Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Without Zionism, Palestine would be incomplete. "
(Wyndham Deedes, July 1923)
Recent events
20 Dec 2014
General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli warships menace fishing boats with gunfire; kidnap two farmers. West Bank: Israeli military storm house and kidnap young man. Settlers attempt to kidnap 4 year-old child.
19 Dec 2014
General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli military fire on farmers in the border area; bomb farmland and fire on houses. West Bank: Israeli military suppress demonstrations; steal tractors; storm houses. Soldiers seriously injure 25, kidnap 11 Palestinians. Soldiers lockdown village for settlers to march through and menace residents.
19-20 Dec 2014
Israeli aircraft bomb Gaza Strip
18 Dec 2014
US Secretary of State tells 28 EU ambassadors that US will not allow a resolution on Israeli-Palestinian situation by UN Security Council before Israeli elections
General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli warships fire on fishing boats. West Bank: Israeli military invade Nablus and storm dozens of houses; provoke confrontations; seriously injure 2 (live ammo), kidnap 12 Palestinians. Settlers cut off electricity to village; settler car runs over 6 year-old; stage provocative action at Al Aqsa mosque
17 Dec 2014
International conference of the Fourth Geneva Convention signatory states on the issues of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the massacre in Gaza
Jordan submits final version of Palestinian draft UN Security Council resolution calling for end to Israeli occupation by 2017
European Parliament votes to recognize Palestine statehood 'in principle'