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Organized crime connections with Likud or other major Israeli political parties

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#1266 Could there be a surprise?
by Gideon Samet in Ha’aretz, 28 December 2000

#184747 Let the game begin
by Hannah Kim in Ha’aretz, 13 December 2002

#1267 'The octopus' and his friends
by Amnon Barzilai in Ha’aretz, 28 December 2002

#6875 Israeli ex-minister in drugs bust
by BBC staff in BBC website, 23 April 2004

#92571 Losing streak
by Haaretz staff in Ha’aretz, 6 November 2008

#108177 Who's who at the Shlomi Oz funeral
by Yossi Sarid in Ha’aretz, 22 April 2009

#140695 Israel, a promised land for organised crime?
by Wikileaks 15 May 2009

#117264 Ex-Likud figure suspected of laundering money for global drug ring
by Jonathan Lis in Ha’aretz, 9 October 2009

#184564 FBI Accuses Israeli Police, Cabinet Minister of Sabotaging Congressional Corruption Investigation
by Richard Silverstein in Tikun Olam, 10 January 2014

#320624 Benjamin Netanyahu’s shady French connection
by Dov Alfon in Ha’aretz, 25 March 2016

#322342 Paris private clubs and pricey ski trips, investigation reveals ties between French criminal and Netanyahu
by Dov Alfon in Ha’aretz, 15 April 2016

#328870 French tycoon on trial for massive fraud: I gave Netanyahu 1 million euros for election campaign
by Dov Alfon in Ha’aretz, 19 May 2016

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