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#304006 The Meaning Of Corbyn
by Gilad Atzmon in Gilad Atzmon’s website, 22 August 2015
The meaning of Corbyn has little to do with MP Jeremy Corbyn himself, his prospects of bringing about a change or his chances of being elected. The meaning of Corbyn is that he is symbolic of the revival of the search for meaning – a nostalgic l ...


Audio-visual material

#2867 Talking about the Jewish Solidarity Spin
with Gilad Atzmon, 16 May 2015


#1598 by Gilad Atzmon, 18 July 2008
However, it is rather astonishing to find out how short the Israeli collective memory is. The failed IDF rescue of Regev and Goldwasser, following Hezbollah's successful ambush evolved into Israel launching the Second Lebanon War. In an act of retaliation, retribution and vengeance Israel demolished Lebanon's infrastructure, it flattened southern Lebanon towns and villages as well as some neighbourhoods in Beirut. It killed thousand of Lebanese civilians. Somehow the Israelis managed to forget all of this. The only thing the Israelis see is two black coffins. They even managed to neglect the fact that in return they themselves traded 190 plain coffins containing the bodies of Hezbollah militants.
The Israelis are pretty gifted in seeing themselves only. In their eyes, their pain is somehow superior to the pain others feel. Yet something puzzles me. In the light of the Israeli collective necrophilic weeping event I find myself rather confused. If Israel and the Israelis can hardly get over two tragic Israeli military casualties, how will they be able to cope with the global war they insist upon launching against Iran. If the Israelis cannot cope with two coffins, how will they ever be able to cope with Tel Aviv turning into the site of a mass grave? Their war cries suggest that this is something they seem to insist upon involving themselves in. More details

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