Edmond de Rothschild's land purchase in the Golan

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Although some authors seem uncertain about whether or not Rothschild ever did buy land in the Golan, the balance of evidence seems to suggest that he did.

According to this book, in the 1890s an agent for Baron de Rothschild, Yehoshua Ossowetzky, 'bought large tracts of land in the Golan and other areas east of the Jordan river'. However, according to this book, 'only one colony was established in Transjordan, and not by Rothschild. A group of Jews from the 'Old Yishuv' of Safed banded together in 1886-1887 and attempted to set up the colony of Bnei Yehuda on 14,000 dunams of land which had been purchased from the Circassian village of Rumthaniyya in the central Golan.' But, then, this book says that 'In the end, Rothschild's only major land purchase east of the Jordan was in the Golan, to the north of the Yarmouk river.' This book seems to settle the mystery: on page 161, it says that 'In 1892, the Paris-based Jewish philanthropist Baron Edmond James de Rothschild bought the holdings of these three groups [who had previously acquired land in the Golan]. He ended up owning a large amount of land in several villages in Golan by special order from Istanbul.' This book also has a long section on Rothschild's land purchases in Syria, as does this book.

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