Randomly-chosen quotation:
"What we wanted to escape in Vilna we found here. ... There, hatred was directed against Jews, here against Arabs. The class struggles were the same, with homeless sleeping in the street."
(Meir Vilner, 1998)
Lina Khattab
Lina Khattab is a first-year media studies student at Bir Zeit University who was arrested on 13 December 2014 during a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners. Subsequently she reported abuse in jail, and her court hearings have been postponed several times. On 16 February 2015, she was arbitrarily imprisoned for six months.

Lina has been subjected to the so-called administrative detention -- which really means arbitrary imprisonment, with no charges or trumped-up charges brought against the defendant, no access to evidence, and for an arbitrary length of imprisonment which can be renewed at any time. Most of the victims of arbitrary imprisonment are politically active or are active in organizing their communities. Effective Palestinian leaders who oppose Israeli rule are invariably imprisoned in this manner. It is a means to fragment Palestinian society.

Samidoun's articles about her.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned:

Percentage of her life in prison: 1.1%

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General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli soldier menace farmers near border with gunfire, one wounded; fire on fishing boats. West Bank: Israeli military conduct night-time raid on village; storm houses; suppress demonstrations; kill young man, seriously injure 3, kidnap at least 8 Palestinians. Settler vehicle runs over young man.
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