Mossad murders a Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway

Mossad murders a Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway

Date: Saturday, 21 Jul 1973
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The "Lillehammer Affair" refers to the murder by Mossad agents of a Moroccan waiter, Ahmed Boushiki, in Lillehammer, Norway on 21 July, 197. The agents had been sent by Israel to assassinate Ali Hassan Salameh, the leader of the Black September Organization, a Palestinian group which carried out the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre; they mistook Boushiki for their target and shot him as he walked back from a cinema to his flat with his pregnant wife.
This US military dissertation describes the deed as follows:
On July 21, 1973, the Israeli assassination team shot and killed an innocent man closely resembling Salameh. Earlier that day the surveillance team followed the individual they believed to be Salameh to a local public swimming pool. Soon after, he exited with an obviously pregnant woman. At approximately 1400 hours, the assassination team arrived in-country and proceeded to the Oppland Tourist Hotel where they registered under alias names. The surveillance team reported that they observed the assumed Salameh enter a movie theater with the same pregnant woman at approximately 2000 hours. The action team departed the hotel and deployed to intercept the target after he left the theater. The target and female companion exited the movie at approximately 2235 hours and took a bus to an area just a "short walk" from their flat. As they began their walk from the bus stop to the flat, two members of the action team exited a Mazda and began firing into the man believed to be Salameh with Baretta .22 caliber pistols. The pregnant woman crouched over the dying man, screaming as the team escaped from the scene. Individuals in the neighborhood notified the police, who arrived at the scene within the next few minutes. The team dropped the Mazda at a predesignated point and transferred to a Peugeot rented from a Scandinavian rental company to transport them out of Lillehammer.
Two members of the assassination team (Dan Arbel and Marrianne Gladnikoff) were arrested the next day as they re-used a getaway car to go to the airport. After their interrogation the whole cell was arrested, and incriminating documents and the keys to a network of safe houses were discovered.

In total five Mossad agents (the other three were Yigal Zigal, Zwi Steinberg and Michael Dorf) were captured by the Norwegian authorities. SIx were tried and five were convicted of the killing and imprisoned, but were soon thereafter released and returned to Israel. (Dorf was acquitted.)The Israeli government attempted at the time to deny their responsibility for the murder. In 1996 Israel agreed to provide the family of Ahmed Boushiki with compensation.

Of the at least nine Mossad agents who participated directly in the assassination (Michael Harari, Dan Ærbel, Ethel Marianne Gladnikoff, Abraham Gehmer, alias Leslie Orbaum, Sylvia Raphael, alias Patricia Lesley Roxburgh, Victor Zipstein alias Zwi Steinberg, Michael Dorf, Gustav Pistauer, Jean-Luc Sevenier, Jonathan Isaac Englesberg alias Jonathan Ingleby, "Tamara" alias "Tamar" alias "Marie", Rolf Baehr, Gerard Lafond, Raoul Cousin, Nora Heffner), six were captured by the Norwegian authorities and five were convicted of Bouchiki's murder. Harari as well as the two killers escaped and Dorf was acquitted. The five convicts were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two and a half to five years but all were released within 22 months and deported to Israel.

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