Israeli invasion of Sinai and Gaza Strip (Operation Kadesh)

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15 Apr 1957
Hussein Khalidi forms government in Jordan
13 Apr 1957
"Attempted Coup" in Jordan
10 Apr 1957
King Hussein dismisses Suleiman Nabulsi as prime minister of Jordan
3 Apr 1957
Jordanian PM announces intention of establishing relations with USSR and recognizing PRC
16 Mar 1957
end of Israeli invasion of Sinai and Gaza Strip (Operation Kadesh)
13 Mar 1957
Anglo-Jordanian mutual defense and aid treaty of 1948 is formally terminated by an exchange of letters in Amman
12 Mar 1957
Last Israeli forces leave Sharm el-Sheik
7 Mar 1957
Israeli troops leave Gaza
3 Mar 1957
Assassination of Rudolf Kastner
1 Mar 1957
Israel announces it is making a "full and prompt withdrawal" from the Gaza Strip
Jordanian government ends Anglo-Jordanian Treaty
Feb 1957
end of First Israeli settlement in Gaza Strip
20 Feb 1957
Eisenhower threatens sanctions against Israel if it does not withdraw from Gaza and Sinai
11 Feb 1957
Eisenhower offers to guarantee Israeli access to the Gulf of Aqaba but demands "prompt and unconditional withdrawal" from Gaza.
late Jan 1957
Four Israeli prisoners are traded for 5,800 Egyptians
22 Jan 1957
Israel withdraws from part of Sinai
15 Jan 1957
UNEF takes over St. Catherine's Monastery
Jan 1957
Eisenhower Doctrine is announced, promising US assistance to Middle Eastern states threatened by communism
United States and Iran sign agreement on civil nuclear cooperation
Jan 1957
Lyndon Johnson leads Congressional opposition to Eisenhower's pressure on Israel to withdraw from occupied Gaza and Sinai
end of Project Alpha (aka Operation Alpha)
23 Dec 1956
Jubilation as Anglo-French troops leave Suez
22 Dec 1956
end of Anglo-French invasion of Suez
Dec 1956
start of Treason Trial in South Africa
start of First Israeli settlement in Gaza Strip
29 Nov 1956
Motorists in Britain panic as petrol rations loom
23 Nov 1956
UN forces Britain to agree to withdrawal from Suez
12 Nov 1956
Massacre in Rafah Refugee Camp (al-Amiriyah School Massacre)
10 Nov 1956
end of Hungarian Revolution
early Nov 1956
Ben-Gurion's Third Kingdom of Israel speech in the Knesset
6 Nov 1956
Anglo-French forces take control of Suez
5 Nov 1956
US presidential election
3 Nov 1956
Massacre in Khan Yunis
1 Nov 1956
end of 1956 Battle of Abu Ageila
Nov 1956
Israeli victory parade in Sharm el-Sheikh
31 Oct 1956
Anglo-Egyptian forces bomb Suez
Battle of Mitla Pass
start of Anglo-French invasion of Suez
30 Oct 1956
Israeli soldiers massacred captured Egyptian road-workers in Sinai
Anglo-French ultimatum
start of 1956 Battle of Abu Ageila
29 Oct 1956
18 French fighter-bombers arrive at Akrotire in Cyprus, en route for Israel, in preparation for attack on Egypt
Suleiman Nabulsi forms government in Jordan
Israeli border police massacre Palestinian citizens of Israel at Kafr Qassem
Israeli Battalion 890, commanded by Raful Eitan, parachutes onto eastern side of Mitla Pass
start of Israeli invasion of Sinai and Gaza Strip (Operation Kadesh)
28 Oct 1956
Dayan launches Operation Tarnegol (Rooster), a secret pre-emptive strike on Egypt
25 Oct 1956
Eden sends Dean and Logan to Paris to try to persuade French to destroy written record of the Sevres agreement
24 Oct 1956
Signing of the Protocol of Sèvres
Eden sends new man to Sevres conference, with instructions to reach a deal
Israel decides to invade Sinai
end of Conference of Sevres
Israeli prime minister proposes seizing Sinai oilfields from Egypt
23 Oct 1956
start of Hungarian Revolution
French FM flies to London to try to find a compromise between the British and Israelis
22 Oct 1956
France diverts a Moroccan plane and arrests Ahmed Ben Bella
21 Oct 1956
Multi-party elections in Jordan
start of Conference of Sevres
14 Oct 1956
French delegation to Chequers suggests Israeli invasion of Egypt followed by Anglo-French intervention
11 Oct 1956
end of Big Israeli attack on Qalqiliya
10 Oct 1956
start of Big Israeli attack on Qalqiliya
1 Oct 1956
Suez Canal Users' Association formally inaugurated
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Israeli invasion of Sinai and Gaza Strip (Operation Kadesh)

Start Date: Monday, 29 Oct 1956
End Date: Saturday, 16 Mar 1957
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On 30 September 1956, an Israeli delegation came to Paris for talks with the French. On 22 October, representatives of France, Britain and Israel meet at Sevres in the Paris suburbs. On 23 October, the British cabinet is told of 'secret conversations' in Paris. On 24 October, collusion is agreed and the Sevres Protocol is signed by representatives of the British, French and Israeli governments. On 25 October, Eden tells Cabinet 'we must face the risk that we should be accused of collusion with Israel'. On 29 October, Israeli forces crossed the Egyptian frontier and drove toward the canal, reaching it less than 4 days later. On 30 October, Anglo-French ultimatum was issued to Egypt and Israel, asking that both withdraw ten miles from the canal zone. The ultimatum also asked Egypt to allow a "temporary" occupation of the zone, which Egypt rejected. On 31 October, Anglo-French forces attacked Egypt in the Canal zone. Israeli occupied the Gaza Strip and key points on the Sinai Peninsula. On 5 November, British and French captured Port Fuad and Port Said. On 6 November, there was a cease-fire, forced by U.S. pressure. On 8 November, hostilities ended. 21 November, the first UN peacekeepers arrived in the zone. On 22 December, the last Anglo-French forces left the canal.

On 1 March 1957, Israeli foreign minister Golda Meir announces that Israel agrees to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and Sinai. On 16 March 1957, the last Israeli troops leave. UN peace-keepers, UNEF, are installed along the frontier. As the Israeli forces withdraw, they destroy all surfaced roads, railway tracks and telephone lines. All buildings in Abu Ageila and Quseima are destroyed, as were all military buildings around El Arish.

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