Meeting between Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas

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21 Oct 2009
start of Juniper Cobra 10, 2009 - joint US-Israel military exercises
20 Oct 2009
Israeli colonial forces steal and bulldoze Palestinian farmland in the Baqa area of Hebron
19 Oct 2009
Egyptian border guards confiscate goods destined for Gaza
18 Oct 2009
Bomb kills Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders and tribal leaders in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan in southeastern Iran
16 Oct 2009
UN Human Rights Council passes resolution endorsing Goldstone report
14 Oct 2009
Israeli war planes bomb Rafah border attempting to destroy siege-busting tunnels; at least one dead, several wounded
12 Oct 2009
Israeli occupation forces invade several Palestinian villages in the West Bank; harass and kidnap at least 16 Palestinian civilians
11 Oct 2009
Turkey cancels joint military exercises which would have included Israeli participation
Mahmoud Abbas announces reversal of stance on Goldstone Report
10 Oct 2009
US tries to squash proposed Hamas-Fateh agreement brokered by Egypt
9 Oct 2009
United States warships stop ship chartered by Iran's state-owned shipping company
Announcement that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
7 Oct 2009
Shahab news agency reports that the PA was blackmailed by Israel into withdrawing support for GOldstone report
5 Oct 2009
Moshe Ya'alon rejects invitation to Britain, fearing arrest
4 Oct 2009
Israeli interior ministry forces demolish several houses in the unrecognized villages in the Negev; Twail Abu-Jarwal destroyed for the 32nd time
Further clash at al-Haram al-Sharif
American, Israeli and French Army Chiefs of Staff hold talks in Normandy about Iran
3 Oct 2009
Palestinian economy minister resigns in protest at PA's agreement to postpone endorsing Goldstone report
1 Oct 2009
General strike by Palestinian citizens of Israel
Under pressure, PA defers endorsing the Goldstone commission report; Goldstone-gate
Talks between the United States, Iran and some European countries regarding the purported Iranian nuclear weapons program
30 Sep 2009
Israeli soldier uses jeep to murder Palestinian school student
Israeli occupation forces invade Bil'in in the middle of the night; attempt to kidnap community leader and menace residents
29 Sep 2009
Settlers from the Yitzhar settlement attack Burin and destroy at least 150 olive trees; vandalize property
Attempt to have Ehud Barak arrested in London on war crimes charges
27 Sep 2009
Jewish zealots attempt to enter Haram al Sharif; Israeli police savagely beat Muslim worshippers
25 Sep 2009
start of Trial of Ehud Olmert for corruption
Settlers destroy hundreds of olive trees near the village of Murair
Israeli military order for confiscation of land without compensation to the villages of Anata, Al 'Isawiya, Al Khan and An Nabi Musa
24 Sep 2009
Netanyahu makes speech at UN General Assembly likening Hamas to Nazis and London Blitz to Qassam rockets on Sderot
Israeli occupation forces invade several West Bank towns; harass and kidnap at least 7 Palestinian civilians
23 Sep 2009
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the UN General Assembly
Obama, in speech at UN, drops his demand for a freeze on Israeli settlements
Israeli colonial forces invade Gaza; destroy crops and farmland; damage houses and menace farmers
22 Sep 2009
Israeli occupation forces invade several Palestinian towns in the West Bank; menace and kidnap at least six Palestinian civilians
Foundations are laid to expand Betar Illit settlement on the eve of the tripartite talks at the UN
Meeting between Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas
21 Sep 2009
Israeli war planes bomb Rafah border attempting to destroy siege-busting tunnels
Israeli occupation forces invade Bil'in; harass and attempt to kidnap Palestinian civilians
16 Sep 2009
Israeli occupation forces invade Bil'in in the middle of the night; ransack houses; attempt to kidnap Palestinian activist and menace others
15 Sep 2009
Brazilian Congress passes motion to block Mercosur trading with Israel
UN fact-finding commission submits report on war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated during the Israeli attack on Gaza (Dec. 2008 - Jan 2009)
Relaunch of Geneva Initiative
10 Sep 2009
Violent settlers with army escort brutalize and menace the villagers of Khirbet Susiya; at least ten wounded; property ransacked
9 Sep 2009
Israeli interior ministry forces demolish the unrecognized village of Tawil Abu Jarwal for the 31st time
Israeli tanks and bulldozers invade Gaza; destroy farmland, uproot trees and demolish houses
8 Sep 2009
Israeli occupation forces invade Bil'in in the middle of the night; ransack houses; attempt to kidnap Palestinian teenagers; fire sound bombs and tear gas
7 Sep 2009
Unannounced trip by Benjamin Netanyahu to Moscow
Khaled Meshal warns against Arab regimes normalizing relations with Israel
Peace Now reveals that Israeli government laid the foundations to build a new settlement in the Jordan valley
6 Sep 2009
Israeli colonial forces invade Northern Gaza and kidnap five teenagers; engage in destructive action
5 Sep 2009
Israeli occupation forces invade Bil'in in the middle of the night; attempt to kidnap Palestinian youths; fire sound bombs and tear gas
Israeli government announces that it will continue settlement expansion and building of hundreds of new structures
3 Sep 2009
Norwegian government's ethics panel announces that it will divest from Israeli company involved in implementing hafrada
Israeli occupation forces harass and kidnap Palestinian civilians throughout the West Bank
1 Sep 2009
Dozens of Israeli soldiers invade Bil'in in the middle of the night; kidnap teenager; menace residents and solidarity activists
30 Aug 2009
Former Israeli PM Olmert indicted on corruption charges
Anti-eviction demonstration in Kfar Shalem
27 Aug 2009
US government indicates that it will no longer pressure Israel on settlement expansion
Israeli patrol boats fire on fishing boats off Gaza; one fisherman killed
25 Aug 2009
Israeli aircraft bomb the siege-busting tunnels in Gaza; three killed and at least eight wounded
Israeli occupation forces break into Radio Bethlehem 2000's offices; steal or destroy its broadcasting equipment
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Meeting between Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas

Date: Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009
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Uri Avnery comments:

In one of his essays, Karl Marx said that when history repeats itself: The first time it is as tragedy, the second time it is as farce.
The 2000 threefold summit meeting at Camp David was high drama. Many hopes were pinned on it, success seemed to be within reach, but in the end it collapsed, with the participants blaming each other.
The 2009 Waldorf-Astoria summit was the farce.

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