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#36428 Shalom, shalom ve'ein shalom
by A. Israeli (pen-name for Machover+Orr), Moshe Machover (wrote under pen-name A. Israeli), Akiva Orr (wrote under pen-name A. Israeli), 1961
Machover and Orr (the people behind the pseudonym "A. Israeli") provide a very detailed picture, all drawn from public sources, of the relationships between Israeli policies in 1950s and UK-US interests. ...

#144725 Peace, Peace and there is no peace
by Akiva Orr, Moshe Machover, Mark Marshall (translation from Hebrew), 1961, updated English translation 2009

#91081 Leave the Occupied Territories Immediately
by Haim Hanegbi (author), Shimon Tzabar (author), David Ernfeld (author), Uri Lifshitz (signatory), Eli Aminov (signatory), Moshe Machover (signatory), six other signatories in Ha'aretz, September 1967

#3333 Zionism: False Messiah
by Nathan Weinstock, Alan Adler (translation from French), Moshe Machover (introductory interview), 1969
Introductory Interview with Moshe Machover(to be scanned) 1. A Marxist Interpretation of the Jewish Question 2. The Meaning and Origins of Zionism 3. Palestine at the time of the Birth of Israel 4. The Beginnings of Zionist Settlement in ...

#80676 Some stuff published in ISRACA
by Moshe Machover in ISRACA, 1970s
Israel seems to do all sorts of strange things to many Jewish-American intellectuals. Alex Portnoy is not the only one, but in the case of others it is their critical faculty that is unstiffened by the Holy Land. And so it happens that nic ...

#22790 The Class Nature of Israel
by Haim Hanegbi, Moshe Machover, Akiva Orr in New Left Review, January 1971
Israeli society, like all other class societies, contains conflicting social interests—class interests which give rise to an internal class struggle. Yet Israeli society as a whole has been engaged, for the last fifty years, in a continuous external ...

#6350 The Other Israel: the Radical Case against Zionism
by Arieh Bober (editor), Emmanuel Dror Farjoun (editor), Robert Langstone (editor), Haim Hanegbi (contributor), N. Israeli (contributor), Elie Lobel (contributor), Moshe Machover (contyributor), Akiva Orr (contributor), Abu Sa'id, Eli Aminov (contributor), Michel Warschawski (contributor), 1972
"Zionism promised national awakening and fraternal solidarity; it has produced a society of increasing inequality and of racist discrimination and cultural oppression. Zionism promised independence; it has produced a society in which the Prime Minist ...

#72811 From Generation to Generation (part of this document)
by Moshe Machover, Haim Hanegbi, 1972

#72812 The Class Character of Israel (part of this document)
by Moshe Machover, Akiva Orr, 1972

#72817 Borochovism (part of this document)
by Moshe Machover, 1972

#72823 The Case for Hebrew Self-Determination (part of this document)
by Moshe Machover, 1972

#72826 The Zionist Left and the Palestinian Resistance (part of this document)
by Akiva Orr, Moshe Machover, 1972

#80679 Reply to Sol Stern
by Moshe Machover in ISRACA, 1973
Israel seems to do all sorts of strange things to many Jewish-American intellectuals. Alex Portnoy is not the only one, but in the case of others it is their critical faculty that is unstiffened by the Holy Land. And so it happens that nice compassio ...

#84156 Zionism and its scarecrows
by Moshe Machover, Mario Offenberg in Khamsin, 1978

#85698 Book review
by Moshe Machover in Race & Class: A Journal on Racism, Empire and Globalisation, 1989
In connection with my review of Benny Morris, it should be stated clearly in an accompanying note that since his book was published, much new material has come to light which makes it very clear that the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1947-9 ...

#1204 The battle for Jerusalem
by Moshe Machover in The Guardian, 26 January 2001
Mr Wiesel's argument amounts to this: we Jews must have it because we so want it, and because our traditions and ancient myths tell us it is ours. This is not very different from the Serb nationalists' argument as to why they should rule Ko ...

#106 The Class Character of Israel (A reprint)
by Moshe Machover, Akiva Orr in International Socialist Review, May-June 2002
ISRAELI SOCIETY, like all other class societies, contains conflicting social interests—class interests which give rise to an internal class straggle. Yet Israeli society as a whole has been engaged, for the last 50 years, in a continuous external con ...

#720 Debate Among Radical Socialists: Two- States, Secular Democratic State, Socialist Middle East
by Paul Flewers, Martin Thomas, Moshe Machover in Between the Lines, August 2002
BTL is pleased to have the opportunity to present different positions regarding the Palestinian-Israeli solution within the socialist internationalist camp. The first three pieces below were published in New Interventions, London and are comprised of ...

#16427 Send aid to Gaza now
by Irene Bruegel, Jenny Diski, Harold Pinter, Jacqueline Rose, Donny Gluckstein, Ivor Dembina, Moshe Machover, Various others in The Guardian, 21 February 2003
As Jews in Britain, we are immensely concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank, so graphically detailed by Chris McGreal (Food running out in Gaza, February 11). Over 700,000 people in Gaza alone, more than half the population ...

#4939 Letters submitted to the Guardian in reply to Emanuele Ottolenghi
by Moshe Machover, Michael Rosen, Tony Greenstein in The Guardian, 2 December 2003
Emanuele Ottolenghi’s claim (“Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism”, 29 November) that the Jews all over the world constitute a single nation is debatable. It is largely a matter of how you define “nation”. But his claim that Zionism is merely an assert ...

#8322 Which is the greater evil?
by Moshe Machover, 17 May 2004
It may sound like a strange question: which is the greater evil: the US empire, or the Saddam Husain regime toppled by the former? But I think it is a question that needs to be answered. To refuse to compare "amounts" of evil is a cop-out. In ...

#123915 Free Tali Fahima
by Menachem Aaron, Neidal Abd El Gaffer, David Abraham, Dorit Abramovitch, Ofir Abu, Ahmad Abu Hussein, Thabet Abu Ras, Sami Abu Shehade, Kfir Adam, Loren Aghbaria, Rola Aghbaria, Amotz Agnon, Angelo Aidan, Yael Aidan, Yasser Akawi, , Adnan al-As'ad, Ali al-Azhari, Ammiel Alcalay, Michael Alexander, Ra'anan Alexandrovicz, Nadav Algazy, Adi Alia, Sara Alimi, Tali Almi, Udi Aloni, Ofra Amikam, Eli Aminov, Nitza Aminov, Assaf Amir, Dani Amir, Merav Amir, Daniel Amit, Elinor Amit, Yossi Amitay, Meir Amor, Etti Anda, Adi Arbel, Tal Arbel, Yael Artzi, Yousef Asfour, Noa Ashkenazi, Shosha Asoulin, Nawaf Atamnah, Amir Atsmon, Liran Atsmor, Fabienne Attal, Nirit Atzmon-Novick, Yudit Avi Dor, Ronnie Avidov, Yahel Avigur, Adina Aviram, Meital Aviram, Naomi Aviv, Gal Avnat, Raz Avni, Yochai Avrahami, Uri Ayalon, Oren Azari, Leeam Azulay-Yagev, Khulood Badawi, Danna Bader, Ilana Bakal, Gila Ballas, Shimon Ballas, Dr. Ziv Bar, Iris Bar, Oshra Bar, Yoav Bar, Gal Bar Nissan, Daphna Baram, Eyad Barghuthy, Ronny Bar-Gil, Noa Bar-Haim, Yoram Bar-Haim, Ronnie Barkan, Anat Barlev, Nili Bar-Nes, Sigal Barnir, Osnat Bar-or, Racheli Bar-Or, Mali Barouch, Yossi Bartal, Orit Bartur, Yoram Baruch, Gur Barzilay, Shalom Batsri, Dalit Baum, Shlomit Bauman, Moshe Becker, Moshe Behar, Tamar Belkin, Yishay Ben Adar, Shulamit Ben Aharon, Esther Ben Chur, Zvi Ben Dor, Jonathan Ben Efrat, Roni Ben Efrat, Shay Ben Efrayim, Eyal Ben Moshe, Saar Ben Porat, Nirit Ben-Ari, Ronnen Ben-Arie, Moshe Benarroch, Eldad Benary, Elat Benda, Yoav Ben-Dov, Matan Ben-More, Rami Ben-Moshe, Illa Ben-Porat, Maayan Ben-Zvi, Yael Ben-zvi, Yael Berada, Elinoar Berger, Tamar Berger, Nitza Berkovitch, Yonatan Berman, Gil Bernstein, Dan Bibro, Anat Biletzki, Shany Birenboim, Azmi Bishara, Noam Bitton, Simone Bitton , Ido Blaiberg, Kerem Blumberg, Yoram Blumenkrantz, Yempa Boleslavsky, Jerome Bourdon, Daniel Boyarin, Haim Bresheeth, Shahar Carmel, Shai Carmeli Pollak, Daniella Carmi, Smadar Carmon, Nili Caspi, Yaron Caspi, Michal Chacham, Ronit Chacham, Lin Chalozin Dovrat, Sami Shalom Chetrit, Chassia Chomsky Porat, Reuven Choshen, Matan Cohen, Noa Cohen, Raya Cohen, Rina Cohen, Ron Cohen, Shahar Cohen, Yifat Cohen, Yonni Cohen, Noa Currie, Avi Dabach, Adi Dagan, Michael Dahan, Yossi Dahan, Jamal Daka, Marwan Dalal, Silan Dalal, Tamar Dallal, Ben Dayan, Hilla Dayan, Rula Deeb, Yael Demirel, Athena DeRasmo, Assaf Derri, Yvonne Deutsch, Diana Dolev, Shahar Dolev, Sharon Dolev, Tal Dor, Dan Dori, Danit Dottan, Yael Drier, Arnon Dunetz, Shai Efrati, Zeev Ehrenberg, Ronen Eidelman, Galit Eilat, Aviva Ein Gil, Lee Einstein, Shani Elad, Rami Elhanan, Dorit Eliyahu, Karin Eliyahu, Walter Ellgutter, Michel el-Raheb, Edna Elrom, Shirly Eran, Gali Eshet, Anat Even, Rona Even, Debbie Eylon, Amin Falah, Liat Fedida, Pnina Feiler, Amir Feldman, Rayah Feldman, Pnina Firestone, Anat First, Micky Fischer, Adaya Fiterman, Miri Fleisher, Eynat Fleshner, Orli Fridman, Ofer Friedland, Hanna Friedman, Racheli Gai, Daniel Gaido, Meir Gal, Miriam Gelbach, Or Gerlitz, Ron Gerlitz, Naama Gershy, Yodfat Getz, Hana Gilaie-Guinor, Amiram Gill, Dalia Gimpel, Rachel Giora, Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, Dafna Golan-Agnon, Elana Golden, Nechama Goldstein, Yael Goldstein, Yuval Goldstein, Elisabeth Goldwyn, Yoana Gonen, Shie Gorski, David Goss, Anat Goychman, Avigail Graetz, Keren Green, Slava Greenberg, Buky Grinberg, Gal Grofit, Tami Gross, Eli Grunfeld, Omer Guri, Nadav Haber, Uri Hadar, Hava Halevi, Meidad Halevy, Amir Hallel, Giora Halperin, Itamar Hamiel, Eli Hamo, Kuki Yona Hana, Haim Hanegbi, Tal Haran, Ido Harari, Nadav Harel, Yehudith Harel-Rabinowitz, Galia Hasenfeld, Amir Hasfari, Sharaf Hassan, Liat Hasunfratz, Gal Hause, Hilla Havkin, Areen Hawari, Magdalena Hefetz, Shahar Helinovsky, Jennifer Hendrich, Anna Herman, Noa Hermesh, Ilana Hershenberg, Amnon Hillel, Dafna Hirsch, Ala Hlehel, Dina Hoffman, Nathalie Hoffmann, Tikva Honig-Parnass, Shay Horenstein, David Horesh, Ziva Horesh, Keren Horowitz, Reyad Husri, Dafna Ichilov, Irit Ilan, Yudit Ilany, Galit Inbar Israeli, Michal Inerman, Giora Itamar, Eyal Itskovitch, Yuval Ivri, Eldad Joffe, Rachel Leah Jones, Nirit Kadmon, Ofer Kahana, Muhammad Kaial, Ronny Kalev, Noam Kaminer, Gili Kanelbaum, Aya Kaniuk, Naomi Kaniuk, Liad Kantorovitz, Adi Kaplan, Shula Karmi, Tom Karmi, Einav Katan, Haggai Katriel, Ofra Katz, Teddy Katz, Lior Kay-Avishay, Nufar Kedar, Sarit Kedem, Adam Keller, Mimi Kelmer, Ahuva Keren, Tali Keren, Nimrod Keret, Dalia Kerstein, Basem Khader, Mira Khazzam, Reem Khouri, Baruch Kimmerling, Ori Kleiner, Sara Kliachko, Yana Knopova, Jenny Koren, Uri Koren, Hagar Kot, Micha Kovler, Noa Kram, Miki Kratsman, Amichai Kronfeld, Dana Krugliak, Gila Kulka, Nofar Kulka, Vered Kupitz, Sara Lahiyani, Idan Landau, Uri Laor, Mark Lasman, Danielle Latowicki, Tali Latowicki, Smadar Lavie, Yigal Laviv, Orit Lavnin-Dgani, Einat Leader, Ehud Lebel, Dina Lee, Tamar Lehahn, Hava Lehrman, Gerardo Leibner, Hagit Leibowitz, Shamai K Leibowitz, Ronit Lentin, Yael Lerer, Eitan Lerner, Micah Leshem, Lea Leshem-Adiv, Naomi Levav Yuran, Almog Levin, Claudia Levin, Sarah Levinthal Shartal, Carine Levy, Gal Levy, Miky Levy, Tikva Levy, Romm Lewkowicz, Anat Lieber, Moran Livnat, Avi Lubin, Orly Lubin, Liora Lupyan, Anat Lustinger, Dudi Machlev, Moshe Machover, Aryeh Magal, Mdane Mahmoud, Ameer Makhoul, Dory Manor, Yaakov Manor, Adi Maoz, Alon Marcus, Miki Marmor, Ami Maron, Ruchama Marton, Anat Matar, Samy Matar, Ariel Mayodoser, Rela Mazali, Batya Mazor-Hoffman, Oren Medicks, Gil Medovoy, Alon Meir, Yosefa Mekyton, Ishai Menuchin, Juliano Mer Khamis, David Merhav, Racheli Merhav, Yehonatan Messi, Esti Micenmacher, Aya Michlin, Orly Michlin, Ron Michlin, Amir Minsky, Rachel Minsky, Yael Miron, Nili Mirski, Rachella Mizrachi, Shai Mizrachi, Avi Mograbi, Daniel Monterescu, Maggie Mor, Dominique Moran, Neta Moran, Meirav Moran Valter, Renen Mosinzon, Rayna Moss, Nissim Mossek, Pnina Motzafi-Haller, Ibrahim Muhamad, Salah Muhsin, Dorit Naaman, Yonit Naaman, Nir Nader, Effie Nadiv, Dorothy Naor, Israel Naor, David Nathan, Regev Nathansohn, Rim Natour, Salman Natour, Ezra Yitzhak Nawi, Ofer Neiman, Dorit Netzer, Ofer Netzer, David Nir, Tal Nitzan-Keren, Yigal Nizri, Hadas Noham, Roy Novick, Menashe Noy, Benny Nuriely, Ezra Ohayon, Shira Ohayon, Niva Oren, Norah Orlow, Eitan Ornoy, Akiva Orr, Elad Oryan, Mishmish Ouri, Guy Pade, Amichai Palgi, Sivan Parnass, Limor Paz Suliman, Lial Peled, Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Lazer Peles, Tamar Peretz, Ilana Pergamenshchik, Tal Pervolotsky, Eli Petel, Shirley Philip, Josefa Pick, Rony Pisker, Rina Plesser, Einat Podjarni, Yonatan Polak, Shaul Pollak, Tami Pollak, Yossi Pollak, Matan Prezma, Michal Pundak, Israel Puterman, Iyad Rabi, Madeleine Raby, Haggai Ram, Uri Ram, Nery Ramati, Ada Ramon, Amit Ramon, Roland Rance, Maayan Rash, Michal Rash, Sivan Rash, Sagit Rave, Edeet Ravel, Yogev Ravel, Ada Ravon, Eyal Raz, Michal Raz, Shlomit Raz, Hili Razinsky, Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Geva Rechav, Hanna Regev, Sulti Regev, Deborah Reich, Gilad Reich, Elchanan Reiner, Roni Reingold, Tanya Reinhart, Eran Reiss, Nura Resh, Shira Robinson, Jan Rofenacht, Iris Ronen, Sigal Ronen, Yael Ronen, Roee Rosen, Irit Rosenblum, Henry Rosenfeld, Yael Rosenfeld, Lirona Rosenthal, Anat Rosenwaks, Ouri Rosenwaks, Yehoshua Rosin, Sharon Roth, Eyal Rozenberg, Mina Rozenshine, Rami Rudich, Galit Saada-Ophir, Michal Sahaf, Shlomo Sand, Sergeiy Sandler, Tomer Sapir, Galit Saporta, Orna Sasson Levy, Rohan Saxena, Yaara Schori, Nava Schreiber, Nahum Schutz, Noa Schwartz, Yossi Schwartz, Miri Segal, Nissa Segal, Noam Segal, Aviv Sela, Ayelet Senior, Tzvika Serber, Ruben Seroussi, Aharon Shabtai, Sivan Shadmon, Itamar Shahar, Noa Shalem, Israel Shamir, Efrat Shani, Ronny Shani, Uri Shani, Tamar Shapira, Yonathan Shapira, David Shasha, Omer Shatz, Neta Shaulov, Sharon Shavit, Oz Shelach, Tami Shem Tov, Yaron Shemer, Matityaho Shemoelof, Yehuda Shenhav, Hamutal Shifroni, Yotam Shifroni, Nomi Shir, Hagai Shklar, Julie Shles, Ilan Shlif, Dvora Shlomi, Or Shlomi, Amir Shlomian, Hagit Shlonsky, Yael Shneerson, Diana Shoef, Shira Shohami, Ella Shohat, Tamar Shonberger, Adi Shoval, Dan-ya Shwarts, Ivy Sichel, Naomi Siman-Tov, Yael Singer, Eyal Sivan, Jonathan Sivan, Varda Sivan, Yasmin Sivan, Ora Slonim, Kobi Snitz, Kerstin Sodergren, Yehiam Soreq, Gideon Spiro, Josef Sprinzak, Iftah Starik, Orit Sudari, Iyad Suliman, Wassel Taha, Liron Tal, Shirley Tal, Yoram Talmon, Tamar Katz , Inbar Tamari, Youval Tamari, Hagai Tamir, Yudit Tamir, Tirtza Tauber, Ilana Tenzer, Gali Tibon, Daniel Timnah, Nurit Tolnai, Eran Torbiner, Ilanit Trabelsi, Osnat Trabelsi, Lily Traubmann, Noa Trister, Doron Tsabari, Dan Tsahor, Leah Tsemel, Ido Tsvieli, Lena Turel, Shimon Tzabar, Dudy Tzfati, Allon Uhlmann, Amir Uri, Netta Van Vliet, Roman Vater, Eran Vered, David Wachsmann, Roy Wagner, Sharif Waked, Dan Wardinon, Michael Warschawski, Aviva Weisgal, Assaf Weksler, Uri Weltmann, Shani Werner, David Wesley, Elana Wesley, Michal Wiener, Hava Wiesel, Eti Wieseltier, Marta Wieseltier, Hagit Yaari, Rotem Yaniv, Bracha Yanoov, Tamar Yaron, Andy Yehezkel, Motty Yehoshua, Avi Yehudai, Shmuel Yerushalmi, Oren Yiftachel, Anat Yisraeli, Sarit Yitshak, Daniela Yoel, Yossi Yona, Amnon Yuval, Kim Yuval, Yani Yuval, Uri Zackhem, Ilana Zafar, Jamal Zahalka, Bosmat Zaidenband, Rakefet Zalashik, Aya Zamir, Zeev Zamir, Nirit Zarum, Smadar Zax-Ornoy, Ali Zbeidat, Beate Zilversmit, Eldad Zion, Amalya Ziv, Haneen Zoubi, Soona Zoabi, Eitan Zur, Rakefet Zur, Ahuva Mu'alem in Electronic Intifada, 24 September 2004
We call for Tali Fahima's release from administrative detention imposed on her by the Minister of Security, after a month long arrest by the police, all based on false accusations by the Shabak (General Secret Service). We object to Tali Fahima's det ...

#10322 Is it Apartheid?
by Moshe Machover, 10 November 2004
In recent months there is a growing tendency among opponents of Israeli oppression and defenders of Palestinian rights to refer to Israeli policy towards the Palestinians as “apartheid”. The “separation wall” that Israel is constructing on Palesti ...

#15439 What do you think about suicide bombers?
by Moshe Machover in Z Magazine/ZNet, 11 March 2005
»Does a perpetrator's suicide make a difference? Within an armed conflict, suicide killing – whether by bombing or by other means – is almost in all cases perpetrated by the weaker side, often by the downtrodden. So the hidden ag ...

#82772 Letters: Battle of the academics
by Daniel Machover, Nomi Erteschik-Shir, Ian Macdonald, Penny Maddrell, Piers Mostyn, Hannah Rought-Brooks, Hugh Southey, Nitza Aminov, Talma Bar-din, Racheli Gai, Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, Oded Goldreich, Yehudith Harel, Annelien Kisch Kroon, Ramona Kuster, Moshe Machover, Oren Medicks, Gil Medovoy, Racheli Merhav, Martha Mundy, Jonathan Rosenhead, Sergeiy Sandler, Roman Vater, Gaenor Bruce, Stephen Cragg, Khaleel Desai, Purvis Ghani, Leon Hill, Claire Holland, Kate Maynard, Pauline McMillan, Sadat Sayeed, Nina Tavakoli, Paul Troop, Amir Amirani, Mike Cushman, Tansy Feltis, Tony Greenstein, Abe Hayeem, Liane Jones, Nina Mayorek, Rona Mendel, Charlie Pottins, Lynne Reid Banks, Ben Rogaly, Hilary Rose, Steven Rose, Esther Saraga in The Guardian, 24 May 2005
One fact omitted from the anti-boycott advert in the Guardian (May 20) is that the boycott by the Association of University Teachers (AUT) of Bar-Ilan University is based on its support for Ariel College, an exclusively Jewish settlement constructed ...

#26562 Zionism – A Major Obstacle
by Moshe Machover, 19 September 2005
In this article I would like to explain why Zionism, as a political ideology, is a major obstacle to resolution of the Palestinian–Israeli conflict. Let me stress that I am concerned here with Zionist ideology rather than with the practice of t ...

#80677 Against Zionist spin: flashback to 1973
by Moshe Machover in, 20 July 2006
I was shocked to read Eric Lee’s brazen piece of Israeli propaganda posted in your Discussion Forum. Pro-Zionist positions, once quite widespread even among the radical left, are nowadays much less so. Unfolding events have disabused the genuine left ...

#61882 Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution
by Moshe Machover, 30 November 2006
How should we think about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict? Please note: how comes before what. Before coming to any substantive conclusions – certainly before taking sides – we must be clear as to how the issue ought to be approached. It would ...

#64963 Review of "On The Border"
by Moshe Machover, 2007
The opening sentences in the author’s preface are: ‘This book is not a work by an historian or a study of the Israeli–Arab conflict. Nor is it an autobiography.’ A very apt observation. If you are looking for your first read on Israel/Palestine, ...

#60428 Shimon Tzabar
by Moshe Machover in Hagada Hasmalit, 22 March 2007
Shimon Tzabar, who died in London on 19 March 2007 of pulmonary infection, was a true Renaissance man: painter, writer, poet, and satirist, as well as an amateur mycologist (he discovered and named at least one species of mushroom). Above all, he was ...

#60757 Shimon Tzabar
by Moshe Machover, Elizabeth Nussbaum in The Guardian, 2 April 2007
Israeli painter, satirist and writer, he opposed the occupation of the Palestinian territories Shimon Tzabar, who has died aged 81 of pulmonary infection, was a renaissance man: painter, writer, poet, and satirist, as well as an amateur mycologis ...

#61945 Letters: Apartheid and boycotts in the Middle East
by Deborah Fink, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Mike Cushman, Sylvia Finzi, Tony Greenstein, Ruth Tenne, Deborah Maccoby, Moshe Machover, Mike Marqusee in The Guardian, 25 April 2007
We welcome the courageous decision of the National Union of Journalists to boycott Israeli goods (Letters, April 23). Given Israel's contempt for international law, with the complicity of the US and UK governments, pressure has to be increased b ...

#82213 We're not celebrating Israel's anniversary
by -, Ruth Appleton, Steve Arloff, Rica Bird, Jo Bird, Jonathan Bloch, Ilse Boas, Haim Bresheeth, Tanya Bronstein, Sheila Colman, Ruth Clark, Sylvia Cohen, Judith Cravitz, Mike Cushman, Angela Dale, Ivor Dembina, Linda Edmondson, Nancy Elan, Liz Elkind, Pia Feig, Colin Fine, Deborah Fink, Sylvia Finzi, Brian Fisher, Frank Fisher, Bella Freud, Catherine Fried, Uri Fruchtmann, Stephen Fry, David Garfinkel, Carolyn Gelenter, Claire Glasman, Tony Greenstein, Heinz Grunewald, Michael Halpern, Abe Hayeem, Rosamine Hayeem, Anna Hellman, Amy Hordes, Joan Horrocks, Deborah Hyams, Selma James, Riva Joffe, Yael Oren Kahn, Michael Kalmanovitz, Paul Kaufman, Adah Kay, Yehudit Kirstein Keshet, Eleonore Kofman, Rene Krayer, Stevie Krayer, Berry Kreel, Leah Levane, Les Levidow, Peter Levin, Louis Levy, Ros Levy, Yosefa Loshitzky, Catherine Lyons, Deborah Maccoby, Daniel Machover, Moshe Machover, Miriam Margolyes, Mike Marqusee, Laura Miller, Simon Natas, Hilda Meers, Martine Miel, Arthur Neslen, Diana Neslen, Orna Neumann, Harold Pinter, Roland Rance, Frances Rivkin, Sheila Robin, Brian Robinson, Neil Rogall, Steven Rose, Mike Rosen, Jonathan Rosenhead, Leon Rosselson, Michael Sackin, Sabby Sagall, Ian Saville, Alexei Sayle, Anna Schuman, Sidney Schuman, Monika Schwartz, Amanda Sebestyen, Sam Semoff, Linda Shampan, Sybil Shine, Frances Stewart, Inbar Tamari, Ruth Tenne, Martin Toch, Tirza Waisel, Stanley Walinets, Martin White, Ruth Williams, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Devra Wiseman, Gerry Wolff, Sherry Yanowitz in The Guardian, 30 April 2008
In May, Jewish organisations will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. This is understandable in the context of centuries of persecution culminating in the Holocaust. Nevertheless, we are Jews who will not be ce ...

#105452 Zionism and Oriental Jews: a dialectic of exploitation and co-optation
by Ehud Ein-Gil, Moshe Machover in Race & Class: A Journal on Racism, Empire and Globalisation, January 2009
Some recent accounts have sought to present Mizrahim —Jews whose origins are in Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa rather than in eastern and central Europe — as fellow victims of the Zionist project, along with Palestinian Arabs. O ...

#99870 EU must hold Israel to its agreements
by Daniele Albertazzi, Ghassan Abu-Sitta, Salah Abou-El-Fadl, Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Navtej Singh Ahluwalia, Sultan Barakat, Alexander Baker, Mona Baker, Sylvia Baker, Daphna Baram, Chris Williams, Alastair Beaton, Hilary Belchak, Susan Blackwell, Lauren Booth, Tim Bowly, Haim Bresheeth, Patrick Boyd, Joan Burt, Andrea Becker, Lawrence Bush, Oren Ben-Dor, Tony Benn, Melissa Benn, Geoffrey Bindman, Bill Bowring, Victoria Brittain, Eileen E. Brown, Richard Burden, Chris Burns-Cox, John Chalcraft, Sylvia Cohen, Sarah Colborne, Neil Cooper, Jeremy Corbyn, Jean Carmichael, Mark Cazalet, Stanley Cohen , Iain Chalmers, Rebecca Chapman, Christine Chinkin, Noam Chomsky, Caryl Churchill, Greville Corbett, Magda Cross, Paul Cobley, Judith Collin, Julia Cutmore, Tony Davies, Khaleel Desai, Meghnad Desai, Jenny Diski, Elizabeth Ettorre, Mark Elf, Sam Edwards, Stephen Ford, Roy George, Eileen Gergis, Arthur Goodman, John Goody, Penny Green, Jean Grudgings, Ramez Ghazoul, Blinne Ni Ghralaigh, Paul Gordon, John Gledhill, Ann Girling, Mohamed El-Gomati, Abe Hayeem, Lee Hall, Kate Harrison, David Harries, Kamel Hawwash, Peter Herbert, John Hilary, Mike Hodges, Ted Honderich, Keith Hammond, Jeremy Hardy, Galit Hess, George Hill, Richard Hudson, Betty Hunter, Jocelyn Hurndall, Sue Ingham, Dan Judelson, Paula James, Steve Jones, Charles Jencks, David Johnston, Zina Jardaneh, Jane Jewell, Adah Kay, David Jones, Ken Jones, Rosemary Jones, Stephen Kamlish, Helen Kay, Laleh Khalili, Paul Kelemen, Richard Keeble, Salma Karmi-Ayyoub, Richard Kuper, Ghada Karmi, Helen Kimble, Michael Kustow, David Lepper, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Michael Langrish, Stephen Leah, Sonja Linden, Yosefa Loshitzky, Michael Loughlin, Caroline Lucas, Daniel Machover, Moshe Machover, Deborah Maccoby, Jehane Markham, Sonia Markham, Mike Marqusee, Su Metcalfe, Sue Miller, Moira McDowall, Tom McVitie, Michael Marten, Stanley Mitchell, Marjory Mayo, Mary Midgley, Annie Mitchell, Peter Quentin Morgan, Piers Mostyn, Kaveh Moussavi, Martha Mundy, Rob Murthwaite, Ali Nasralla, Ann Nazareth, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Diana Neslen, Ephraim Nimni, Declan Owens, Susie Orbach, David E. Pegg, Renos Papadopoulos, John Page, Gail Parfitt, Sarah Perrigo, Terry Phillips, Liz Philipson, Margo Picken, John Pilger, Veronica Planton, Polly Pollock, Peter Poore, Janet Powney, Alison Prager, Peter Price, Patricia Price-Tomes, Annabelle Purdi, Dee Reynolds, Ripon Ray, Terry Robbins, Brian Robinson, M. Robinson, Paul Robinson, Ernest Rodker, Margaret Rogers, Hilary Rose, Jacqueline Rose, Simon Rose, Steven Rose, Barbara Rosenbaum, Jonathan Rosenhead, Leon Rosselson, Myriam Salama-Carr, Donald Sassoon, Colin Salmon, Gabriela Saldanha, Andrew Samuels, Sadat Sayeed, Amanda Sackur, Sarah Scampton, Michael Scott-Joynt, Richard Seaford, Lynne Segal, David Seddon, Satish Sekar, Richard Sennett, Avi Shlaim, Clare Short, David Slater, Neil Smith, Roger Smith, Ahdaf Soueif, Hugh Southey, Phyllis Starkey, Richard Stainton, Mark Steel, Heather Stroud, Derek Summerfield, Marcelo Svirsky, Alan Thomas, Rebecca Thorn, Jenny Tonge, Peter Townsend, Jules Townshend, Paul Troop, Mandy Turner, Lisa Thorne, Leslie Thomas, Marc Vallee, Charles Ward, Greg Wilkinson, Jeni Williams, Elizabeth Woodcraft, David Worthi, Brian Wynne, Monica Wusteman, Gill Yudkin, Nira Yuval-Davis, Roger van Zwanenberg, Hans von Sponeck, Luisa Morgantini, Deulle Luski Aim, Yafit Gamila Biso, Uri Davis, Rachel Giora, Neta Golan, Anat Matar, Rotem Mor, Rayna Moss, Dorothy Naor, Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Vlad Rivlin, Leah Tsemel, Michel Warschawski, David Wesley , Elana Wesley in The Guardian, 5 January 2009
Despite the EU's call for a ceasefire, the brutal Israeli bombing of Gaza continues (Reports, 3 January). Nonetheless, the EU is preparing to upgrade its existing agreement to give Israel even more privileged access to European institutions. ...

#96951 The time for appeasing Israel is long past
by Haim Bresheeth, Abe Hayeem, Baruch Birnberg, Moshe Machover, Deborah Fink, Bella Freud, Tony Greenstein, Yehudit Kirstein Keshet, Jonathan Rosenhead, -, Selma James, Inbar Tamari, Miriam Margolyes, Diana Neslen, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Sylvia Finzi, Les Levidow, various other British Jews, Ian Saville, Amanda Sebestyen, Sam Semoff in The Guardian, 10 January 2009
»We the undersigned are all of Jewish origin. When we see the dead and bloodied bodies of young children, the cutting off of water, electricity and food, we are reminded of the siege of the Warsaw Ghetto. When Dov Weisglass, an adviser to the ...

#136474 Breaking the chains of Zionist oppression - A resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be achieved within the confines of ‘historical Palestine’
by Moshe Machover in Weekly Worker, 19 February 2009
This article is not written as a polemic against Zionists, socialimperialists and purveyors of similar reactionary ideologies; nor is it aimed at a broad liberal or progressive audience. It is addressed specifically to genuine socialists. I ca ...

#150857 Israelis and Palestinians - Conflict & resolution
by Moshe Machover in International Socialist Review, May 2009
ON NOVEMBER 30, 2006, I had the great privilege of delivering the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn trust annual lecture. The event took place at the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theater, in London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies. My prede ...

#134574 Letters: Israel, Jews and the peace process
by Moshe Machover (Letter 1), Jacobo Bielak (Letter 3), Hugh Goodacre (Letter 4), Roger van Zwanenberg (Letter 5) in The Guardian, 7 September 2010
»In his analysis ('It's time to get to work': 17 years after Oslo, Clinton takes on the Middle East challenge, 3 September), Ian Black describes Netanyahu as demanding that Abbas recognise Israel "as a Jewish state". However, according to Chris M ...

#136033 Miliband's values on foreign policy
by Tony Greenstein, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Moshe Machover, Michael Mansfield, Chris Burns Cox, David E. Pegg, Leon Rosselson, Sue Blackwell, Pete Firmin, Abe Hayeem, Myriam Salama-Carr, Rumy Hasan, Roland Rance, Monica Wusterman, Deborah Fink, Jackie Alsaid, Ken Baker, Mona Baker, David Bangs, Judith Brown, Ruth Clark, Adam Darwish, James Dickins, Greg Dropkin, Jackie Fearnley, Alf Filer, Naomi Foyle, Kenny Fryde, Terry Gallogly, Anne Gray, Cliff Hanley, Rosamine Hayeem, Bob Jarrett, Ros Levy, Kevin Moore, Beryl Maizells, Zoe Mars, John Metson, , Nicola Ostreicher, Ernesto Paramo, Dinah Rahman, Roger Reeve, Dee Reynolds, Michael Sackin, Miriam Scharf, Michael Shanahan, Ruth Tenne, Yvette Vanson in The Guardian, 7 October 2010
We welcome Ed Miliband's statement that Labour's foreign policy should be "based on values, not just alliances" (Leader's speech, 29 September). For too long Britain has blindly followed the US in supporting Israel, right or wrong. The ...

#136089 Why I am not an Israeli peace activist
by Moshe Machover in Weekly Worker, 7 October 2010
»As the desultory "peace process" meanders from pointless appointment to meaningless meeting between heads of the Israeli settler state and the authorityless Palestinian Authority, with the US playing the part of dishonest broker, there can n ...

#172913 Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution
by Moshe Machover, 2012
These essays, written between 1966 and 2010 by lifelong Israeli activist and theorist Moshé Machover, cover diverse aspects of Israeli society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Elaborating on the ideas of the Socialist Organization in Israel (Mat ...

#171380 'Have we learned nothing since Guernica?'
by Bruce McLeod (Letter 1), Marc Saperstein (Letter 2), Peter Simpson (Letter 4), Julian Dunn (letter 5), Leslie Baruch Brent (Letter 6), Miriam Margolyes (letter 3), Alexei Sayle (letter 3), Mike Marqusee (letter 3), - (letter 3), Jo Bird (letter 3), Haim Bresheeth (letter 3), Elizabeth Carola (letter 3), Ruth Conlock (letter 3), Mike Cushman (letter 3), Nancy Elan (letter 3), Susan Elan (letter 3), Pia G Feig (letter 3), Deborah Fink (letter 3), Sonya Fraser (letter 3), Claire Glasman (letter 3), Tony Greenstein (letter 3), Ruth Hall (letter 3), Abe Hayeem (letter 3), Rosamine Hayeem (letter 3), Selma James (letter 3), Michael Kalmanovitz (letter 3), Berry Kreel (letter 3), Leah Levane (letter 3), Rachel Lever (letter 3), Les Levidow (letter 3), Moshe Machover (letter 3), Martine Miel (letter 3), Simon Natas (letter 3), Diana Neslen (letter 3), Juliet Peston (letter 3), Renate Prince (letter 3), Frances Rifkin (letter 3), Larry Sanders (letter 3), Vanessa Stilwell (letter 3), Sam Weinstein (letter 3), Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi (letter 3), Devra Wiseman (letter 3) in The Observer, 18 November 2012

#171477 The World Cannot Stand by as Palestine is Battered to Death
by Judith Butler, Etienne Balibar, Ahdaf Soueif, Moris Farhi, Ilan Pappe, Nur Masalha, Haim Bresheeth, Yehuda Shenhav, Tariq Ali, Yosefa Loshitzky, Daniel Boyarin, Alison Phipps, Nahla Abdo, Josephine W Finn, Peter Mayo, Rebecca Kay, Rachel Giora, Gabi Piterberg, Raid Zaghal, Mr Michael Rosen, Steven Rose, Hilary Rose, Oren Ben-Dor, Karma Nabulsi, Yonat Nitzan-Green, Ali Abunimah, Terri Ginsberg, Ghada Karmi, Peter McLaren, Yousef Najajreh, Najwa Silwadi, Ibrahim Makkawi, Rashmi Luther, Antonia Darder, Anne Ryan, Michelle Attard Tonna, Maria Pisani, Nurith Peled-Elhanan, Keith Hammond, Claudia Secci, Adrian Grima, Maud Anne Bracke, Tom Hickey, Michele Marseglia, Michael Kenny, Asma Imam, Lorene Figueiredo, Malcolm H Levitt, Suleiman Sharkh, David Cromwell, Tariq Goddard, Marcos Del Roio, Hasan H Aksoy, Carmen Freitas, Walber Meirelles, Dorit Naaman, Annie Pfingst, Socrates Stratis, Brian Winston, Anna Sherbany, Moshe Machover, Roger van Zwanenberg, Mike Cushman, Julian Vigo, Jonathan Rosenhead, Daya Thussu, Brian Robinson, Abe Hayeem, Rosamine Hayeem, Ronit Lentin, Deborah Maccoby, James Bowen, Jocelynne A Scutt, Brid Connolly, Yana Bland Mintoff, Andre Mazawi, Emilios Christodoulidis, Daiva Stasiulis, Claudia Prestel, Nadje Al-Ali, Michael Murray, Margaret Ledwith, Gary Craig, Tony Walsh, Nicoletta Vallorani, Lizzie Eldridge, Roger Gordon, Bernie Grummell, Sue Blackwell, Willem Meijs, Aisha Phoenix, Enid Gordon, Peter Gose, Pragna Patel, Derek Boothman, Eyal Sivan, Adania Shibli, Eyal Weizman, Fatieh Saudi, Jeffrey Skoller, Stephen Deutsch, Firas Asidy, Ali Nobil Ahmad, Corinne Squire, Zahraa Tatari, Annabelle Sreberny, Marta Rabikowska, Nira Yuval-Davis, Ruth Tenne, Azzam Tamimi, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Keith Piper, Maurizio S Viano, Anne Phoenix, Michael Chanan, Agnieszka Piotrowska, Chris Berry, Bisan Abu Eisheh, Abby Lippman, Sid Shniad, Stephanie Cronin, Richard Kuper, Flavia Laviosa, Mira Khazzam, May Jayyusi, Sarah Bracke, Nadia Fadil, Seda Gurses, Laura Mulvey, Ronnie Barkan, Bob Reckman, Hagit Borer, Joan Braderman, Laura Marks in CounterPunch, 21 November 2012
We the undersigned watch with horror yet another ruthless and criminal Israeli assault on the defenceless people of the Gaza Strip. The assassination of the Hamas’ military commander, Ahmad al-Jabari, by Israel was intended to disrupt any chance ...

#184343 Belling the cat
by Moshe Machover in Israeli Occupation Archive, 13 December 2013

#185669 Signatories
by Independent Jewish Voices, Geoffrey Bindman, Emma Clyne, Eyal Clyne, Ellen Dahrendorf, Uri Fruchtmann, Anthony Isaacs, Ann Jungman, Tony Klug, Tony Lerman, Merav Pinchassoff, Jacqueline Rose, Donald Sassoon, Lynne Segal, Henry Stewart, Nadia Valman, Michele Aaron, Lauren Aarons, Adele Abdoo, Jodie Abrahams, Selwyn Abrahams, Sonia Abrahams, Sharon Achinstein, Simon Achinstein, Roy Ackerman, Jenny Adams, Eliot Ross Albert, -, Bernard Alexander, Ruth Alinek, Adam Amir, Lisa Appignanesi, David Applebaum, Devra Applebaum, Idit Arad, Noga Arikha, Cany Ash, Paul Auerbach, David Aukin, Pete Ayrton, Martha Baker, Sruti Bala, Anthony Bale, Helen Bamber, Julia Bard, Anthony Barnett, Adrienne Barnett, Pennina Barnett, Phil Barnett, Michael Baron, Bernard Barry, -, Mark Beedle, Ruth Beedle, Steven Beller, Robert Benewick, Bert Benham, Joan Benham, Elise Benjamin, Michele Benn, Joav Ben-Shmuel, Paul Benson, Rozelle Bentheim, Paul Berczeller, Richard Berengarten, Marge Berer, Martin Berman, Jane Bernal, Tina Bernstein, Joanne Bernstein, David Bieda, Diane Bindman, Jo Bird, Rica Bird, Andrew Biss, Jamie Black, Jonathan Bloch, Ramon Bloomberg, Jude Bloomfield, Mary Blumenau, Ralph Blumenau, Anna Bluston, David Bluston, Jacqueline Bornstein, Jeffrey Boss, Zaki Boulos, Jenny Bourne, Jon Bradley, Paul Bragman, Alba Branca, Barbara Brandenburger, John Brandenburger, Simon Brandenburger, Minky Braun, Leslie Brent, Sarah Broadie, Adam Broomberg, Babette Brown, Judy Brown, Raymond Brown, Frances Bruce, Jennie Buckman, Adam Budd, Alan Bullion, Steven Burkeman, Cathy Burnstone, Brian Butterworth, Andrew Caplan, Caroline Caplan, Jane Caplan, Lionel Caplan, Sarah Caplin, Michael Carroll, Shane Carter, Elizabeth Cashdan, Linda Catt, Caroline Catz, Norman Caudell, Oliver Chapman, Ian Chard, Diana Shaw Clark, Lillian Clark, Ruth Clark, Beatrice Clarke, Anthony Clayton, Joanna Coates, Alan Cohen, Barry Cohen, Benjamin Cohen, Daniel Cohen, Joel Cohen, Mike Cohen, Norma Cohen, Peter Cohen, Stanley Cohen , Sylvia Cohen, Philip Coleman, Rachael Coleman, Paul Collins, Roy Collins, Sheila Colman, Maggie Conrad, Jenny Conway, Howard Cooper, Judith Cravitz, Jonathan Cronin, Martin Daniels, Renée Danziger, Ellis David, Miriam David, Sara Davidson, Jean Davis, Uri Davis, Julian Dawes, Nicky Defries, Ivor Dembina, Jenny Diski, Elizabeth Dore, Aaron Dover, Robert Dourmashkin, Sydnee Dourmashkin, Laurence Dreyfus, Adi Drori-Avraham, Norman Druker, Gerard Duveen, Kjersti Dybvig, Rebecca Earle, Roberta Harris Eckstein, Daniel Edelstyn, Susan Egert, Luise Eichenbaum, Eric Eisenhandler, Clare Eisner, Tom Eisner, Liz Elkind, Michael Ellman, Sarah Entwistle, Debbie Epstein, Miran Epstein, Yael Epstein, Lawrence Errington, Adam Fagan, Musa Moris Farhi, Nicole Farhi, Gene Feder, Michael Feinberg, David Feldman, Elizabeth-Ann Feldman, Stephan Feuchtwang, Henry Feuchtwanger, Judith Fido, Jack Field, Neil Finer, Deborah Fink, Sylvia Finzi, Ivan Fiser, Frank Fisher, Leonie Fleischmann, Catherine Florin, John Forrester, Stephen Fox, Beatrice Fraenkel, Michael Franklin, Norman Franklin, Shirley Franklin, Francis Frears, Richard Fredman, Barry Freedman, David Freedman, Ian Freeman, Jo Freeman, Petra Fried, Edie Friedman, Martin Frishman, Stephen Fry, Annabel Gaba, Simon Gallant, Rachel Garfield, David Garfinkel, Sarah Garfinkel, Ken Gemes, Ruth Gilbert, Eliane Glaser, Richard Glassberg, MB Gluck, Brian Godfrey, Cynthia Godfrey, Alexander Goehr, Mick Gold, David Goldberg, Martin Goldberg, Martin Golding, Debbie Goldman, Ron Golz, Arthur Goodman, Geoffrey Goodman, Karen Goodman, Claire Gordon, Jill Gordon, Lionel Gordon, Robert Gordon, Yvonne Gordon, Robert Gould, David Graham, Philip Graham, Alice Gray, David Gray, Brian Green, Jeremy Green, Raymond Green, Roberta Green, Rosita Jackont Green, Tony Greenstein, Marion Gripaios, Stephen Grosz, Oren Gruenbaum, Don Guttenplan, Michael Halpern, Stephen Halpern, Noel Hamel, William Hancox, Michelle Hanson, Natalija Harbinson, Howard Harris, Jenny Harris, Laurence Harris, Margaret Harris, Marjorie Harris, Louise Hart, Abe Hayeem, Rosamine Hayeem, Harold Heller, Judith Hendrick, Jane Henriques, Sue Himmelweit, Robin Hirsch, Norbert Hirschhorn, Hazel Hirshorn, Kathy Hirst, Nicky Hoberman, Eric Hobsbawm, Marlene Hobsbawm, Eva Hoffman, Luke Holland, Gad Hollander, Eva Hopwood, Terry Hoult, Naomi Hull, John Hyman, Shahaf Ifhar, Anna Isaacs, Jeremy Isaacs, Ron Isaacs, David Iwi, Claire Jackson, Philip Jackson, Susie Jacobs, Mary Jacobus, Laine Jaderberg, Louis Jankel, Marion Janner, Anne Janowitz, Colin Jimack, Hyam Joffe, Lawrence Joffe, Riva Joffe, Bettina Jonic, Susan Jordan, Daryl Joseph, Ella Joseph, Gabriel Josipovici, Emanuel de Kadt, Ahuvia Kahane, Tim Kahn, Cora Kaplan, Anne Karpf, Bianca Karpf, Sandy Katz, Amira Katz-Goehr, Ellie Kavner, Adah Kay, Rodney Kay-Kreizman, Daphne Keen, B Keir, Paul Kelemen, Christopher Kellerman, Michael Kendall, Jasmine Kershaw, Beeban Kidron, Godfrey King, Michael King, Reva Klein, Pam Kleinot, Brian Kliger, Ruth Kliger, Brian Klug, Francesca Klug, Rebecca Klug, Daniella Kochavi, Marion Kozak, Berenice Kreel, Jenny Kuper, Richard Kuper, Tony Kushner, Michael Kustow, Noa Lachman, Vivi Lachs, David Lan, Judith Lancet, Frank Land, Ralph Land, Charlotte Lane, Nicholas de Lange, Jon Lansman, Denise Largin, Susanne Lawrence, Howard Leader, Alisa Lebow, Monica Lee, David Lehmann, David Leibel, Mike Leigh, Linda Lennard, Penny Lent, Alana Lentin, Miki Lentin, Stephen Lerman, Rebecca Lerman, Mike Lerner, Fred Lerner, Rodney Lester, Jessie Levene, Mark Levene, Simon Levene, Miriam Levin, Barrie Levine, Marsha Levine, Seth Levine, Pauline Levis, Carl Levy, Josh Levy, Lynn Levy, Mike Levy, Natalie Levy, Paul Blain Levy, Philip Levy, Raymond Levy, Keren Lewin, Matthew Lewin, Aron Lewis, Anna Liddle, Margot Light, Sonja Linden, Stefan Linton, Peter Lipman, Anthony Lipmann, Susan Loppert, Amy Love, Heinz Lubasz, Jules Lubbock, David Lubin, Steven Lukes, Simon Lynn, John Jacob Lyons, Deborah Maccoby, Moshe Machover, Matthew Spitz Mahon, Henry Maitles, Kay Manasseh, Ruth Mandel, Linda Mannheim, Leonie Mansell, Jenny Manson, Paul Marcus, David Marks, Dennis Marks, Lesley Marks, Rafael Marks, Shula Marks, Stephen Marks, Susan Marks, Mike Marqusee, Robert Marshall, Paul Martin, Neil Martinson, Edwile Mbameg, Anselm McLeod, Alison Meek, Orna Meir-Stacey, Sheila Melzak, Ed Mendelsohn, Phyll Mendelsohn, Elaine Mendoza, Steven Mendoza, Sue Merav, Chip Merkin, David Merron, Anton van der Merwe, David Metz, Juliet Michaelson, David Middleburgh, Martine Miel, Laura Miller, Peter Miller, Selene Mills, Roberta Mock, Chris Mohr, Daniel Moldavsky, Beverley Monchar, Daniel Monk, Ian Montrose, Dominic Morris, Louise Morris, Paul Morrison, Samuel Morson, Orlando Mostyn-Owen, Ruth Moulton, Turi Munthe, Braham Murray, Maurice Naftalin, Sophie Naftalin, Simon Natas, Mica Nava, Dan Navon, Arthur Neslen, Diana Neslen, Orna Neumann, Victoria Neumark, Barry Newman, Mike Newman, Ephraim Nimni, Barbara Norden, Jeffrey Norris, David Nussbaum, Cynthia Oakes, Andres Olave, Mike Oldfield, Carey Oppenheim, Maya Oppenheim, Susie Orbach, Uriel Orlow, Miriam Osner, Margaret Owen, Dan Ozarow, Kathy Panama, Miriam Patrick, Helen Pearson, Grant Peires, Malcolm Peltu, Naomi Pfeffer, Charlie Philips, Deborah Philips, Adam Phillips, RIna Picciotto, Caroline Pick, Daniel Pick, Robin Piper, Eduardo Pitchon, Patrica Pitchon, Istvan Pogany, Benny Pollack, Donna Poppy, Jonathan Portes, Charlie Pottins, Shelley Power, Adam Pozner, Alison Prager, Claudia Prestel, Jennifer Priestman, Alan Pulverness, Ros Raizada, Hilde Rapp, Rosalyn Rappaport, Sigrid Rausing, Jerome Ravetz, Anni Rehin, Steve Reicher, Judith Richardson, Abby Riddell, Lee Roberts, Brian Robinson, Paul Robinson, Sir Nigel Rodley, Neil Rogall, Stephen Rollnick, David Rose, Mia Rose, Sonya Rose, Ed Rosen, Dan Rosenberg, David Rosenberg, Mike Rosenbloom, P Rosenbloom, Zoe Rosenfield, Jonathan Rosenhead, Clair Roskill, Douglas Ross, Ed Ross, Leon Rosselson, Rina Rosselson, Lewis Rudd, Anthony Rudolf, David Ruebain, Ken Sabel, Kurt Sachs, Lisa Saffron, Sabby Sagall, Robert Sakula, Caroline Salinger, Peter Saloman, Nathaniel Samson, Andrew Samuels, Simon Sandberg, Adam Sandelson, Larry Sanders, Esther Saraga, Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah, Jess Wood Sarah, Anthony Sattin, Steve Schafer, Ruth Schamroth, Pam Schickler, Eric Schneider, Susan Schonfield, Barry Schwabsky, Anna Schwartz, Joseph Schwartz , Ros Schwartz, Mike Scott, Judy Sebba, Amanda Sebestyen, Graeme Segal, Susan Segal, Peter Senker, Richard Sennett, Y Serovabelli, Julia Shapiro, Rebecca Sharkey, Elaine Sharland, Eric Shaw, Sue Shaw, Leslie Sheinman, D Shepherd, Martin Sherman, Avi Shlaim, -, Sheila Shulman, John Sidel, Celia Siegel, Nick Sigler, Irene Silberstein, Peter Silver, Byron Simmonds, David Simon, Gail Simon, D Simones Jones, A Simonoviescz, Andy Simons, Juliet Singer, Alan Sitkin, Jonathan Sklar, Hazel Slavin, Gillian Slovo, Robyn Slovo, Shawn Slovo, Micah Smith, Gaby Smol, Ben Soffa, Sara Solnick, Naomi Spencer, Godfrey Stadlen, Ruth Steele, Tamar Steinitz, Ms Sara Stephens, Harold Stern, Jon Stern, Percy Steven, Theresa Stewart, Hanna Steyne, Ivor Stilitz, Dick W. Stol, Anthony Stoll, Anthony Stone, Diana Stone, Jeremy Stone, Ruth Stone, Judith Suissa, Dan Susman, Adam Sutcliffe, Susan Sutcliffe, Janet Suzman, Jacqueline Tapnack, Mark Tapnack, Alexis Tausig, Barbara Taylor, Elizabeth Russell Taylor, Jeremy Taylor, Ruth Tenne, Gemma Thomas, Richard Thrift, Beatrice Tiger, Stephen Tiller, Udi Tischler, Asher Tlalim, Ronit Tlalim, Andi Tobe, Martin Toch, David Toke, Inge Trott, Roger Tucker, Jeremy Turk, David Turner, Patricia Turton, Elaine Unterhalter, Bronia Veitch, Ruth Vishnick, Zoe Wanamaker, Brian Warshaw, Sophie Waterhouse, Hilary van der Watering, Anne Webber, Jeremy Weinstein, Wendy Weinstock, Gerry Weiss, Eyal Weizman, Ivan Wells, Baroness Janet Whitaker, Angela Wigglesworth, Josy Wilkinson, Sarah Williams, Jane Wills, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Peter Winbourne, Simon Winner, Brian Winston, Aaron Winter, Devra Wiseman, Ernest Wistrich, Walter Wolfgang, Kathy Wolkind, Harold Woolf, Suzanne Woolf, Jon Woolf, Geoff Woolfe, Myra Woolfson, Ruth Wyner, Miriam Yagud, Montague Young, Gillian Yudkin, Michael Zander, Dan Zeff, Vivienne Zinober, Sami Zubaida, retrieved 8 February 2014


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Number of quotations: 2

#2720 by Akiva Orr, Moshe Machover, 1961
Then Britain began to conduct a covert war against the Jewish Yishuv. First it incited the Arabs of this country, using the “Higher Arab Committee”; then Brigadier Clayton, the British government’s official representative in the “League”, proposed the invasion of *Palestine by irregulars, and when Qawuqji’s invasion failed, Clayton worked out at the conference of the Arab Chiefs-of-Staff in Bludan in Syria the details of the plan for the invasion of the country by the Arab armies, the main features of which were an assault by the Legion on the Jerusalem–Ramle–Lydda line from the east, an assault by an Egyptian armoured column on the Gaza–Jaffa line from the south and the meeting of the two columns at the approaches to Tel Aviv for the purpose of occupying it. At that stage Britain, the kind “saviour”, was to appear in order to save the Jews of *Palestine from the clutches of the “Arab barbarians” and to renew its rule in the country. In this assessment there is no disagreement among political rivals such as D. Ben-Gurion and M. Begin. More details

#2412 by Moshe Machover, 7 October 2010
Peace will be an outcome of liberation, not its starting point. More details

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