Su’ed Abdel-Karim Omar Izreqat

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Reham Alhelsi reports (28 December 2015):[1]

Su’ad Abdel-Karim Omar Izreqat: 28 years old, from Tfuh in Hebron governorate, held captive in Israeli jails since 03.12.2015.

Su’ad’s is a former political prisoner and was detained on 08.04.2008, and was accused of planning a martyrdom operation and was sentenced to one and a half years imprisonment. She was freed on 07.07.2009 in the prisoner swap deal. During her arrest, she was denied family visits. Months later Su’ad was married to Mohammad Izreqat, only to live with him six months, as he was killed by a Zionist colonist who ran him over on 10.05.2010. On 03.12.2015, Israeli occupation forces raided her family house, and interrogated with her brother, while the women and children of the family were kept outside the house in the cold. The Israeli occupation officer in charge asked to bring Su’ad in for interrogation, when her brothers and mother tried to prevent her arrest, they were attacked by the occupation soldiers and beaten, before Su’ad was kidnapped while handcuffed and blindfolded. She was transferred to Ramleh (Neve Tirze), where she was held in isolation close to the cells of Israeli criminals. Despite her various demands, the IPS refused to transfer her to HaSharon prison (Tel Mond) to be with other Palestinian female political prisoners. Five days after her arrest, Su’ad received an administrative detention order for 4 months without charge. She went on an open hunger strike to protest her re-arrest, the harsh treatment she was subjected to during and after her arrest and to demand a transfer to HaSharon prison (Tel Mond). She ended the hunger strike on 17.12.2015 following promises from the IPS to transfer her to HaSharon prison (Tel Mond). She is in a bad physical and psychological condition due to harsh detention conditions, and is in need of a gastroscopy operation. NB: Su’ad enrolled at Hebron Polytechnic University at the Department of Businesses Administration before her arrest. On 22.12.2015, Su’ad was transferred to Damon prison.

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