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NGO Monitor is a hardline flak group meant to undermine/discredit human rights organizations and the reports they may produce about Israeli human rights violations. It was founded by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Leonard Fine reports: [1]:

It comes as no surprise that Human Rights Watch also speaks out on Israel, often (though not always) critically. Enter NGO Monitor, an organization that believes that the best way to defend Israel is to condemn anyone who criticizes it.
NGO Monitor operates out of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs/Institute for Contemporary Affairs. Its editor is Gerald Steinberg, a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and its stated purpose is "to end the practice used by certain self-declared 'humanitarian NGOs' of exploiting the label 'universal human rights values' to promote politically and ideologically motivated anti-Israel agendas." It is in that context that it has paid special attention to Human Rights Watch, offering on its Web site more reports on Human Rights Watch than on any other of the 75 NGOs it seeks to "out." It holds that Human Rights Watch exploits "the rhetoric of universal human rights to promote narrow political and ideological preferences," thereby falling squarely within the explicit scope of NGO Monitor’s interest.
I cannot here review all of what NGO Monitor claims as evidence for its harsh view that Human Rights Watch acts "in concert with [the] international demonization of Israel." But here are two items that provide an indication of the "narrow political and ideological preferences" of NGO Monitor itself:
On April 18, NGO Monitor issued a "draft report on Human Rights Watch" which claims that an "objective quantitative analysis" shows that Human Rights Watch places an "extreme emphasis on critical assessments of Israel." I have reviewed the draft document and checked its central claim against the actual documents Human Rights Watch has produced regarding Israel since the year 2000. The discrepancy between NGO Monitor’s claims and Human Rights Watch’s record is massive.
Human Rights Watch has in fact devoted more attention to each of five other nations in the region – Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey and Iran – than to Israel. I called this to Steinberg’s attention on May 3, and he responded that NGO Monitor would "examine and respond" to the discrepancies. Since then, I have received 27 emails from Steinberg; not one has in any way responded to this matter. Yet the draft report remains online, unamended.
On June 30, Israel’s Supreme Court issued a much-publicized ruling on the "separation fence." The heart of the ruling was that "the route which the military commander established for the security fenceā€¦ injures the local inhabitants in a severe and acute way, while violating their rights under humanitarian international law" and that the fence must therefore be relocated.
But if you were to read the NGO Monitor’s summary of the ruling, you would never know this. You would, instead, read all the court’s reasons for declaring that Israel has the right to build a fence to protect its citizens – and none of the language that explains the court’s view that the location of the fence is an unacceptable "infringement on the local inhabitants' rights and interests."


Gerald Steinberg President Dov Yarden – CEO Anne Herzberg – Legal Advisor
Naftali Balanson – Chief of Staff Olga Deutsch – Director of Europe Desk Shaun Sacks – Europe Desk
Yael Israel – Europe Desk Tamar Kogman – Europe Desk Vincent Chebat – Europe Desk
Laura Silva – EU Liaision Josh Bacon – Israel Desk Itai Reuveni – Israel Desk
Liora Cohen – Israel Desk Odelya Azulay – Israel Desk Maurice Hirsch – Senior Military Justice Consultant
Yona Schiffmiller – North America Desk Becca Wertman – Deputy Editor Penina Rothner – Associate Editor/Online Content Manager
Ariella Esterson – Researcher Daniel Laufer – Foreign Media Relations Hodaya Shahar – Israeli Media Relations
Rena Ackerman – Communications Associate Shira Rosen – Office Manager Arnie Draiman – Online Communications
Source: Boards (Accessed: 8 August 2017)

Board of Directors
Abraham Bell Joel Golovensky – Chair Edward Cohen
Trevor Asserson Penina Goldstein Frieda Horwitz
Yosef Kuperwasser Dov Lipman Linda Olmert
Jonathan Rynhold Arnold Roth Amira Schiff
Charles Freedman Mark Goldfarb  
Source: Boards (Accessed: 8 August 2017)

International Advisory Board
Alan Dershowitz R. James Woolsey Elliott Abrams
Michael Danby Linda Frum Tom Gross
Richard Kemp Douglas Murray Judea Pearl
Abraham D. Sofaer Einat Wilf Ruth R. Wisse
Fiamma Nirenstein Vivian Bercovici John Bolton
Source: Boards (Accessed: 8 August 2017)

Legal Advisory Board
Alan Baker Robert P. Barnidge Jr. Abraham Bell
Chad Alan Goldberg Eugene Kontorovich Mark Leibler
Michal Pomerance    
Source: Boards (Accessed: 8 August 2017)


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