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"We don't expect the criteria that we ask in Britain, Johannesburg or New York to apply in Ramallah or Jerusalem. We are a captive economy. Israel has over decades destroyed our industry and agriculture and confiscated our water resources. We do not expect our economic institutions to completely boycott Israel. That's unrealistic."
(Omar Barghouti, February 2014)
Omar Nazzal
Omar Nazzal is a 54 year-old journalist who was arbitrarily imprisoned on 23 April 2016. Nazzal was en route to attend The European Federation of Journalists conference when he was detained. In May 2016, a Military court claimed that Nazzal posed a "security threat against the state", but presented no evidence; the judge imposed a four month-sentence. The sentence was arbitrarily extended on 19 August 2016. Nazzal initiated a hunger strike to protest the injustice perpetrated against him.

Nazzal has previously spent about four years arbitrarily imprisoned, and several months under house arrest. For many years Nazzal faced a travel ban, and even a restriction from visiting areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Omar is married and has three daughters.

Number of days arbitrarily imprisoned during latest ordeal:

Percentage of his life arbitrarily imprisoned: 8.0%

Recent events
15 Jan 2017
Projected foreign ministers’ meeting, in Paris - part of French initiative on Israeli-Palestinian peace process
13 Jan 2017
Israeli military brutally suppress non-violent demonstration in Bilin; son of Iyad Burnat with serious head injury
Israeli warplanes/missiles attack Mezzeh military airport near Damascus
11 Jan 2017
Knesset Interior Committee approves bill which would deny entry visas to foreign citizens who “knowingly and publicly” call for a boycott of Israel or represent an organization that calls for a boycott
Mass protest and general strike by Palestinians citizens of Israel against the demolition of 11 houses in Qalansawe; est. 500,000 participants
US president-elect refuses to take question from CNN's White House correspondent, claiming that he and network produce "fake news"
10 Jan 2017
Israeli soldiers assassinate Palestinian man during arrest raid at West Bank refugee camp
Eleven buildings in one Palestinian-Israeli town demolished by treasury officials and police
8 Jan 2017
Truck runs over Israel soldiers in Jerusalem killing 4 of them; houses of the family of assailant ransacked and vandalized; family members beaten and imprisoned
7 Jan 2017
MLA votes against BDS, blames PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom
Large contingent of settlers with military escort stage night time march through the village of Kifl Haris; military place residents under lockdown
Truck bomb kills 43+ in Azaz, Syria; ISIS claims responsibility
Revelation that Israeli diplomat was caught on camera, in October 2016, plotting to 'take down' UK MPs
6 Jan 2017
General chronic harassment Israeli military suppress demonstrations; invade and take over house; stage night-time harassment invasions; kidnap at least 1 Palestinian. Settlers vehicle intentionally ran over man.
5 Jan 2017
Police question Israeli PM again - second time this week