Randomly-chosen quotation:
"During the five years before the last election, 41% of the private donations made to [UK] political parties came from just 76 people. This is what plutocracy looks like."
(George Monbiot, 13 July 2016)

1,600+ Palestinian political prisoners declare an open ended hunger strike to protest against the deplorable conditions under which they are held. Their demands:

  1. Install a public landline for all of the prisoners in all [Israeli] prisons and sections so that they can communicate with family members.
  2. Family visitation:
    • End the International Committee of the Red Cross’ reduction of family visitation to once a month. Resume offering family visitation twice a month.
    • Establish the opportunity for family visitation twice a month as irrevocable.
    • Allow all first-degree and second-degree relatives of prisoners to visit them.
    • Increase family visitation from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.
    • Allow the prisoners to have a photograph with their families every three months.
    • Build facilities for the comfort of visitors and families at the prisons’ gates.
    • Allow children and grandchildren under the age of 16 to visit detainees.
  3. Medical file:
    • Close the so-called Ramla prison hospital because it lacks basic medical equipment and medication.
    • End medical negligence.
    • Allow regular medical check ups.
    • Allow surgery as needed.
    • Allow specialist doctors to check prisoners.
    • Release sick detainees, especially those with special needs and chronic illnesses.
    • Exempt prisoners from paying for their medication.
  4. Respond to the demands and rights of Palestinian female prisoners, especially in regards to transfer conditions and physical barriers between detainees and family members during visitation.
  5. Transfer van (Bosta):
    • Treat prisoners in a humane manner while transferring them in the Bosta.
    • Return prisoners visiting clinics and courts to prisons; do not to hold them at crossings.
    • Prepare crossing for human use, and to provide meals for prisoners.
  6. Add TV channels that suit the needs of prisoners.
  7. Install air conditioners in prisons, especially in Megiddo and Gilboa prisons.
  8. Re-install kitchens at prisons and place them under the supervision of Palestinian detainees.
  9. Allow prisoners access to books, newspapers, clothes, foods, and special items for family visitation.
  10. End solitary confinement policy.
  11. End administrative detention policy.
  12. Re-start the education program at the Hebrew Open University.
  13. Allow Palestinian prisoners sit for Tawjihi [high school] matriculation exams in an official manner.

Mass hunger strike day#:

Recent events
17 Apr 2017
start of • Palestinian prisoners stage mass hunger strike to protest denial of basic rights
16 Apr 2017
Longest-serving female Palestinian prisoner released after 15 years of imprisonment
15 Apr 2017
Jihadi car bomb explodes next to buses carrying Shia refugees out of besieged villages; 126+ killed, many children
13 Apr 2017
US drops largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat on Afghanistan
12 Apr 2017
Israel arrests 17 far-right Jews allegedly attempting to sacrifice goats on al-Haram ash-Sharif for Passover
Israeli military invaded El Bireh, stormed and ransacked a house, and kidnapped yet another Palestinian legislator
Israeli military block off the Al Aqsa mosque/Haram Sharif so that hundreds of settlers can perform rituals at site
11-13 Apr 2017
US Secretary of State visit to Moscow
10 Apr 2017
US suspends the Memorandum of Understanding on Flight Safety over Syria; US will no longer warn Russian forces of its actions
7 Apr 2017
Ordered by US president, US warships fire cruise missiles against the Shayrat airbase outside of Homs, Syria
4 Apr 2017
Alleged chemical weapon attack against Idlib; pretext for war (Gulf of Tonkin II)