‘A’ - Israeli minor from Tzufim settlement

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'A' is an Israeli Jewish minor charged with a series of incidents of vandalism and arson against property and cars. (This article seems to say that he is the same person as this fellow who has been charged as an accessory, to Amiram Ben-Uliel, in the Duma arson murders.)

'A' is a resident of the Tzufim settlement and the son of Moshe Odess, the community's rabbi. He is also a member of Tzohar, a religious Orthodox Zionist organization and part of the Hilltop Youth movement. He was inspired to join the movement by his older brother, who is known to the Shin Bet as a right-wing extremist with a violent past. He had been detained by the Shin Bet in the past, but was always released due to lack of evidence. After one of the investigations, he published a video in which he explained that he remained silent during questioning because communicating with the Shin Bet was akin to communicating with representatives of the "Kingdom of Evil."

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‘A’ - Israeli Jewish minor charged as accessory in Duma arson-murder case   • X Odess

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