Isra Mohammad Ja’abees

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Reham Alhelsi reports (28 December 2015):[1]

Isra Mohammad Ja’abees: 31 years old, from Jabal Al-Mukabbir in Jerusalem governorate, held captive in Israeli jails since 11.10.2015.

Isra is a mother of 8 year-old Mu’tasim. On the morning of 11.10.2015, Isra was on her way to work coming from Jericho, where she has a second home, when her car caught fire due to an electrical short circuit that caused the airbag to explode. As her car stopped at the Z’ayem Israeli military checkpoint, and despite seeing the car catch fire, Israeli occupation soldiers rushed to shoot at Isra. She received treatment at Hadasa hospital for the severe burns in her upper body, shoulders and face. Israeli occupation forces claim that Isra attempted to carry out a resistance operation, which eyewitnesses deny and insist that it was a car malfunction and that the car did not explode. She is denied family visits and only her lawyer is allowed to see her. Israeli occupation forces informed Isras family of their intention to demolish her house. On 23.12.2015, Isra was transferred from Hadasa Hospital to Ramleh prison hospital, despite her need for intensive medical treatment.

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