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"Anyone who tries to draw a comparison between the occupation regime in the territories to the South African apartheid regime - and their number is rising constantly - is instantly labeled anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. But the facts justify the comparison. No, Israel is not an apartheid state, but the occupation in the territories is apartheid. "
(Gideon Levy, 11 November 2012)
Salem Badi
Salem Badi is a civil servant working for the El Bireh municipality. On 28 February 2014, without warning, soldiers blew up the front door of Salem Badi's house. A large contingent of soldiers entered the house, ransacked contents, and kidnapped Salem Badi -- yet again. Salem has been arbitrarily imprisoned several times, and he has up to now been imprisoned more than 7.9 years. The first time he was arbitrarily imprisoned Salem was 16 years old. In 2013, Salem was tortured for 45 days and he required hospitalization. The continuous spells of imprisonment have impeded him from finishing his university studies, and from getting married; it also has had tremendous detrimental impact on the rest of his family. No explanation was provided by the military judge for Badi's latest imprisonment – evidence was secret.

Salem Badi has been subjected to very long terms of the so-called 'administrative detention' -- which really means arbitrary imprisonment, with no charges brought against the defendant, no access to evidence, and for an arbitrary length of imprisonment which can be renewed at any time. The family of the prisoner is also affected sometimes losing permits needed to work in Israel. Most of the victims of arbitrary imprisonment are politically active or are active in organizing their communities. Effective Palestinian leaders who oppose Israeli rule are invariably imprisoned in this manner. It is a means to fragment Palestinian society.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during his latest ordeal:

Previous number of years arbitrarily imprisoned: 7.5 years

Percentage of Salem Badi's life arbitrarily imprisoned: 18.6%

Recent events
30 Jul 2014
Israeli artillery bomb UNRWA school in Jabaliya sheltering refugees; at least 19 killed and appr. 90 injured
29 Jul 2014
Israeli warplanes bomb and destroy Gaza's only power generation plant
28-29 Jul 2014
Heaviest night of Israeli airstrikes hits Hamas leader's house and TV headquarters
28 Jul 2014
Israeli missile strikes near the main gate to the Shifa hospital
26 Jul 2014
12-hour ceasefire in Gaza
18 members of one family killed by Israeli tank shelling in southern Gaza Strip
24 Jul 2014
Israeli artillery bombs the Beit Hanoun hospital for several hours
A very large airstrike in the Tuffah neighborhood of northern Gaza severely damaged the Muhammad al-Durrah Children's Hospital
Israeli artillery bomb UNRWA school serving as refugee center; 17 killed and at least 113 wounded