Randomly-chosen quotation:
"I'm going to tell horrible things, that we'll all leave Upper Galilee and that Jewish settlement would end at Afula"
(Ya’acov Eshkoli, 8 June 1967)
Recent events
22 Feb 2017
Israeli aircraft attack targets on outskirts of Damascus
21 Feb 2017
Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months for deliberately killing already over-powered Palestinian
19 Feb 2017
Israel orders demolition of entire West Bank Bedouin village
18 Feb 2017
General chronic harassment Gaza: Israeli warships menace fishing boats with gunfire. WB: Israeli military stage night-time harassment raids against villages; steal computers; force owners to destroy their houses; kidnap at least 7 Palestinians. Large contingent of settlers with military escort stage hateful against village.
17 Feb 2017
General chronic harassment Gaza: Israeli military kidnapped man attempting to enter Israel. WB: Israeli military brutally suppress several non-violent demonstrations; stage night-time raids on villages; injure 4, kidnap at least one Palestinian. Settlers stage hateful actions at Al Aqsa mosque and Sebastiya; intentionally run over young man
16 Feb 2017
General chronic harassment Israeli military invade several villages, storm and ransack houses, ransack and block off workshops; kidnap at least 14 Palestinians (inc. children). Soldiers maintain lock-down of Husan, and steal several vehicles.
15 Feb 2017
Trump-Netanyahu meeting, in which US president says he is agnostic about whether Israel and Palestine should be two states or one
14-20 Feb 2017
Projected NFL trip to Israel sponsored by Israeli government.
13 Feb 2017
Israeli president says Israel should annex West Bank and give full citizenship to those living there