Timeline in 1965

Because the background of events leading to the Zionist settlement in Palestine is so wide, the geographical scope of this timeline includes events outside the immediate theatre of Palestine.
       1966: Jordanian government seizes land from residents of Silwad to erect an army base
02 Nov 1965: Levi Eshkol defeats David Ben-Gurion in Israeli general election
   Nov 1965: Start of Israeli involvement in creation of Singaporean army
29 Oct 1965: Mossad helps Morocco capture and kill an opposition leader, Mehdi Ben Barka, in Paris
20 Aug 1965: end of Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial   >>start date
09 Aug 1965: Declaration of independence of Singapore
05 Aug 1965: Israeli govt uses exchange control regulations to ban Beatles concert in Ramat Gan
14 Jul 1965: Israeli enacts Planning and Construction Law, delegitimizing many Palestinian villages in Israel
   Jul 1965: United States sells 210 M-48 Patton tanks to Israel
04 Jun 1965: end of 2nd meeting of the Palestine National Council   >>start date
04 Jun 1965: Israeli prime minister asks chief of staff about plans for handling possibility of Palestinian refugees marching on borders Israel
31 May 1965: start of 2nd meeting of the Palestine National Council   >>end date
28 May 1965: end of Israeli raid on three towns in the West Bank   >>start date
27 May 1965: start of Israeli raid on three towns in the West Bank   >>end date
18 May 1965: Execution of Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy in Syria
12 May 1965: Diplomatic relations are established between Israel and West Germany
21 Apr 1965: Habib Bourguiba proposes that Arabs recognize Israel within UNGA 181 boundaries, provides it allows the refugees to return
18 Apr 1965: Egypt and US discuss Irish proposal for body to monitor nuclear arms development in the Middle East
16 Mar 1965: Knesset votes to establish diplomatic relations with West Germany
   Mar 1965: German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard announces he wants to establish diplomatic relations with Israel
   Mar 1965: Israel signs memorandum of understanding with US promising not to be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East
   Mar 1965: Habib Bourguiba visits the West Bank, making speech in Jericho calling for acceptance of UNGA resolution 181
23 Feb 1965: Mossad assassinate Herberts Cukurs in Montevideo
   Feb 1965: Nasser invites Walter Ulbricht to Egypt
   Feb 1965: Mossad agent is arrested in Egypt
10 Jan 1965: end of 26th Zionist Congress, in Jerusalem   >>start date
06 Jan 1965: First communique issued by the Al 'Asifa military wing of Fatah
01 Jan 1965: First military operation by Fatah in Palestine
   Jan 1965: Revelation that West Germany is supplying tanks to Israel
   Jan 1965: Syrians detect that Eli Cohen is an Israeli spy

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