Demolition of Moroccan Quarter in Old City of Jerusalem

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2 Jul 1967
King Hussein and Yaacov Herzog meet in London
Israeli cabinet, under international pressure, agess to allow some people expelled from the West Bank in the last month to return
Jul 1967
start of Dayan scheme to foster Palestinian emigration to South America
UK prime minister sends Royal Navy task force to Strait of Tiran
30 Jun 1967
Israeli soldiers massacre several dozen male civilians in Rafah refugee camp
29 Jun 1967
Israeli assistant military governor tells mayor of East Jerusalem that the municipality is dissolved
27 Jun 1967
Israel claims to annex East Jerusalem
26 Jun 1967
Israeli cabinet meeting approves annexation of East Jerusalem
25 Jun 1967
end of Glassboro Summit Conference
23 Jun 1967
start of Glassboro Summit Conference
19 Jun 1967
Lyndon Johnson makes speech about "Five Great Principles of Peace"
Levi Eshkol proposes transferring Palestinians to Iraq
Israeli government decides to withdraw from Golan and Sinai
18 Jun 1967
Israeli soldiers start expelling Palestinians from the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem
mid Jun 1967
David Ben-Gurion demands that entire Old City Wall of Jerusalem be razed
12 Jun 1967
Aziz Shehadeh's plan for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza is presented to Zvi Zur
Israelis seize Mount Hermon, after end of 1967 War
11 Jun 1967
First guerrilla attack on Israeli forces occupying Gaza Strip
end of Ethnic cleansing and razing of Imwas, Beit Nuba and Yalu
end of Demolition of Moroccan Quarter in Old City of Jerusalem
10 Jun 1967
USSR tells US that unless Israel halts its aggression within next few hours, it will take military action
start of Demolition of Moroccan Quarter in Old City of Jerusalem
Soviet government breaks off diplomatic relations with Israel
end of June 1967 War
Expulsion of residents of the Moroccan Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem
9 Jun 1967
Dayan orders offensive against Syria
early Jun 1967
Israeli army massacres Egyptian prisoners of war in Ras Sudr
9 Jun 1967
Israeli newspaper, Daf, calls for Palestinian state in West Bank and Gaza
Jordan, Egypt, Syria agree to cease-fire
Israeli demolition crews demolish wall along 1948 cease-fire line in Jerusalem
8 Jun 1967
Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attack USS Liberty
Delegation of Jews from Upper Galilee meet the Israeli war cabinet
early Jun 1967
Operation Gazelle Hunt
8 Jun 1967
Hebron is captured by Israeli forces
Israeli army massacres Egyptian prisoners of war in El Arish
David Kimche and Dan Bavli visit Aziz Shehadeh in Ramallah
7 Jun 1967
Abortive ethnic cleansing of Tul Karm
IDF Chief Rabbi asks general to blow up the Dome of the Rock
Israel issues Security Provisions Order Proclamation No 3, imposing system of military justice on occupied territories
Israeli troops capture Old City of Jerusalem after less than 60 hours of fighting
6 Jun 1967
Qalqiliyah captured by Israeli army
Expulsion of the inhabitants of Yalu, 'Imwas and Bayt Nuba in the Latrun salient
Israeli army captures the Latrun salient
Battle of Abu Tor
Security Council calls for cease-fire
start of Ethnic cleansing and razing of Imwas, Beit Nuba and Yalu
early Jun 1967
Demolition of all the houses in Beit Mirsim
6 Jun 1967
Egypt accuses United States of helping Israel and breaks diplomatic relations
Israelis attack and capture Ammunition Hill in East Jerusalem
end of Battle of Abu-Ageila (1967)
early Jun 1967
Demolition of all the houses in Beit Awa
6 Jun 1967
Moshe Dayan orders the ethnic cleansing of Qalqiliyah
5 Jun 1967
start of Battle of Abu-Ageila (1967)
Israeli cabinet decides to capture the Old City of Jerusalem
start of June 1967 War
French president embargoes delivery of Mirage jets to Israel
Operation Focus (מבצע מוקד, Mitzva Moked)
Israeli tanks deliberately kill Indian UN peace keepers in Gaza and Sinai
4 Jun 1967
Israeli government votes to go to war
3 Jun 1967
Abe Feinberg warns Lyndon Johnson that Middle East war would start within 24 hours
2 Jun 1967
Israeli generals meet ministers in HaKirya military compound to discuss whether to go to war
1 Jun 1967
National unity cabinet formed in Israel
Moshe Dayan replaces Levi Eshkol as Israeli defence minister
30 May 1967
Egypt signs defence pact with Jordan
29 May 1967
US Supreme Court changes citizenship law to allow American citizens to hold dual nationality. The case was brought by an Israeli citizen against the US Secretary of State.
end of Afroyim v. Rusk citizenship case in the US Supreme court
28 May 1967
Israel assembles (another) nuclear weapon
26 May 1967
Abba Eban has meeting with Lyndon Johnson
23 May 1967
Nasser closes Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping
17 May 1967
end of state visit of Saudi king to UK
16 May 1967
Egypt requests removal of UN troops from Sinai
15 May 1967
Nasser starts sending troops into SInai
14 May 1967
Nasser decides to send two divisions of the Egyptian army into Sinai
13 May 1967
Soviet Union warms Egypt of impending Israeli attack on Syria
12 May 1967
Two Egyptian MIGs fly at high altitude over Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona
Yitzhak Rabin threatens to invade Syria and overthrow Syrian government
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Event #388 Demolition of Moroccan Quarter in Old City of Jerusalem
Start Date: Saturday, 10 Jun 1967
End Date: Sunday, 11 Jun 1967
On the evening of 10 June 1967, the several hundred residents of the Moroccan Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem were given two hours notice to vacate their homes. Those who refused the orders were forcefully evicted from their places of residence, as bulldozers and floodlights were mobilized to raze the area. So suddenly came this dictate that one woman from the quarter, Hajja Rasmia Tabaki, who did not hear the calls to vacate was buried alive beneath the rubble that evening. Her body was found the next morning under the ruins of her home.

Nearly all of the quarter's 135 homes were flattened by the evening of 11 June, with the "cleaning up process" proceeding for a few days thereafter. Certain structures on the neighborhood's periphery, however, were initially retained, most notably a mosque near the Bab Maghribeh, and the Zawiyya Fakhriyya. Both, however, were eventually razed in 1969. Palestinian historian Albert Algazerian believes that these religious sites were initially left standing as a gesture to the Moroccan King Hassan II, a monarch with whom Israel wished to cultivate a relationship and with whom many Moroccans of this community maintained close ties.[9] Roughly one-half of the neighborhood's residents at the time of its demolition traced a lineage back to the Maghrib. Many of these returned to Morocco via Amman with the assistance of King Hassan II after the destruction of the quarter. Other families from the neighborhood found refuge in the Shu'fat Refugee Camp and elsewhere in Jerusalem.

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