Keith Davies

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Keith Davies is described in this article as an "Irish Jewish publicist". Davies describes himself, in this article, as "Agent of Mr. Walid Shoebat and Executive Director, Walid Shoebat Foundation".

Richard Silverstein sheds some interesting light on Davies's psychology in this item. Continuing down the item, one reads that Davies retorted to Silverstein's scepticism about Davies's persona by writing:

Wrong, I am 100% Jewish. My ancestor was Bal Shemtov who was a direct decendent of King David which makes me also King David’s decendent. My Hebrew Name is Kalman David Ben Yisrael. which means Gracious David Son of Israel.

To the above, Silverstein, retorted
“Kalman” is about as Jewish as I am Buddhist (which is not at all). No Jew would feel obligated to tell the world “my ancestor was the Bal Shemtov who was a direct descendant of King David.” We Jews know who we are & where we come from & don’t need to remind anyone about it.

In a personal e mail to me “Kalman” called the Baal Shem Tov, “Baal Shamtov.” Here he calls him “Bal Shemtov.” That’s a little bit closer to being accurate but still not quite right yet. If I was a direct descendant of someone I’d sure want to know how to spell his name correctly, wouldn’t you?

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