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#21343 The identity dilemma
by Nir Bar’am, Mark Marshall (translator) in Ma’ariv, 20 June 2005
The disk has to be changed, the Israeli state has to understand that the principle that states that Jewish identity is the only criterion for civic equality leads us to a dead end, to profound racism that many are not even aware of towards every pers ...

#54265 Testament of old age
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 5 January 2007

#56215 In the whirlpool of guilt and morality
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 26 January 2007
"Shivat ha'chata'im: reshima chelkit" ("The Seven Sins: A Partial List") by Aviad Kleinberg, Aliyat Hagag Press, Yedioth Ahronoth / Hemed Books, 202 pages, NIS 78 Prof. Aviad Kleinberg's new book is an unusual document for the Israeli ...

#57337 'When the bomb drops, you'll have a split second'
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 9 February 2007

#57338 'When the bomb drops, you'll have a split second'
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 9 February 2007

#93140 Savyon has spoken
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 17 November 2008
The car passes several small cities and one cannot help but be dazzled by the billboards: "We want a nice city - Ami Kahalon"; "Leadership, not political maneuvering - The Greens." Where on earth are we, Givatayim? "Zvi Bar, the heart of Ramat Gan." ...

#94233 Orange or green? Victory or Mega?
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 5 December 2008
The computer in the office of Ezra Dagan, director of the Employment Service in the Sharon district - which has a population of about 300,000 - shows that the region has hardly any unemployment: an average of 1.5 percent jobless people in Kfar Sava, ...

#95344 Word association football
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 21 December 2008
1. "Why do you like playing soccer so much?" a condescending acquaintance once asked me. The game takes you away from your world. The soccer pitch is a place of supreme tranquility. Its intensity makes all those tiring troubles disappear, silences th ...

#128671 Ra'ad Salah's court of many colors
by Nir Bar’am in Ha’aretz, 2 June 2010
In the sweaty heat of Ashkelon, around the courthouse that looks like a little concrete block, a group of Jews with Israeli flags at their center are shouting slogans against Israel's Arabs, against travel to Turkey and calling the head of the I ...

#130156 Failure foretold
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 25 June 2010

#131376 Sic transit gloria Mundial
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 14 July 2010

#152257 Kahneman and your head
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 15 June 2011
The Nobel Prize-winning economist claims not to understand economics, but he has sage advice for the irrational investor ...

#152926 Chapter and verse
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 17 June 2011
Does literature today reflect the commercialism of the entertainment industry, or is it keeping a high standard and thus rendering itself obsolete? Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, and Israeli writer Nir Baram compare notes. ...

#180450 צל עולם
                                                 ((The world is a rumor / World Shadow))
by Nir Baram, 2013

#185993 In Israel, Holocaust obsession prevents real change
by Nir Baram in +972, 12 February 2014
A new law punishing people for calling each other ‘Nazi’ makes clear that the Holocaust has became a tool used to keep us, the Jews, in a position of eternal victimhood – to blind us from seeing what is happing in Israel. That’s exactly what ...

#261216 From Iran to the tunnels: Do we really have to live this way?
by Nir Baram in +972, 2 August 2014

#261937 New Israeli vision: where Palestinians are equal and not separate
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 10 August 2014

#284613 The boys from Balata
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 30 May 2015

#284614 Walking the Green Line: 48 years of occupation
by Nir Baram in Ha’aretz, 30 May 2015


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#3194 by Nir Baram, 2 May 2010
There are many things that we don't talk about. Just a few kilometers from here is the separation barrier, and in recent years we have seen the systematic confiscation of the rights of non-Jews in Israel and the territories. More details

#3193 by Nir Baram, 2 May 2010
Under cover of the victim's cloak that history has admittedly sewn for us Jews, we are witness to the systematic violation of the rights of non-Jews in the State of Israel and the occupied territories. More details

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