Israelis commit massacre at Marwaheen

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14 Aug 2006
Israeli army violates ceasefire, killing Lebanese man in Hadatha
Two Fox News journalists abducted in Gaza
start of Ceasefire proclaimed by UN Resolution 1701
13 Aug 2006
Israeli cabinet "approves" UN truce
12 Aug 2006
Israelis attack convoy of 600 families from Marjayoun fleeing north
Hizbollah shoot down Israeli helicopter at Yater
Israel extends its invasion of Lebanon, despite UNSC Resolution 1701
11 Aug 2006
UN Security Council passes Resolution 1701
Israelis bomb, at Joub Jannine, a UN-led convoy from Marjayoun, killing at least six
10 Aug 2006
British muslims accused of plotting to destroy planes flying to US
Israeli military enter Marjayoun
9 Aug 2006
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh questions continued viability of the Palestinian Authority
Jim Sheridan a Scottish MP resigns from Tony Blair's government over the Israeli war against Lebanon
Israel bombs Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp, Ein al-Hilweh, near the port city of Sidon
8 Aug 2006
Israel declares the area south of the Litani river a "free fire" zone
Israel bombs Ghaziyeh during funeral, killing at least 13 people
Israel replaces commander of troops losing to Hizbollah
7 Aug 2006
Arab Foreign Ministers Conference held in Beirut
Poisoned package sent to Palestinian Prime Minister's Office in Ramallah
Israeli air strike on southern Beirut kills at least 15 and injured many more
Israel bombs the village of Houla. Dozens of civilians are feared buried in the wreckage -- many houses have been destroyed.
6 Aug 2006
Twelve Israeli soldiers killed at Kfar Giladi
5 Aug 2006
United Nations publishes the Draft Security Council Resolution on the war against Lebanon
4 Aug 2006
Israelis massacre farm workers at Al-Qaa
3 Aug 2006
Moroccan Jews ask court to try Amir Peretz for war crimes
President Chavez announces recall of Venezuelan ambassador in Israel
2 Aug 2006
Announcement that the Edinburgh International Film Festival have cancelled Israeli Embassy sponsorship of their programme
end of Israeli commando attack on Baalbek
Israeli cricket match in Scotland postponed due to anger over the Israeli attack on Lebanon
Foreign Affairs committee of Irish parliament calls for sanctions against Israel
Aug 2006
Operation "Gan Na'ul" - "Locked Kindergarten"
1 Aug 2006
start of Israeli commando attack on Baalbek
31 Jul 2006
Several houses were demolished in the "unrecognized" villages of Um Mitnan, Bir Mishash and Um Alhiran
UEFA announces that Israeli teams competing for UEFA Cup must play "home" matches in neutral countries
30 Jul 2006
Israeli attack on Qana kills many Lebanese civilians
28 Jul 2006
Tony Blair visits George Bush in Washington DC for discussions about the Israeli aggression against Lebanon
25 Jul 2006
Israeli troops attack Bint Jbeil in Southern Lebanon
Israeli forces bomb UN observation post killing four UN observers
24 Jul 2006
Israeli bombardment kills five Palestinians in Beit Lahiya
US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice visits Beirut to stipulate conditions for ceasefire and subsequent economic aid
Israelis bomb two Red Cross ambulances near Tyre
23 Jul 2006
Israelis bomb a civilian convoy near Kafra, Southern Lebanon.
22 Jul 2006
Israeli tanks enter Lebanon (Operation "Steel Threads")
21 Jul 2006
US officials announce US is rushing delivery of satellite and laser-guided bombs to Israel
20 Jul 2006
Israelis bomb apartment building home to Hezbollah commander
end of Two-day seminar to mark the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel
Israel sends large numbers of ground troops into Lebanon
19 Jul 2006
start of Two-day seminar to mark the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel
Israelis commit massacre at Srifa
A house belonging to Udat family was demolished in the unrecognized village of Alza'arura
16 Jul 2006
Hizbollah rocket attack on Israel Railways depot at Haifa
15 Jul 2006
Israelis commit massacre at Marwaheen
Israeli air force destroys Beirut lighthouse
14 Jul 2006
Pentagon announces sale of $210m of aviation fuel to Israel
Hizbollah hits Israeli warship off Lebanese coast, killing 4 sailors
13 Jul 2006
Katyusha rockets, launched by Hizbollah from Lebanon, hit northern Israel, including Haifa and Nahariya
United States vetoes a United Resolution demading a halt to Israeli aggression
12 Jul 2006
Israeli air force bombs a house in Gaza City, killing two parents and their 7 children
A restaurant and a car wash place were demolished in the Bedouin village of Al Sayed
Hizbollah capture 2 Israeli soldiers - Operation 'Truthful Promise'
Israeli warplanes stage major attack in an attempt to knock out missile medium-range missile launchers (Operation Specific Gravity)
start of Israeli attempted invasion of Lebanon Second Lebanon War; Operation 'Adequate Pay'/;Just Reward'/'Change of Direction'
7 Jul 2006
Kidnapping of Hassan Khreisheh, a former speaker of the Palestinian parliament
6 Jul 2006
Eight houses were demolished in the Negev
Israeli forces kill 22 Palestinians during attack on northern Gaza Strip
4 Jul 2006
Qassam rocket launched in Gaza Strip hits Ashkelon
Israeli war planes bomb the campus of the Islamic university in Gaza for a second time
3 Jul 2006
Israeli air force bombs the Islamic University in Gaza City
2 Jul 2006
Israeli troops vandalize Palestinian hospital in Nablus
1 Jul 2006
Israel Air Force fires missile directly hitting and burning Palestinian prime minister's office
29 Jun 2006
Israeli army arrests Palestinian cabinet ministers and lawmakers
28 Jun 2006
Israeli planes violates Syrian airspace and fly low over presidents' palace
start of Israeli re-invasion of Gaza Strip ("Operation Summer Rains" )
Toronto United Church of Christ unveils boycott of Israeli goods
27 Jun 2006
Israel bombs only electricity plant in the Gaza Strip
Shin Bet prevent joint Hamas-Jewish press conference intended to arrange release of Gilad Shalit
Hamas agrees to a powersharing administration committed to a negotiated two-state settlement
25 Jun 2006
Palestinian resistance fighters attack Israeli tank at Kerem Shalom, killing several Israeli occupation soldiers and capturing one, Gilad Shalit
23 Jun 2006
Israeli occupation forces kidnap Mustafa and Osama Abu Muamar from the village of Umm al-Nasser
22 Jun 2006
Israel and Palestinians become members of the International Red Cross Movement, and their symbols become recognized by the humanitarian organization
end of 35th Zionist Congress, in Jerusalem
21 Jun 2006
Israeli missile kills two Palestinians, and wounds 13 more from the same family, in their home in Khan Yunis
20 Jun 2006
Israeli helicopter attack in the Jabalya refugee camp kills three children and injures about 14
19 Jun 2006
start of 35th Zionist Congress, in Jerusalem
16 Jun 2006
Israeli helicopter missile kills Palestinian freedom fighters in Gaza
15 Jun 2006
Israeli High Court orders re-routing of Israeli barrier in West Bank
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Israelis commit massacre at Marwaheen

Date: Saturday, 15 Jul 2006
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Robert Fisk described it thus:
It will be called the massacre of Marwaheen. All the civilians killed by the Israelis had been ordered to abandon their homes in the border village by the Israelis themselves a few hours earlier. Leave, they were told by loudspeaker; and leave they did, 20 of them in a convoy of civilian cars. That's when the Israeli jets arrived to bomb them, killing 20 Lebanese, at least nine of them children. The local fire brigade could not put out the fires as they all burned alive in the inferno. Another "terrorist" target had been eliminated. (this article)

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