Randomly-chosen quotation:
"Recently, we here were presented with a rather problematic choice: Do we support democracy, or do we support the Israeli interest in maintaining security and stability? "
(Shlomo Avineri, 14 February 2011)
Recent events
26 Jul 2017
Israeli military arbitrarily imprisons Bilal Diab, a former hunger striker, for another six months
25 Jul 2017
Large military force evict Palestinians and enable settlers to invade building in Hebron (FU UNESCO)
24 Jul 2017
Israeli cabinet decides to remove metal detectors that were recently installed at entrances to al-Haram ash-Sharif
23 Jul 2017
Israeli embassy guard in Amman kills 2 people in argument over furniture work that was not completed on time
21 Jul 2017
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces as thousands protest over Israeli changes to status of Haram ash-Sharif
Israeli Border Police officers raid Makassed Hospital morgue, for corpse to use as bargaining chip
Three settlers killed in West Bank settlement
19 Jul 2017
Hot-microphone at meeting of Visegrad Group in Budapest catches Israeli PM bashing EU and boasting about attacking Syria
18 Jul 2017
US slaps one more round of sanctions on Iran
17 Jul 2017
Israeli military cordons off and steals 70 dunams of land in Bethlehem area
Hebron killer is released to house arrest until appeal is decided
Dozens of Israeli police and border guards storm Al Makassed hospital; fire stun grenades, chase wounded teenagers