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Suppression of academic freedom: the attack on Finkelstein at De Paul

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#61070 The Entire Text of The Suchar Memorandum Concerning DePaul University Professor Norman G. Finkelstein
by Charles S. (‘Chuck’) Suchar 22 March 2007

#61069 Exclusive: Norman Finkelstein, DePaul Scholar and Son of Holocaust Survivors, Struggles for Tenure
by Peter N. Kirstein 1 April 2007

#61068 Professor Whose Works on Israel Stirred Controversy Is in Tenure Fight With DePaul U.
by Chronicle of Higher Education staff in Chronicle of Higher Education, 2 April 2007

#61072 Harvard Law Professor Works to Disrupt Tenure Bid of Longtime Nemesis at DePaul U.
by Jennifer Howard in Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 April 2007

#61071 Harvard Law Professor Seeks to Block Tenure for Adversary at DePaul U.
by Jennifer Howard in Chronicle of Higher Education, 13 April 2007

#61296 Fear and loathing on an American campus
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 14 April 2007

#62325 As Tenure Drama Comes Down to the Wire - Dershowitz v. Finkelstein: Who's Right and Who's Wrong?
by Frank J. Menetrez in CounterPunch, 30 April 2007

#64449 Finkelstein's Bigotry
by Alan Dershowitz in Wall Street Journal, 4 May 2007

#63653 The Commonplace Cowardice of Responsible Professors - What the Finkelstein Tenure Fight Tells Us About the State of Academia
by Robert Jensen in CounterPunch, 25 May 2007

#64687 DePaul Rejects Tenure Bid by Finkelstein and Says Dershowitz Pressure Played No Role
by Chronicle of Higher Education staff in Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 June 2007

#64810 Controversial assistant professor denied tenure at DePaul
by Ron Grossman in Chicago Tribune, 10 June 2007

#64831 DePaul denies tenure for controversial professor
by Maudlyne Ihejirika, Dave Newbart in Chicago Sun-Times, 10 June 2007

#64871 Israel critic denied post at university
by Leonard Doyle in The Independent, 12 June 2007

#64970 DePaul Students Protest for Academic Freedom
by Victor Lang 12 June 2007

#64986 Why I Plan to Boycott the Catholic Church
by Bill Christison in CounterPunch, 13 June 2007

#65050 The case for Norman Finkelstein
by Matthew Abraham in Guardian: Comment is Free, 13 June 2007

#65212 Students ordered to leave chief's area -- Were protesting denial of tenure
by Dave Newbart in Chicago Sun-Times, 14 June 2007

#65271 Norman Finkelstein: the case against
by Alan Dershowitz in Guardian: Comment is Free, 14 June 2007

#65265 Finkelstein and The Progressive
by John Halle in CounterPunch, 16 June 2007

#66539 Bathos at DePaul University (Part 1)
by Kim Petersen in Dissident Voice, 18 June 2007

#65841 Finkelstein case: Academic freedom loses to Israeli lobby
by Matthew Abraham in Electronic Intifada, 25 June 2007

#66538 Strange Calculus at DePaul - The Poisoning of Academic Freedom
by Bill Williams in CounterPunch, 28 June 2007

#66132 Academic Injustices - Fasting for Justice at DePaul
by Daniel Klimek in CounterPunch, 29 June 2007

#69612 DePaul Cancels Controversial Prof's Last Class - Norman Finkelstein Says He May Commit Civil Disobedience
by AP 28 August 2007

#70034 Embattled DePaul prof agrees to resign
by Don Babwin in Associated Press, 5 September 2007

#71549 Middle East Tensions Flare Again in U.S. (Update)
by Scott Jaschik in Inside Higher Ed, 5 September 2007

#70186 Finkelstein's Legacy at DePaul: Climbing Jacob's Ladder, One Rung at a Time
by Matthew Abraham in CounterPunch, 8 September 2007

#184729 Out of Bounds: Academic Freedom and the Question of Palestine
by Matthew Abraham 2 January 2014

#271864 Understanding why scholars get silenced for defending Palestinian rights
by Marcy Newman in Electronic Intifada, 19 December 2014

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