Massacre at Kabri

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18 Jun 1948
Israelis steal armoured car and guns from British troops in Haifa port
Israeli forces attack and burn Arab village of Zanghariya
16 Jun 1948
Israeli cabinet decides not to allow return of Palestinian refugees
15 Jun 1948
end of Capture and total destruction of the al-Maghar village
11 Jun 1948
start of First truce in Arab-Israeli War
First Battle of Bir 'Asluj
10 Jun 1948
end of Battle of Hill 69
7 Jun 1948
start of Battle of Hill 69
Egyptian army captures Nitzanim
Moroccan Jew attacks Muslim with scissors in Oujda, triggering a pogrom
5 Jun 1948
Weitz gives Ben-Gurion his memo recommending retroactive transfer
3 Jun 1948
end of Mivtza Pleshet (Operation Philistia)
2 Jun 1948
Battle of Ras al-Ayn
1 Jun 1948
start of Mivtza Pleshet (Operation Philistia)
Second Battle of Latrun
29 May 1948
Israeli aircraft attack Egyptians at Isdud
28 May 1948
Surrender of Jewish quarter of Old City of Jerusalem
Egyptians reach Isdud, digging in two miles to its north
26 May 1948
Election in South Africa ushers in the era of Apartheid
late May 1948
French government decides to donate arms to Irgun
24 May 1948
Jan Smuts gives de facto recognition to Israel
Iraqi regulars move into Nablus-Jenin-Tulkarm triangle
First Battle of Latrun
Egyptians reach Majdal, making it their headquarters
23 May 1948
end of Massacre at al-Tantura
Israeli agents attempt to poison Gaza water supply
22 May 1948
Egyptian Spitfires shot down by British airmen
start of Massacre at al-Tantura
21 May 1948
Carmeli Brigade capture al-Ghabisiyya
late May 1948
Israeli Air Force bombs Gaza City
21 May 1948
Assassination of US consul-general in Jerusalem
Egyptian units reach Bethlehem after crossing desert through Beer el Sabe
late May 1948
Israeli army expels the people of Ghabisiyya
20 May 1948
UN Security Council appoints Folke Bernadotte as Mediator for Palestine
Massacre at Kabri
Battle of Degania
19 May 1948
Kibbutz Yad Mordechai attacks passing Egyptian column
end of Typhoid epidemic in besieged Acre -- poisoned water supply suspected
18 May 1948
Egyptian air raid on Tel Aviv
Massacre at Acre
Israeli army attacks Old City of Jerusalem
17 May 1948
Capture of Acre
Zionists capture Nabi Yusha fort
16 May 1948
US army in Germany commits to assisting Jews in Germany and Austria to leave for Israel
15 May 1948
start of Capture and total destruction of the al-Maghar village
Nakba day zero
Acre surrenders to Haganah
Arab army contingents enter Palestine
Egyptian army attacks Dangour
Israelis expel villagers of Umm Al-Zinat
Egyptian Spitfires bomb Sdeh Dov airfield
end of Ethnic cleansing of Bisan
Egypt closes Suez canal to ships travelling to/from Palestine
14 May 1948
Last British High Commissioner departs from Haifa
British Union Jack at remains of King David Hotel replaced by flag of International Red Cross
US staffer physically restrains Cuban delegate to UN, to prevent him from going to the rostrum to complain about US recognition of Israel
US recognizes Israel
Cuban ambassador to UN helps United States delegation steer Palestine trusteeship resolution through committee
British High Commissioner arrives at Haifa airport from Jerusale, then leaves Palestine from port of Haifa
British High Commissioner leaves Jerusalem for Haifa
Cancellation, by British Mandate authorities in Palestine, of Emergency Regulations
start of Ethnic cleansing of Bisan
end of Second Special Session of General Assembly met in Flushing Meadows
Ben-Gurion promises than an Israeli constitution would be in place before 1 October 1948
Declaration of Israel's independence
Kfar Etzion settlement surrenders to Arab forces
UNGA approves creation of United Nations Mediator for Palestine
13 May 1948
end of Zionist attack on, and capture of, Jaffa
UN subcommittee recommends temporary regime for Palestine as a whole
In press conference, Truman refuses to commit himself on recognition of Jewish state
Harold Evans appointed Special Municipal Commissioner for Jerusalem
Chairman of UN Consular Truce Commission heads for Amman to offer US truce terms to Arab Higher Committee
12 May 1948
Provisional State Council votes, 5 to 4, not to mention borders in Israeli declaration of independence
White House discussion of US action in event of declaration of Jewish state
Truman and Marshall clash over proposal to recognize Jewish state in Palestine
Drafting of Israeli Declaration of Independence
Meeting of Provisional State Council
11 May 1948
Golda Meir visits Abdullah in Amman
A letter bomb addressed to Sir Evelyn Barker was detected by his wife.
early May 1948
Zionist committee meets to decide on name, in Arabic, for projected new Jewish state
10 May 1948
British Life Guards withdraw from Jaffa to Sarafand camp
9 May 1948
Haganah meeting in Netanya to decide fate of Tantura and neighbouring coastal villages
8 May 1948
end of Ethnic Cleansing of Safed
7 May 1948
start of Ethnic Cleansing of Safed
6 May 1948
start of Typhoid epidemic in besieged Acre -- poisoned water supply suspected
Haganah leadership present Ben-Gurion with ultimatum, demanding reinstatement of Israel Galili as head of National Command
5 May 1948
ALA troops leave Jaffa under British protection
Trusteeship Council adopts plan to select Special Municipal Commissioner for Jerus'm
4 May 1948
end of Further massacres at Ein ez Zeitun (Ayn Zaytoun)
United Nations committee starts to draft resolution for provisional regime in Palestine
US State Department official predicts that Jews in Palestine will establish state by force of arms and then claim they were attacked
Jessup telegram to Dean Rusk on Soviet intentions in Middle East
3 May 1948
start of Further massacres at Ein ez Zeitun (Ayn Zaytoun)
Jewish Agency refuses US proposal for on-the-spot truce negotiations in Palestine
Letter bomb sent to Roy Farran kills his brother, Rex
2 May 1948
British colonial secretary proposes, to French UN ambassador, de facto partition of Palestine to prevent war involving non-Palestinian Arabs
British officers of Arab Legion meet with Haganah officers
1 May 1948
end of Attack, by Palmach fighters, on the San Simon monastery in Katamon (Battle of San Simon)
Arab attack on Haganah base in Ramot Naftali is repulsed by aerial bombing
May 1948
Palmach fighters invade Taybeh and torch the Asaad family palace
1 May 1948
Massacre at Ein ez Zeitun (Ayn Zaytoun)
May 1948
Operation Barak
30 Apr 1948
Haganah and Palmach finish the ethnic cleansing of Qatamon
Apr 1948
end of Operation Bird Dog
30 Apr 1948
end of Final Haganah attack on Qatamon, leading to its capture
US proposes temporary trusteeship for Jerusalem.
Apr 1948
end of Easter Crisis (Påskekrisen) in Denmark
29 Apr 1948
start of Final Haganah attack on Qatamon, leading to its capture
start of Attack, by Palmach fighters, on the San Simon monastery in Katamon (Battle of San Simon)
28 Apr 1948
Start of Operation Hametz (Mitzva Hametz)
Battle for Tel Arish
UN Trusteeship Council announces tentative truce in Old City
26 Apr 1948
UN General Assembly asks Trusteeship Council to protect Jerusalem and its people
start of Generals' Revolt in Israel
25 Apr 1948
Haganah attack Saqiya
start of Zionist attack on, and capture of, Jaffa
23 Apr 1948
end of Haganah capture of Haifa - Operation Bi'ur Hametz ("Passover Cleaning")
22 Apr 1948
Haganah shell Palestinian refugees in market square in Haifa
end of Capture of Tiberias
late Apr 1948
British authorities in Palestine evacuate last Templers to Germany and Australia
22 Apr 1948
Clash between British Army and guards at Moshav Mivtahim
21 Apr 1948
British army commander in Haifa informs Arabs that his troops are evacuating city immediately, apart from harbor and key roads that army would need during organized withdrawal in late May
start of Haganah capture of Haifa - Operation Bi'ur Hametz ("Passover Cleaning")
British army commander in Haifa informs the Hagana that his troops are evacuating city immediately, apart from harbor and key roads that army would need during organized withdrawal in mid-May
Trusteeship Council votes to refer Jerusalem statute to General Assembly
20 Apr 1948
Gromyko criticises US and UK stance on Palestine
US delegation introduces "working paper" on Palestine trusteeship
Second Zionist attack on Nabi Yusha fort is repulsed
19 Apr 1948
Unveiling, in Warsaw, of momument to Warsaw Ghetto Revolt
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Massacre at Kabri

Date: Thursday, 20 May 1948
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On 20 May 1948 the Karmeli Brigade conquered the village Kabri. Dov Yirmiya, who was a company commander in the 21st battalion, tells: "Kabri was conquered without a fight. Almost all inhabitants fled. One of the soldiers, Yehuda Reshef, who was together with his brother among the few escapees from the Yehi'am convoy [which was blocked in the Battle of Kabri], got hold of a few youngsters who did not escape, probably seven, ordered them to fill up some ditches dug as an obstacle and then lined them up and fired at them with a machine gun. A few died but some of the wounded succeeded to escape. The battalion commander did not react. Reshef was a brave fighter and as a rescapee from the Yehi'am convoy, enjoyed special status in the battalion. He advanced later to the grade of Brigadier General. He justified his action as an act of revenge."

"When the action ended, we left, namely the battalion commander Dov Tschitchiss, Education Officer Tzadok Eshel, the driver and myself. We drove over fields to Nahariya. While driving we saw refugees escaping to the North. The battalion commander ordered the driver to stop and went with the driver and the Education Officer to chase an Arab who was escaping with a girl eight or nine years old. I heard shots and had scarcely the time to understand what happened. When they returned, the battalion commander declared: We killed them. I asked: The girl too? And he answered to me: No, no, we did not kill the girl."

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