[1]

Amal Ahmad Al-Sa’dah: from Halhoul in Hebron governorate, held captive in Israeli jails since 16.07.2015.

Amal was detained on 18.11.2014 while visiting her brother Mohammad in jail, who is serving a 17 year sentence, after which she was released on conditions of a 12,000 NIS fine and imposing house arrest on her in Kisifyeh in Bir As-Sabis’ with a bailor who is holder of Israeli ID, and depriving her from visiting her brother Mohammad, who is held captive in Israeli jails. After 6 months under house arrest, Amal’s house arrest order was cancelled and she was returned to Halhoul, on condition of appearing before the district court in Bir As-Sabi’. After five court sessions, she was sentenced on 16.07.2015 to 14 months imprisonment on charges of trying to smuggle a mobile SIM card to her imprisoned brother Mohammad. The court also added 18 months imprisonment to her brother Mohammad who is serving a 17 years sentence since 2005. NB: Amal suffers from a number of diseases, including diabetes. She is currently held in HaSharon prison (Tel Mond).

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