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Audio-visual item #1740: Grant Smith on Israel Lobby
Participant(s)/creator(s):    Jeffrey Blankfort    Grant F. Smith
Produced by: KZYX/Takes on the World
Date of issue: 8 September 2010
Type of content: audio
Length: 39:00
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Important interview

00:45 Host Jeffrey Blankfort: peace processing and the Israel lobby
01:22 Legitimacy crisis: Abbas in, Hamas out and the US as "neutral" arbitrar
02:20 Colonization during the "settlement freeze"
03:15 $5 billion F-35 jet fighter potlatch
05:10 Massive US JP-8 jet fuel shipment to Israel
09:00 Purchase priorities: Iraqi and other ME weapons procurement
11:35 In trouble with the lobby EU to US: Stone, Thomas, Nasser, and de Groote
14:10 IRmep and Grant Smith's investigatory work
15:45 "Israel's Nuclear Arsenal" panel at the Spy Museum: free DvD offer
16:45 1960's birth of the Israel Lobby: The DOJ and Senate investigate
17:25 Key Findings: AIPAC's 7 year campaign to alter US ME press coverage
18:22 The Senate classified findings, because investigation failed
19:30 Am. Council for Judaism calls for investigation of Jewish Agency money laundering
20:26 AIPAC's campaign to shut down competing ideas: academia, media and government
20:50 Half century of targeting American free speech rights
21:16 Abraham Feinberg: Israel's nuclear weapons program funding coordinator and AIPAC donor
21:39 Two prong attack: Dimona propaganda, undermining Kennedy nonproliferation drive
22:03 The AIPAC media cover-up: Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons plant as "peaceful"
25:00 The mobsters who funded AIPAC when legitimate donors wouldn't
26:23 The American Council for Judaism's moral and legal challenges to AIPAC
27:18 The Israel lobby's hidden business model: global swaps with the Israeli gov't
30:50 The Jewish Agency's man on the Obama National Security Council: Dennis Ross
32:20 NPR turns down preferential access to declassified Israeli media manipulation files
34:23 Israel lobby coverage: overseas and alternative news only, forbidden in America
35:00 "62 tactics" to undermine American free speech rights in effect for 50 years
37:00 Free trips to Israel for opinion leaders, politicians and media personalities
38:55 Q&A ......a new movement is building

On Wednesday host Jeffrey Blankfort interviewed Grant F. Smith on his public radio program "Takes on the World" about newly unsealed Senate Foreign Relations Committee files investigating the Israel lobby. Today the Israel Lobby Archive releases correspondence between the Jewish Agency (a quasi governmental organization headquartered in Jerusalem) and the American Zionist Council which housed AIPAC as its lobbying division. The documents reveal quarterly $5,000 payments from the Jewish Agency to AIPAC for the lobbying newsletter "Near East Report" and stealth public relations programs to undermine American free speech. The implications are discussed in the radio interview...

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