Randomly-chosen quotation:
"America's billion-dollar-plus annual aid package to Egypt does not exist for Egypt's benefit, but for Israel's. It's the carrot, or bribe, that keeps Egypt faithful to its peace treaty with Israel, despite its enormous unpopularity on the Egyptian street. That treaty is critical to Israel."
(J.J. Goldberg, 15 August 2013)
Recent events
30 Jul 2015
Knesset approves law to force feed Palestinian hunger strikers
29 Jul 2015
Israeli airstrike kills 3 Syrian soldiers and 2 Hezbollah fighters in Hader, Syria
27 Jul 2015
International Criminal Court Prosecutor appeals against ruling that she reconsider decision not to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Israeli troops
26 Jul 2015
Large scale military and settler invasion of Haram Sharif and the Al Aqsa mosque
23 Jul 2015
Secret meeting between Israeli interior minister and chief Palestinian negotiator
22 Jul 2015
Thousands of hardline zionists protest in Times Square against nuclear deal with Iran
19 Jul 2015
Greece’s ruling ostensibly left-wing Syriza party signs “status of forces” accord with Israel
Six car bombs explode in Gaza City