Randomly-chosen quotation:
"When we have settled the land all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged roaches in a bottle. "
(Rafael Eitan (2), 12 April 1983)
Recent events
28 Mar 2017
Large Israeli military force with dozens of vehicles invades village and conducts harassment operation; teargas fired into houses
26-28 Mar 2017
AIPAC 2017 Policy Conference
26-30 Mar 2017
Israeli military conduct so-called military exercises in several areas in the West Bank; order villages evacuated
24 Mar 2017
The Israel Lobby and American Policy conference
Israeli undercover operatives and/or collaborators assassinate senior Hamas official
22 Mar 2017
Israeli warplanes attacked Syrian army targets in the Qasioun Mount region near Damascus; IAF acting as Al Qaeda’s airforce again
19 Mar 2017
Israeli drone strike kills member of Syrian pro-government militia
18 Mar 2017
General chronic harassment Gaza: Israeli military menaced farmers and fishing boats with gunfire and artillery fire. WB: Israeli military disrupted a funeral for martyr provoking confrontation; injured 8, kidnapped at least 2 Palestinians. Settlers brutalized Palestinian farmers; stoned and damaged cars.
17 Mar 2017
Israeli warplanes bomb several sites in Syria; Israel acting as ISIS's airforce again
General chronic harassment Israeli military invaded villages and conducted night time harassment raids; provoked confrontations; suppressed demonstrations; murder young man, seriously injure 2, kidnap at least 2 Palestinians. Settlers brutalize taxi driver.
Senior UN official resigns after UN secretary general orders withdrawal of document implicating Israel in the Crime of Apartheid
mid Mar 2017
Israeli supreme court recognizes East Jerusalem Palestinians as 'native-born residents'