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"When he was prime minister for a short time after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, Peres proposed to Yasser Arafat that the Gaza Strip be declared a state. That was a minor variation on Peres’ basic vision of continued Israeli domination over the West Bank until an unknown time in the future. Arafat politely rejected the suggestion."
(Amira Hass, 06 October 2016)
Nour Kayed Faiq Issa Nour Kayed Faiq Issa is a teenage (16 years-old) political prisoner from Anata, Jerusalem gov. He has the dubious record of being the youngest Palestinian arbitrarily imprisoned by the Israeli military authorities. He has been held without charges or trial. All indications are that his imprisonment is meant to screw his family because his brother engaged in a resistance action against Israelis.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during his latest ordeal:

Percentage of Nour Issa’s life in prison: 4.0%

Recent events
20 Nov 2017
Israeli military contingent staged night-time invasion of Ramallah, stormed and ransacked jewellery shop, stole merchandise
19 Nov 2017
Large military contingent staged night-time invasion of Bilin; kidnapped Abdullah Abu Rahma and his son; soldiers stormed Iyad Burnat's house
16 Nov 2017
Israeli military kidnapped and imprisoned at least 30 Palestinian university student activists
13 Nov 2017
start of • Salah Khawaja, an influential community organizer and political prisoner, declares hunger strike due to his arbitrary imprisonment
Israel announces it plans to deny entry to delegation of European officials
4 Nov 2017
Justice Now: Make it Right for Palestine march in London