Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Israeli interrogators routinely ill-treat and torture Arab prisoners. Prisoners are hooded or blindfolded and are hung by their wrists for long periods. Most are struck in the genitals or in other ways sexually abused. Most are sexually assaulted. Others are administered electric shock."
(Ralph Schoenman, 19 June 1977)
ayman nasser Ayman Nasser, a researcher with Addameer, the Palestinian prisoner advocacy group, was arrested by Israeli soldiers yet again. In the middle of the night on 18 September 2014, 15 soldiers smashed into Nasser's home in Saffa, ransacked the house, brutalized the family, and arrested Ayman. Ayman has been arbitrarily arrested numerous times, tortured, and violently harassed.
About Nasser: he is a community organizer and leader involved in educational project in the village of Saffa -- he is very well regarded in the village. He is married and has four children.

Ayman Nasser has been subjected to very long terms of the so-called 'administrative detention' -- which really means arbitrary imprisonment, with no charges brought against the defendant, no access to evidence, and for an arbitrary length of imprisonment which can be renewed at any time. The family of the prisoner is also affected sometimes losing permits needed to work in Israel. Most of the victims of arbitrary imprisonment are politically active or are active in organizing their communities. Effective Palestinian leaders who oppose Israeli rule are invariably imprisoned in this manner. It is a means to fragment Palestinian society.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during his latest ordeal:

Previous number of years arbitrarily imprisoned: 7 years

Percentage of Ayman Nasser's life arbitrarily imprisoned: 16.2%

Recent events
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19 Nov 2014
General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli soldiers menace farmers with gunfire; warships menace fishing boats. West Bank: Israeli military conduct widespread harassment operations; suppress demonstrations; storm dozens of houses; seriously injure 9, kidnap at least 14 Palestinians. Settlers damage many cars; stab young man; menace villagers
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