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"This enormous but legally flawed lawsuit was an act of epic folly by all concerned which will negatively impact our community for a long time to come. You only bring such showcase litigation if you are certain to win."
(Jonathan Goldberg, April 2013)
Mahmoud Shabaneh
Mahmoud Shabaneh is a 41 year-old political prisoner from Al Khalil who has been subjected to repeated terms of arbitrary imprisonment and torture. He was arrested without charges and with so-called secret evidence held against him. His first imprisonment was during the first intifada when Mahmoud was 16 years of age. Since then he's spent more than 18 years in prison. Soldiers have invaded Mahmoud's house several times, trashed contents, and brutalized his wife and children. Mahmoud's latest ordeal started on 2 February 2014, when he was arbitrarily imprisoned yet again.
Mahmoud Shabaneh has been subjected to very long terms of the so-called 'administrative detention' -- which really means arbitrary imprisonment, with no charges brought against the defendant, no access to evidence, and for an arbitrary length of imprisonment which can be renewed at any time. The family of the prisoner is also affected sometimes losing permits needed to work in Israel. Most of the victims of arbitrary imprisonment are politically active or are active in organizing their communities. Effective Palestinian leaders who oppose Israeli rule are invariably imprisoned in this manner. It is a means to fragment Palestinian society.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during his latest ordeal:

Previous number of years arbitrarily imprisoned: 17.7 years

Percentage of Mahmoud Shabaneh's life arbitrarily imprisoned: 43.9%

Prior number of days on hunger strike: 63

Recent events
8 Aug 2014
US declares that it will intervene militarily against ISIS in Iraq
Israeli warplanes bomb several areas in Gaza; naval units fire on port; Israel breaks 72-hour ceasefire
4 Aug 2014
Israeli drone bombs a UNRWA shelter in Rafah; 11 killed, 27 injured
3 Aug 2014
Israeli forces shell UN schoolin Rafah
2 Aug 2014
Israeli warplanes bomb the Islamic University in Gaza City
Israeli warplanes bomb the Imam Shafi mosque, Gaza's largest mosque
30 Jul 2014
Israeli artillery bomb UNRWA school in Jabaliya sheltering refugees; at least 19 killed and appr. 90 injured
29 Jul 2014
Israeli warplanes bomb and destroy Gaza's only power generation plant
28 Jul 2014
Israeli missile strikes near the main gate to the Shifa hospital