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Audio-visual item #487: Campus Conflict
Participant(s)/creator(s):    George Negus    Chris Hammer    Daniel Pipes    Joseph A. Massad    Winfield Myers    Hamid Dabashi    Rashid I. al-Khalidi    Ariel Beery    Liel Leibovitz    Monique Dols    Ben Wheeler    Stephen M. Walt
Produced by: SBS
Date of issue: 8 November 2006
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Abstract: With the history wars, the culture wars and the Australian values furore, allegations of bias have been flying thick and fast in this country. We in the media have sort of grown used to it over the years. But in the US right now, those same sort of allegations, at least where academics are concerned, are not to be sniffed at. A lobby group calling itself Campus Watch has American professors of Middle East Studies in the crosshairs.

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