Seventh Herzliya Conference

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20 Feb 2007
US Treasury Dept. designates large Lebanese construction company as a "terrorist organization"
19 Feb 2007
Meeting between Condi Rice, Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas
18 Feb 2007
US and Israel reaffirm their rejection of negotiations with the Palestinian unity government
13 Feb 2007
Israeli writers of the Zionist "left" issue petition on behalf of settlers
11 Feb 2007
US accuses Iran of arming Iraqi insurgents
8 Feb 2007
Lebanese army impounds shipment of Hezbollah weapons
Hamas and Fatah reach a partial agreement on the formation of a "unity government"
7 Feb 2007
Lebanese army positions are bombed by Israeli forces after an Israeli incursion into Southern Lebanon
Interior Ministry forces destroyed six homes occupied leaving some 70 Bedouin homeless
Iranian general disappears in Istanbul
Israeli Interior Ministry forces demolish barracks in the unrecognized village of Tuawil abu-Jarwal
6 Feb 2007
Khaled Meshal and Ismail Haniyeh meet Mahmoud Abbas in Mecca
Israeli Ministry of Interior forces demolish six houses in the unrecognized village of Tel al-Batel
Israeli interior forces destroy 400 acres of seeded fields near the unrecognized village of Qseifa
Excavation begins near the Temple Mount/Haram El Sharif area
2 Feb 2007
Irish foreign minister visits Irish troops in Lebanon
Israeli occupation forces assassinate two Palestinians in Beitunyah
1 Feb 2007
Israeli occupation forces attack Nablus killing two Palestinians
start of Another round of Fatah-Hamas fighting in Gaza
Irish foreign minister visits Egypt
75 houses in Amra Tarabin, unrecognized village in the Negev, receive demolition orders
Israel imposes requirement for passport/laissez passer on Palestinians from Israel/Jerusalem entering Gaza Strip
31 Jan 2007
Irish foreign minister visits Bethlehem and Jerusalem
British parliamentary committee issues report criticising the boycott of the Palestinian National Authority and calling for sanctions against Israel
30 Jan 2007
A large Israeli occupation force invaded the village of Kufer Kalil and kidnapped 23 Palestinian men
Israeli military bulldozers demolished a building in Aljeeb village
end of Visit to Qatar by Shimon Peres
29 Jan 2007
About 100 houses in Al Jofr, an unrecognized village in the Negev, received demolition orders
start of Visit to Qatar by Shimon Peres
26 Jan 2007
Fifteen killed in Fatah-Hamas clashes in Gaza Strip
24 Jan 2007
Israeli occupation forces kill 17-year-old youth in Gaza and kidnap two residents
British Parliamentary Committee approves publication of damning report and calls for sanctions against Israel
Dozens of settlers enter the town of Awarta and caused much damage to Palestinian property
end of Seventh Herzliya Conference
Israeli Knesset passes law to revoke citizenship of 'unpatriotic' Israelis
21 Jan 2007
start of Seventh Herzliya Conference
18 Jan 2007
Israeli occupation forces assassinate Palestinian in Nablus
end of Killing of Abir Aramin
17 Jan 2007
Israeli occupation forces kidnap four family members of resistance leader to be used as hostages
16 Jan 2007
start of Killing of Abir Aramin
Lieut-Gen. Dan Halutz announces his resignation.
Israel occupation forces kidnap two Palestinians from the villages of Beit Ula and Nuba
14 Jan 2007
Condoleeza Rice meets racist Israeli minister, Avigdor Lieberman
11 Jan 2007
US military forces seize 5 Iranian diplomats in Iraqi Kurdish capital
Israeli occupation forces kidnap at least ten Palestinians (inc. four children) in Hebron
10 Jan 2007
President Bush delivers his Surge in Iraq speech
9 Jan 2007
Ministry of Interior forces destroy 21 houses in the unrecognized village of Tawil abu Jarwal
7 Jan 2007
Large Fatah rally in Gaza
6 Jan 2007
Abbas declares Hamas's militias illegal
5 Jan 2007
Settlers steal land from the Sosya village to build a road and to close of the village
4 Jan 2007
Ehud Olmert and Hosni Mubarak meet at Sharm el-Sheikh
Hamas and Fatah armed groups engaged in armed clashes; Fatah high official killed
Israeli occupation forces enter Ramallah, kill four and wound about 20.
3 Jan 2007
Gaza interfactional fighting leaves five dead
2 Jan 2007
Israeli occupation forces conducted a series of raids harassing Palestinians in Jenin, Gaza, Bethlehem
30 Dec 2006
Execution of Saddam Hussein
27 Dec 2006
Israeli army bulldozers demolish a Palestinian house in Shu'fat refugee camp
Egypt transfers weapons directly to Fatah forces in Gaza
Israeli occupation forces kidnap at least 17 Palestinian men from several parts of the West Bank in pre dawn invasions
26 Dec 2006
Death sentence on Saddam Hussein confirmed
Settlers destroy farm land with bulldozers near the village of Al Thahria
Israeli occupation forces kidnap eight Palestinians in the Hebron area.
Israeli occupation forces ransack medical center near Hebron
25 Dec 2006
British Army raid Iraqi police station in Basra
23 Dec 2006
Meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert; leads to release of $100m of withheld funds
UN Securtiy Council imposes limited sanctions on Iran
21 Dec 2006
A fisherman died due to wounds he sustained earlier this month when Israeli navel gun boats opened fire at a group of fishermen near the Rafah beach
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Seventh Herzliya Conference

Start Date: Sunday, 21 Jan 2007
End Date: Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007
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The Seventh Herzliya Conference primarily discussed Iran and Israeli reaction to it. Herzliya is rated as the Zionist Davos meeting, and it is scheduled to attract some of the same speakers that attend Davos.

The conference home page can be found here. The video of some of the proceedings can be seen here.


Michal Abadi-Boiangiu Leah Achdut Aharon Abramovitch
Oz Almog Chen Altshuler Uzi Arad – Chair
Robert H. Asher Hezki Arieli Israel (Robert) J. Aumann
Jose Maria Aznar Joseph (Yossi) Bachar Shula Bahat
Shmuel Bar Amir Barnea Moshe Bar Niv
Gabriel Ben-Dor Binyamin Ben-Eliezer Isaac Ben-Israel
Miriam Ben-Peretz Menahem Ben-Sasson Aaron Ben-Ze'ev
Zeev Bielski Avraham Bigger Ilan Biran
Ze'ev Boim Paul Bracken Avishay Braverman
Ian Bremmer Shlomo Breznitz Matthew Bronfman
Oded Brosh Nicholas Burns Hermann Bünz
Meir Buzaglo Aaron Ciechanover Galia Cohen-Rosenberg
Ronald Cohen Geula Cohen Yair Cohen
Irwin Cotler Udi Dekel Alan Dershowitz
Raanan Dinur John Edwards Robert Einhorn
Effie Eitam David Ellenson Gordon England
Salam Fayyad Marvin C. Feuer Stanley Fischer
Jacob Frenkel David Gappell Yael German
Amos Gilead Newt Gingrich Rudolph Giuliani
Hagai Golan Dore Gold Stanley Greenberg
Yifat Greenwald Gidi Grinstein Charles Guthrie
Richard Haass Ramzi Halabi Tzachi Hanegbi
Stephen E. Herbits Margaret Hermann Isaac Herzog
Avraham Hirschson Malcolm Hoenlein Yossi Hollander
Gideon Hoshen Robert Hunter Eli Hurvitz
David Ivry Bruce P. Jackson Josef Joffe
Richard H. Jones Karl Kaiser Craig Kennedy
Martin Kramer Benny Landa F Richard Landes
Ronald S. Lauder Christian Leffler Eran Lerman
Ariel (Eli) Levite Bernard Lewis Micha Lindenstrauss
Yakov Litzman Eti Livni Tzipi Livni
Peter Mackay Yossi Maiman Israel Maimon
Amir Makov David Makovsky Dan Margalit
Michael Marmur John McCain Hagai Meirom
Rafi Melnick Dan Meridor Alex Mintz
Shaul Mofaz Edward L. Morse Rolf Mützenich
Charles Murray Shlomo Nehama Benjamin Netanyahu
Ehud Olmert Fania Oz-Salzburger Ana Palacio
Torkel L. Patterson Shimon Peres Amir Peretz
Richard Perle Thomas R. Pickering Micha Popper
Avi Primor Gabriela Ravid Uriel Reichman
Mitt Romney Moshe Ronen Jack Rosen
Stanley O. Roth Amnon Rubinstein Ezra Sadan
Gary Samore Robert Satloff Izhak Schnell
Dan Schueftan Mordechai Segal Oren Shachor
Silvan Shalom Natan Sharansky Ari Shavit
Yacov Sheinin Aliza Shenhar Shimshon Shoshani
Zalman Shoval Jeffrey R. Solomon Sass Somekh
Margaret Spellings Yuval Steinitz Effi Stenzler
Ofra Strauss Nehemia Strasler Dror Strum
Yael (Yuli) Tamir Horst Teltschik Aida Touma-Sliman
Akiva Tor Matan Vilnai Alexander Vondra
Gert Weisskirchen James Woolsey Moshe Ya'alon
Aharon Yadlin Ahuva Yanai Shlomo Yanai
Ephraim Yuchtman-Yaar Poju Zabludowicz Zvi Ziv
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