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Audio-visual item #488: Vincent/Danby Interview
Participant(s)/creator(s):    George Negus    Michael Danby    Andrew Vincent
Produced by: SBS
Date of issue: 8 November 2006
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Commentary: This debate about the state of academic freedom in Australia follows on from this film about the situation in Columbia University in New York.

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Abstract: Federal Labor MP Michael Danby claims bias is, in fact, a cause for concern in Australian tertiary institutions, and one of his prime targets is the Centre for Middle East Studies at Sydney's Macquarie University. Well, earlier today, Dr Andrew Vincent, the centre's director, joined George Negus here in the studio to face his critic. George Negus began by referring to a parliamentary speech in which Michael Danby himself a Jew, accused Dr Vincent of imparting "endless one-sided propaganda" in his courses that examine the Middle East conflict.

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