Randomly-chosen quotation:
"I have come from a journey through the Jewish Pale, a convinced believer in the remedy of Zionism."
(Michael Davitt, 1903)
Ahed Tamimi Ahed Tamimi is a 17 year-old Palestinian activist from Nabi Saleh. She is the daughter of Bassem and Nariman Tamimi, both long-term non-violent activists against Israeli oppression. On 19 December 2017, Ahed was filmed confronting soldiers who had invaded her village, and had shot her 15 year-old cousin (Muhammed Fades Tamimi). That same night soldiers invaded and ransacked her house, stole computers and mobile devices, and kidnapped Ahed. The following day, Nariman was also imprisoned when she came to check the status of her daughter. Her crime: uploading the video of Ahed confronting the soldiers onto Facebook.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during her latest ordeal:

Percentage of Ahed Tamimi’s life in prison: 1.0%

Number of birthdays in prison: 1

Recent events
18 Feb 2018
Israeli military bombed scores of locations in Gaza in so-called response (Israel always responds) to IED explosion
15 Feb 2018
Large contingents of soldiers invaded villages, stormed and ransacked houses; kidnapped 15 (inc. children), injured demonstrators (inc. live ammo)
11 Feb 2018
US military destroy Syrian army tank in Eastern Syria
10 Feb 2018
Israel war planes bombed several sites targeting Syrian and Iranian bases; one Israeli airplane shot down
projected visit of Indian PM to West Bank
7 Feb 2018
US bombs Syrian army positions and killed 100+ soldiers, Russian contractors, and allied militia
Israeli warplanes bomb military research facility in Syria; Syrians and Iranians killed
5 Feb 2018
Israeli military assassinate Ahmad Nasser Jarrar
30 Jan 2018
Israeli teenagers sue activists over 'emotional injury' from cancelled tour
26 Jan 2018
Lower house of Polish parliament passes law banning blaming Poles for crimes of Holocaust
late Jan 2018
Danish parliament votes to exclude Jewish settlements in West Bank from bilateral agreements with Israel