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"I'm a Jewish racist, and I'm not embarrassed to say I want a Jewish state with a Jewish majority."
(Eli Hazan, 28 August 2013)
Hassan Karajah

Hassan Karajah is the Youth Programs Coordinator for the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop The Wall), and is human rights activist. He is popular locally and regionally. Hassan was a youth ambassador for Palestine at the Arab Thought Forum and has represented a number of Palestinian organisations at many international conferences and seminars.

Hassan was arbitrarily arrested on 23 January 2013. During the arrest operation, soldiers ransacked and trashed his family home, as well as menacing and abusing other family members.

Amnesty Intl Urgent Action

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned:

Recent events
14 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Israeli military harass Yabad; kidnap at least 4 Palestinians; declare the Ibrahimi mosque closed. Settlers stage provocative action at the Al Aqsa mosque; brutalize farmers.
13 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Israeli military invade several villages; provoke confrontations; block off Nabi Saleh; issue order for demolition of house; seriously injure 4 and kidnap at least 14. Settlers with military escort steal yet more land.
12 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Israeli military erect checkpoints in several villages; soldiers brutalize 4 children; kidnap at least 3 Palestinians. Settlers raid two village; brutalize farmers; attack 3 teenage residents.
Israel Police and Shin Bet arrest journalist on his return from visit to Beirut
Yitzhar settlers attack Israeli army base
11 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Israeli military suppress non-violent demonstrations; block off road; brutalize and injure at least 44 and kidnap 8 Palestinians. Settlers destroy dozens of olive trees and vandalize cars.
10 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Israeli military invade villages; raze farmland; issue orders to steal yet more land; storm houses; teargas school children; seriously injure 5 and kidnap at least 12 Palestinians. Settlers stage provocative march at Al Aqsa mosque.
9-12 Apr 2014
Visit to Israel and West Bank by leader of British Labour Party
9 Apr 2014
General chronic harassment: Gaza: Israeli military raze border farmland; menace residents with gunfire; fire on fishing boats. WB: Soldiers storm houses; kidnap at least 10 Palestinians; destroy cistern; raze farmland. Settlers attack students; injure 4 year-old child; march thru Nahhalin.