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Israeli massacres of Arabs

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#10503 The Anti-Humanity Israeli Massacres In 50 Years

#9129 The 1948 Massacre At Deir Yassin Revisited
by Matthew Hogan in Historian, Winter 2001

#8635 Untitled article
by R. Barkan in Al HaMishmar, some date before 1978

#8634 An extract from "God has Ninety-nine Names"
by Judith Miller 1996

#8629 Miba'ad La'avutot (Hebrew, "Through the Binding Ropes")
by Netiva Ben Yehuda 1985

#2676 Tantura Massacre [Testimony]
by Yusra Abu Hana before 2003

#2675 Testimonies from Tantura Survivors
by Various Palestinian refugees from Tantura living in Syria before 2003

#2589 Secrets and Lies, a Journey to the Truth
by Yael Oren Kahn in Friends of Al-Aqsa, some date around 2001-2

#9127 Deir Yassin -- Red Cross Report
by Jacques de Reynier, Matthew Hogan (translator) 13 April 1948

#837 Prominent Jews warn, in 1948, of the danger of Fascism in Israel
by Hannah Arendt, Albert Einstein, Sidney Hook, Various Jewish intellectuals in 1948 in The New York Times, 2 December 1948

#9128 A Jerusalem, un drapeau flottait sur la ligne de feu
by Jacques de Reynier 1950

#5250 International Commission of Inquiry into Israeli Crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinian Peoples: Testimony of Dr. Chris Giannou
by Chris Giannou 16 August 1982

#8627 The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949
by Benny Morris February 1989

#12 An Incident in Jaba Village
by Israel Shahak (translator), Danny Rubinstein (author) in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), May 1990

#4323 The Times Frames a Massacre
by Nabeel Abraham in Lies of Our Times, August 1990

#113 The Hidden Hand of the Temple Mount Faithful
by Grace Halsell in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), January 1991

#1877 Not Only Deir Yassin
by Guy Erlich in Ha’ir, 6 May 1992

#24 The Background and Consequences of the Massacre in Hebron
by Israel Shahak in Middle East Policy, 1994

#26 The Ideology Behind the Hebron Massacre
by Israel Shahak in Middle East International, 18 March 1994

#3616 IDF asked to probe 1956 deaths of Egyptian POWs
by Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) staff in Jewish News Weekly of Northern California (formerly the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California), 18 August 1995

#3615 A Soldier's Confession: Admitting to killing Egyptian POWs in 1956, a veteran stirs a nation's conscience
by Lisa Beyer, Eric Silver in TIME, 28 August 1995

#16446 As Evidence Mounts, Toll of Israeli Prisoner of War Massacres Grows
by Katherine M. Metres in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), February 1996

#11 The Soldiers Who Fired at Qana Did Not Care About the Massacre
by Israel Shahak in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), July 1996

#161 Deir Yassin Remembered
by Daniel McGowan in The Link, September-October 1996

#5437 40 Years After Kufr-Qassem Massacre
by Hans Lebrecht 28 October 1996

#5122 Kufr Qassem 41 years later: survivors recall the cold-blooded massacre

#1802 Interview with Robert Fisk
by Matthew Rothschild, Robert Fisk in The Progressive, July 1998

#831 Deir Yassin -- Meir Pail's Eyewitness Account
by Meir Pa’il, Ami Isseroff 1 October 1998

#609 Recollections of a Young American GI in Egypt
by Alfred M. Lilienthal in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), April-May 1999

#656 Deir Yassin Remembered in Twilight Vigil
by Daniel McGowan in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), June 1999

#655 A "Messenger to Mankind" Or Symbol of Hypocrisy?
by Daniel McGowan in WRMEA (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs), October-November 1999

#5676 Row over 'new' Israeli history
by BBC staff in BBC website, 8 October 1999

#18586 The massacre in Tantura (Hebrew, "Ha-tevah be-Tantura")
by Amir Gilat (interviewer), Teddy Katz (interviewee), Fauzi Mahmoud Ahmed Tangi (Abu Haled) (interviewee), Razek Ashmawi (Abu Said) (interviewee), Abd el Razek el-Yihya (Abu Anys) (interviewee), Sholomo Amber (interviewee), Raslan Hassan Ayub A’amar (Abu Hassan) (interviewee), Mordechai Sokoler (interviewee), Benzion Frieden (interviewee), Avraham Amir (interviewee), Shalom Netaneli (interviewee), Meir Pa’il (interviewee), Yoav Gelber (interviewee), Asa Kasher (interviewee), Yossi Ben-Artzi (interviewee), Ilan Pappe (interviewee) in Ma’ariv, 21 January 2000

#20935 Born in sin
by Graham Usher in Al-Ahram Weekly, 27 January 2000

#5811 Lydda Death March
by Audeh G. Rantisi in The Link, July 2000

#22601 Exposing Israel's original sins
by Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz, 3 November 2000

#487 Daylight at night -- remembering Sharon
by Graham Usher in Al-Ahram Weekly, 1 February 2001

#5 The Tantura Case in Israel: The Katz Research and Trial
by Ilan Pappe in Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS), Spring 2001

#4164 We Will Remember Whom? Holocaust Memorial Day and Deir Yassin Remembered
by Mark L. Solomon March 2001

#203 Why We Are Attending Deir Yassin Memorial Day
by John Rayner, Jeffrey Newman in Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 2001

#202 Arabs and Jews unite to commemorate massacre
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 15 March 2001

#6507 The Accused
by Fergal Keane, Morris Draper, Richard Goldstone, Richard Falk, Various others in BBC website, 17 June 2001

#6513 Intimidating the Media
by Chris Doyle in CAABU Focus, July 2001

#1187 Back to Shatila
by Ali Abunimah in Jordan Times, 13 July 2001

#370 Raid on Bethlehem -- Mission Accomplished?
by Ghassan Andoni in CounterPunch, 26 October 2001

#4805 As Palestinians die under Israeli bullets, some remember Ariel Sharons bloody record
by Abbas Fadl Murtada in Crescent International, 1 December 2001

#37 After Nineteen Years: Sabra and Shatila Remembered
by Ellen Siegel in Middle East Policy, December 2001

#4200 The British in Jenin
by Gordon Corera in BBC website, 2002

#185 Occupation Begins to Crack
by Sam Bahour, Michael Dahan 22 February 2002

#184 When History Repeats Itself, Again and Again
by Sam Bahour, Michael Dahan March 6, 2002

#1356 Open Letter to President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa
by Uri Davis 2 April 2002

#654 Remembering Deir Yassin: Its Contemporary Relevance
by Daniel McGowan 4 April 2002

#316 Colonel Aviv Kohavi, How Did You Become a War Criminal?
by Neve Gordon in CounterPunch, 8 April 2002

#1481 Jewish Manifesto: Sharon is Israel's Worst Enemy
by Henry Ascher, Dror Feiler, Noam Chomsky, Various people of various nationalities, Channa Bankier, Adrienne Levy Berg, Nina Bergman, Set Bornstein, Ilan Cohen, Anja Emsheimer, Peter Emsheimer, Lennart Grosin, Hertha Fischer, David Gutman (3), David Henley, Dan Israel, Erland Josephson, Anja Karlsson, Katarina Katz, Olle Katz, Ronit Koerner, John Lapidus, Joanna Dubinska Malmberg, Rafael Najdorf, Mitchell Plitnick, Georg Riedel, Cynthia Roth, Ken Schubert, Jakub Srebro, Julianna Srebro, Annika Thor, Zoltan Tiroler, Maj Wechselman, Judit Lukcs, Gbor Tiroler 13 April 2002

#885 What really happened in Deir Yassin -- Another Look at the 1948 Massacre
by Shimon Tzabar 21 April 2002

#52 Jenin - The Propaganda War
by Tanya Reinhart in Yediot Ahronot, 21 April 2002

#4201 How the British fought terror in Jenin
by Rafael Medoff in Jerusalem Post, 22 April 2002

#330 Word Games and Body Bags
by Irit Katriel in CounterPunch, 22 April 2002

#7560 Battle for truth in Jenin
by Brian Whitaker in The Guardian, 23 April 2002

#17006 Investigating Jenin
by Charmaine Seitz in The Nation, 1 May 2002

#596 Narratives of Siege: Eye-Witness Testimonies from Jenin, Bethlehem, and Nablus
by Ida Audeh in Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS), Summer 2002

#131 State Terrorism in Israel?
by Lev Grinberg in Tikkun, May-June 2002

#193 The ghetto is calling
by Haim Bresheeth in Al-Ahram Weekly, 2-8 May 2002

#222 Palestinians wont give up the struggle
by Huwaida Arraf in Socialist Worker, 3 May 2002

#219 They attacked the basis for society
by Toufic Haddad in Yediot Ahronot, 3 May 2002

#60 What Israel Has Done
by Edward Said in The Nation, May 6, 2002

#377 After Jenin
by Yitzhak Laor in London Review of Books, 9 May 2002

#7479 The battle for a moral world
by Aziza Sami in Al-Ahram Weekly, 16 May 2002

#648 To break the mirror
by Hala Sakr in Al-Ahram Weekly, 16 May 2002

#98 Back to beginnings
by Tikva Honig-Parnass in Al-Ahram Weekly, 29 May 2002

#317 The Caterpillar Effect
by Neve Gordon in CounterPunch, 2 June 2002

#63 Take Sharon to The Hague -- Prosecute Israeli War Crimes at Jenin
by Francis A. Boyle in CounterPunch, 6 June 2002

#130 An Interview with Adam Shapiro
by Mark LeVine, Adam Shapiro (interviewee) in Tikkun, July-August 2002

#129 Operation Defensive Shield -- The Propaganda War and the Reality
by Jessica Montell in Tikkun, July-August 2002

#2418 Buried with chocolate in his hand
by Gideon Levy in The Palestine Monitor, 3 July 2002

#777 The Sabra and Shatila Massacres
by Leila Shahid in Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS), Autumn 2002

#232 Shooting at Kites, Bulldozing Schools -- The IDF in Nablus
by Sam Messier, Jill Dreier in CounterPunch, 12 August 2002

#230 Offensive, Murderous and Righteous -- Sharon Must be the Right Man for the Job
by Gilad Atzmon in CounterPunch, 13 August 2002

#229 A Phone Call From Hell
by Uri Avnery in CounterPunch, 13 August 2002

#196 'Unfortunate incidents'
by Khalid Amayreh in Al-Ahram Weekly, 15-21 August 2002

#192 J'accuse
by Haim Bresheeth in Al-Ahram Weekly, 15-21 August 2002

#261 Letter to a Pilot
by Uri Avnery in CounterPunch, 26 August 2002

#8650 Legal experts affirm possibility of prosecution for Sabra and Shatila massacres
by John Austin September 2002

#373 Glossary of Occupation
by Paul de Rooij in CounterPunch, 12 September 2002

#4588 Returning to Sabra and Shatila, 20 years on
by Malu Halasa in Daily Star (LB), 17 September 2002

#799 Worthy and Unworthy Victims -- Munich Matters, Sabra and Shatila Don't
by Tom Gorman in CounterPunch, 21 September 2002

#6506 Sabra and Shatila
by Anthony McIntyre in The Blanket, 22 September 2002

#434 In favor of Gandhi's Legacy
by Akiva Eldar in Ha’aretz, 10 October 2002

#427 Sharon's 'successful' slaughter
by Khalid Amayreh in Al-Ahram Weekly, 10 October 2002

#474 Death of innocents
by Haaretz editorial writer in Ha’aretz, 20 October 2002

#492 The Chain of Command
by Uri Avnery in CounterPunch, 21 October 2002

#505 Killing cycles
by Khalid Amayreh in Al-Ahram Weekly, 23 October 2002

#647 From Jenin to Ariel
by Khalid Amayreh in Al-Ahram Weekly, 31 October 2002

#701 Bloody Sunday. Bloody Palestine.
by William Hughes (2) in CounterPunch, 5 November 2002

#886 I Was Shot While Escorting Jenin's School Children
by Caoimhe Butterly, Annie Higgins (interviewer) in CounterPunch, 23 November 2002

#1169 Hear no evil, see no evil
by Khalid Amayreh in Al-Ahram Weekly, 19 December 2002

#1259 Challenging silence
by Jonathan Cook in Al-Ahram Weekly, 26 December 2002

#7995 Arab-Israeli War
by Benny Morris 2003

#1507 Blood Money: Israeli at US Loan Talks Implicated in Sabra and Chatila Massacre
by Robert Fisk in CounterPunch, 14 January 2003

#1526 Group demands IDF probe 5 family deaths
by Moshe Reinfeld in Ha’aretz, 16 January 2003

#1630 Israeli attack on Gaza City kills 12
by Justin Huggler in The Independent, 26 January 2003

#1631 IDF kills 13 Palestinians in biggest operation in Gaza since start of intifada
by Amos Harel, Arnon Regular in Ha’aretz, 27 January 2003

#1632 Belgium amends law to enable Sharon trial
by Sharon Sadeh in Ha’aretz, 2 February 2003

#1825 The Raid on Nablus: A Hero in the Midst of Horror
by Anne Gwynne in CounterPunch, 21 February 2003

#1871 Caoimhe Butterly
by Anthony McIntyre in The Blanket, 23 February 2003

#1902 Senseless killings
by Haaretz editorial writer in Ha’aretz, 5 March 2003

#1946 Calling cards
by Hani Mustafa, Nizar Hassan in Al-Ahram Weekly, 6 March 2003

#1919 Completing the circle of proof
by Amira Hass in Ha’aretz, 6 March 2003

#2267 IDF troops kill seven in territories
by Arnon Regular in Ha’aretz, 4 April 2003

#2322 55 Years After the Massacre: Remembering Deir Yassin
by Jules Rabin in CounterPunch, 7 April 2003

#4085 Katz, Tantura
by Ilan Pappe 9 April 2003

#2391 Deir Yassin massacre, 55 years on
by Yair Ettinger in Ha’aretz, 10 April 2003

#2845 Israelis join Palestinians for somber anniversary
by Jonathan Cook in International Herald Tribune (IHT), 17 April 2003

#2844 Outliving memory
by Jonathan Cook in Al-Ahram Weekly, 24 April 2003

#8625 Jewish/Israeli Massacres
1 May 2003

#2669 Searching Jenin: The Most Authoritative Report on the War Crimes We Will Ever Get
by Ilan Pappe in CounterPunch, 3 May 2003

#3018 The Israeli Taboo... 55 Years On
by Isabelle Humphries in This is what matters, 15 May 2003

#3042 Israel to boycott Belgian court case
by Moshe Gorali in Ha’aretz, 28 May 2003

#7968 The Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
by Abhinav Aima 16 July 2003

#4086 Hagana massacre libel resurfaces at film festival
by Abigail Radoszkowicz in Jerusalem Post, 16 July 2003

#4087 Another Tack
by Sarah Honig in Jerusalem Post, 22 July 2003

#4179 A lifetime credo
by Azmi Bishara in Al-Ahram Weekly, 4 September 2003

#4306 Sabra and Shatila - aftermath of an atrocity
by Deborah Thornton-Jackson in BBC website, 17 September 2003

#4313 Ricochets from Jenin (Part 3)
by Vered Levy-Barzilai in Ha’aretz, 19 September 2003

#4312 Ricochets from Jenin (Part 2)
by Vered Levy-Barzilai in Ha’aretz, 19 September 2003

#4311 Ricochets from Jenin (Part 1)
by Vered Levy-Barzilai in Ha’aretz, 19 September 2003

#4340 Sabra and Shatilla
by Nick Pretzlik in Ha’aretz, 20 September 2003

#5735 Remembering Sabra and Shatila -- and Atoning
by Ellen Siegel in Daily Star (LB), 4 October 2003

#4492 Qibya: 50 years of injustice and impunity
by Eric Ridenour in Electronic Intifada, 15 October 2003

#4547 Death of a town
by Chris McGreal in The Guardian, 27 October 2003

#4654 'I saw fit to remove her from the world' (part 2)
by Aviv Lavie, Moshe Gorali in Ha’aretz, 31 October 2003

#4686 High Court lifts ban on 'Jenin, Jenin'
by Goel Pinto, Gideon Alon in Ha’aretz, 12 November 2003

#8628 The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited
by Benny Morris 11 December 2003

#5321 'The family never lived here'
by George E. Bisharat, Danny Rubinstein in Ha’aretz, 2 January 2004

#5798 The Tantura "Massacre"
by Benny Morris in The Jerusalem Report, February 2004

#6018 It exists not for security but for apartheid
by Iltezam Morrar in Philadelphia Inquirer, 20 February 2004

#6573 Social studies lesson
by Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz, 2 April 2004

#6667 In Memoriam: Deir Yassin
by Arjan El Fassed in Electronic Intifada, 9 April 2004

#6650 The dry eyes of deep grief
by Giles Fraser in The Guardian, 9 April 2004

#7278 An interview with Shulamit Aloni
by Shulamit Aloni, Attila Somfalvi in The Handstand, May 2004

#7179 Medical teams in Rafah prevented from access to dead and injured Palestinians
by PMRS (Palestinian Medical Relief Society) in Electronic Intifada, 18 May 2004

#7155 Israelis fire on crowds in Gaza
by BBC staff in BBC website, 19 May 2004

#7154 Gaza town in shock at bloodshed
by BBC staff in BBC website, 19 May 2004

#7141 Israelis fire on Rafah demonstration
by Guardian staff in The Guardian, 19 May 2004

#39906 'We have faced many similar situations but today was the worst'
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 20 May 2004

#7165 Some of the bodies were put two to a box
by Amira Hass in Ha’aretz, 20 May 2004

#7157 U.S. Allows U.N. Council to Rebuke Israel on Gaza
by Reuters 20 May 2004

#7156 Israel rebuked over Gaza killings
by BBC staff in BBC website, 20 May 2004

#7153 Palestinian doctors despair at rising toll of children shot dead by army snipers
by Chris McGreal in The Guardian, 20 May 2004

#7151 Israeli army kills 10 in strike on Palestinian rally in Gaza
by Nuala Haughey in The Irish Times, 20 May 2004

#7150 Ten die as Israeli tanks fire on peaceful protest
by Chris McGreal in The Guardian, 20 May 2004

#39907 Call for inquiry as Israel insists 'peaceful' protesters were armed
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 21 May 2004

#7201 We're in bad hands
by Gideon Samet in Ha’aretz, 21 May 2004

#7195 Infantry risked being cut off in Gaza protest
by Amir Oren in Ha’aretz, 21 May 2004

#7181 Moral Failure of the "Free World" in Gaza: A Policy of Silence Amid Slaughter
by Ghali Hassan in CounterPunch, 21 May 2004

#7174 Inside Track / Rafah is a nightmare
by Amir Oren in Ha’aretz, 21 May 2004

#7173 Photostory: Israel's Rafah operation and its May 19th attack on a peaceful march
by Johannes Abeling, Nigel Parry in Electronic Intifada, 21 May 2004

#7171 Senators condemn Israel's killing of civilians
by Jimmy Walsh in The Irish Times, 21 May 2004

#39969 Dead were civilians, Israeli army admits
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 25 May 2004

#39971 Israel pulls army out of Rafah after international outcry over killings
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 26 May 2004

#7241 The Crimes of War -- Between Al Zeitoun (Gaza) and Rafah
by Tamar Gozansky 26 May 2004

#7271 Twilight Zone / Stopping traffic
by Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz, 28 May 2004

#18342 Sabra and Shatila, September 1982
by Bayan Nuwayhed (Nuwayhid) Al-Hout September 2004

#8405 Israeli attack on Hamas activists in Gaza kills 13 Hamas supporters
by Chris McGreal in The Guardian, 7 September 2004

#8404 Hamas 'training ground' targeted
by BBC staff in BBC website, 7 September 2004

#9011 Analysis / Spinning past the point
by Amos Harel in Ha’aretz, 5 October 2004

#9276 Illusions and delusions of combat
by Amira Hass in Ha’aretz, 13 October 2004

#9508 Massacre by Baruch Goldstein was trigger for Palestinian violence
by Baruch Kimmerling 19 October 2004

#39152 Israeli jailed for role in terror group that attacked Arab schools
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 7 December 2004

#18343 Sabra and Shatila remembered
by Mazin B. Qumsiyeh in Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary Journal, May 2005

#18585 Tantura, Teddy Katz and Haifa University
by Zalman Amit in CounterPunch, 11 May 2005

#37690 Israeli teenager kills three after shooting at Arab bus passengers
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 05 August 2005

#37691 Israeli bus attacker had deserted with gun
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 06 August 2005

#37019 The Massacre at Qana, 10 Years Later
by Stanley Heller in CounterPunch, 19 April 2006

#39985 Israelis arrest bus 'lynch mob'
by BBC staff in BBC website, 13 June 2006

#40097 'I saw my brother. I tried to wake him. He never woke'
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 14 June 2006

#40030 Israeli Law and Order
by Jonathan Cook in CounterPunch, 14 June 2006

#40197 Hospital casts doubt on Israel's version of attack that killed seven Palestinians
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 17 June 2006

#40384 Leaving the Truth Buried in Gaza's Sands
by Jonathan Cook in CounterPunch, 20 June 2006

#42204 Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know
by Alexander Cockburn in CounterPunch, 21 July 2006

#42991 Dozens killed in Lebanon air raid
by BBC staff in BBC website, 30 July 2006

#43076 'How can we stand by and allow this to go on?'
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 31 July 2006

#46314 Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes For Indiscriminately Targeting Lebanese Civilians
by Peter N. Bouckaert, Amy Goodman (interviewer) in Democracy Now online, 3 August 2006

#43660 Casualties feared in Israeli air strike on Lebanese village
by Yoav Stern, Amos Harel in Ha’aretz, 7 August 2006

#44079 14 die as bombardment goes on across Lebanon
by Brian Whitaker, Guardian staff in The Guardian, 12 August 2006

#44898 Untold story of the massacre of Marjayoun leaves blame on both sides of the border
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 23 August 2006

#46933 Marwahin, 15 July 2006: The anatomy of a massacre
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 30 September 2006

#48385 'If the eye is not blind nor the heart closed'
by Tom Segev in Ha’aretz, 26 October 2006

#49336 Amnesty International delegate visits scene of Gaza Strip killings
by Amnesty International 8 November 2006

#49100 How Gaza Offends Us All
by Jennifer Loewenstein in CounterPunch, 9 November 2006

#49086 Gaza children cannot escape as Israel mounts its bloodiest attack in months
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 9 November 2006

#49238 US vetoes motion on Gaza attack
by BBC staff in BBC website, 11 November 2006

#49237 In One Word: MASSACRE!
by Uri Avnery in Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN), 11 November 2006

#49211 Gaza: While the world looked elsewhere, another week of death and misery
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 11 November 2006

#49266 US vetoes 'biased' UN resolution attacking Israel's Gaza bloodbath
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 12 November 2006

#49263 How Israel put Gaza civilians in firing line
by Peter Beaumont in The Observer, 12 November 2006

#49261 No one is guilty in Israel
by Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz, 12 November 2006

#49319 How a Beit Hanun family was destroyed
by Amira Hass in Ha’aretz, 13 November 2006

#49576 Financial compensation, but no criminal responsibility
by Haaretz staff in Ha’aretz, 17 November 2006

#59308 Forever guilty
by Dina Ezzat in Al-Ahram Weekly, 8 March 2007

#59311 Bring Israel to court!
by Ibrahim Nafie in Al-Ahram Weekly, 8 March 2007

#59302 Black Box / What can we expect from Arabs?
by Benny Ziffer in Ha’aretz, 9 March 2007

#59303 Power Play / Friendly Fire
by Ehud (Udi) Asheri in Ha’aretz, 9 March 2007

#60709 Alleged POW Killings Spark Egypt-Israel Diplomatic Row
by Adam Morrow, Khaled Moussa al-Omrani in Electronic Intifada, 31 March 2007

#96590 Why do they hate the West so much, we will ask
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 7 January 2009

#96756 Gaza under fire: Children found next to dead mothers
by Donald Macintyre in The Independent, 9 January 2009

#106450 IDF killed civilians in Gaza under loose rules of engagement
by Amos Harel in Ha’aretz, 19 March 2009

#106451 ANALYSIS / Can Israel dismiss its own troops' stories from Gaza?
by Amos Harel in Ha’aretz, 19 March 2009

#106473 The lead is cast
by Haaretz editorial writer in Ha’aretz, 19 March 2009

#106528 Israeli troops shot 'unarmed Palestinian civilians under orders' during Gaza war
by Rory McCarthy in The Guardian, 19 March 2009

#106579 Israeli troops describe shooting Gaza civilians
by Rory McCarthy in The Guardian, 20 March 2009

#106557 'No virgins, no terror attacks'
by Uri Blau in Ha’aretz, 20 March 2009

#116485 Death in the Samouni compound
by Amira Hass in Ha’aretz, 25 September 2009

#123433 A thin black line
by Amira Hass in Ha’aretz, 12 February 2010

#127699 Remembering Janet Lee Stevens, martyr for the Palestinian refugees
by Franklin P. Lamb in Al-Ahram Weekly, 6 May 2010

#259948 Mass exodus from Gaza's Shejaiya as Israeli strike kills over 100
by Middle East Eye (MEE) staff in Middle East Eye (MEE), 20 July 2014


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#10 Palestinian Refugees: UNWRA Refugee Camps, 2001
by PASSIA, 2002

#34 What's wrong... you never seen a politician kissing babies before? (After Goya)
by Dave Brown in The Independent, 27 January 2003

#118 Map showing Azzun Atma and Kafr Qassem
by PALDIS (Palestine Land Development Information Systems), 21 November 2003

#127 Green Line from from Kafr Qasem to Jerusalem, showing impact of Apartheid Wall
by PALDIS (Palestine Land Development Information Systems), December 2003

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#1 Death Toll Rises in the Occupied Territories
with Robert Fisk, Dilip Hiro, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 2 October 2000

#2 Death of a Palestinian boy
with Mussa Abu Hesh Hesh, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 3 October 2000

#5 As death toll rises, Israel appears readier to compromise
with Naseer H. Aruri, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 10 October 2000

#7 In Ramallah, more international activists slip into Yasser Arafat
with Kevin Skvorak, Georgina Reeves, Adam Keller, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 23 April 2002

with Abdal-salam Alkhayyat, Kristen Schurr, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 2 August 2002

#20 What happened in the Jenin refugee camp?
with Justin Huggler, on FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), 3 May 2002

#58 Israel Blocks Access to UN Team Set to Investigate Jenin Refugee Camp Human Rights Violations
with Joe Stork, on WPKN, 10 May 2002

#96 Mediating the Middle East
with Judith Kipper, Nicholas Blanford, Charlie Radin, Muhammad Abu Ghali, on WBUR, 15 April 2002

with Kristen Schurr, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 27 January 2003

#151 Israeli colonizers open fire on civilians in Nablus
with Anne Gwynne, on KPFA/Flashpoints, 17 February 2003

#152 Anne Gwynne shot in Nablus
with Anne Gwynne, on KPFA/Flashpoints, 19 February 2003

#154 Anne Gwynne in Nablus
with Anne Gwynne, on KPFA/Flashpoints, 21 February 2003

#155 Interview with Ramzy Baroud, author of "Searching Jenin"
with Ramzy Baroud, on KPFA/Flashpoints, 27 February 2003

with Rafeef Ziadah, on Pacifica Radio/Democracy Now, 6 June 2003

#205 Islands on the Shore
with Yeud (Ye’ud) Levanon, 2003

#207 Refugees massacred in Beirut camps
with BBC staff, on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 19 September 1982

#251 The Accused
with Fergal Keane, Morris Draper, Richard Goldstone, Various others, Richard Falk, on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 17 June 2001

#586 Ruah Shaked ( , Ruach Shaked, The Shaked Spirit)
with Ran Edelist (Adelist/Edilist), 25 February 2007

#1094 The Geography of Occupation
with Salman Abu-Sitta, on Alternate Focus, 20 September 2006

#1578 Impact of the Gaza war on Israel
with Norman G. Finkelstein, on Al Jazeera, 30 March 2010


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"On October 29, 1956, soldiers of the Israeli Border Police murdered 43 civilians, including women and children, and wounded many others because they were outside their homes after curfew was imposed on the Israeli Arab village of Kafr Qassem at the beginning of the Sinai War. The perpetrators knew that they were killing villagers who were returning from work in the fields without knowing anything about the existence of a curfew."
(by Aviv Lavie, 31 October 2003)

"You must stop the massacres. They are obscene. I have an officer in the camp counting the bodies. You ought to be ashamed. The situation is rotten and terrible. They are killing children. You are in absolute control of the area, and therefore responsible for the area."
(by Morris Draper, September 1982)

"If you are looking for what I believe you are looking for [material in the IDF archives about Israeli massacres of Palestinians in the 1948 War], then you can forget it. In any case, just keep in mind that we are reading over any documents before you are allowed to see them and we cull out material that you should not see"
(by Miki Kaufman, 6 May 1992)

"For many Israelis it was easier to find consolation in the lie, that the Arabs left the country under orders from their leaders. This is an absolute fabrication. The fundamental cause of their flight was their fear from Israeli retribution and this fear was not at all imaginary. From almost each report in the IDF archives concerning the conquest of Arab villages between May and July 1948 - when clashes with Arab villagers were the fiercest - a smell of massacre emanates. Sometimes the report tells about blatant massacres which were committed after the battle, sometimes the massacres are committed in the heat of battle and while the villages are "cleansed". Some of my colleagues, such as Me'ir Pa'il, don't consider such acts as massacres. In my opinion there is no other term for such acts than massacres. This was at the time the rule of the game. It was a dirty war on both sides. This phenomenon spread out in the field; there were no explicit orders to exterminate. In the first phase a village was usually subjected to heavy artillery from distance. Then soldiers would assault the village. After giving up resistance, the Arab fighters would withdraw while attempting to snipe at the advancing forces. Some would not flee and would remain in the village, mainly women and old people. In the course of cleansing we used to hit them. One was 'tailing the fugitives', as it used to be called ('mezanvim baborchim'). There was no established battle procedure as today, namely that when blowing up a house, one has first to check whether civilians are still inside. In a typical battle report about the conquest of a village we find: 'We cleansed a village, shot in any direction where resistance was noticed. After the resistance ended, we also had to shoot people so that they would leave or who looked dangerous."
(by Aryeh Yitzhaki, 6 May 1992)

"I maintain that even before the establishment of the State, each battle ended with a massacre. In all Israel's wars massacres were committed but I have no doubt that the War of Independence was the dirtiest of them all. ... In the War of Independence everybody massacred everybody, but most of the action happened between Jews and Palestinians. ... 'In my opinion, the regular armies of Arab states were less barbaric than the Jews and the Palestinians. Until the entry into the battle of the Arab armies, the concept of taking prisoners was unknown. The regular armies, especially that of Jordan and Egypt, were the first in the region who did not kill prisoners, as a matter of principle. Not that they were exceptional, but they killed the least of all, relatively speaking. The Jordanian Legion even succeeded to stop Palestinians of massacring Jews in Gush Etzion, at least in a part of this area. The education in the Yishuv at that time had it that the Arabs would do anything to kill us and therefore we had to massacre them. A substantial part of the Jewish public was convinced that the most cherished wish of say, a nine-year old Arab child, was to exterminate us. This belief bordered on paranoia."
(by Aryeh Yitzhaki, 6 May 1992)

"'The Archivist refused to let me see the report and I went then to the Supreme Court. According to the [State] Archives Law (1953), access is open to documents concerning [government] policies and political matters after 30 years and documents related to security matters after 50 years. As the report by the Shapira committee [on killings in the 1948 War] is a political document issued by the Ministry of Justice, it was to be accessible by the public. But after I entered my request to the State Archivist and to the courts, the State Prosecutor and the Archivist made me a trick. It appeared that by convening a special meeting of at least two Cabinet members - in this case Arens and Sharir - it was possible to extend indefinitely the classified status of any archived document by arguing that disclosure might endanger state security. The meeting was duly convened and the document was reclassified"
(by Benny Morris, 6 May 1992)

"He [an Israeli intelligence officer whom Ben Yehuda saw torturing Arab prisoners with a hoe until they bled to death] beat these wounded men, burnt men who had not slept for days with their lips swollen from lack of water. ... [He complained about me and my fellow Palmachniks who were also disgusted by the sight of blood and splattered brains, saying, as he murdered the helpless prisoners] 'These Palmachniks! Weaklings, what do they think? They escaped! Did they think we can maintain a state without such things? And is this the first time? So where are we to get men with guts to do things for us? Maybe we should hire people? Or hire some British? Free some Nazis!'"
(by Netiva Ben Yehuda, 27 February 1985)

"[The Deir Yassin massacre was a deliberate and unprovoked attack."
(by Bernard (later Dov) Joseph, 1962)

"Sociologically, one of the most interesting aspects of the conquests and expulsions was that even though the policy was not explicitly articulated, either orally or in writing, everyone knew about it. In most cases, whether before or during an operation, neither the political leadership nor the General Staff issued guidelines regarding the fate of the Arab residents, but the expulsions took place. The young commanders in the IDF and the Palmach had no need for concrete orders; they were motivated by an ideology which had coalesced during the decade of the 1940s. Overruning villages and killing or expelling the inhabitants seemed to them a logical or necessary "military action" which overrode all moral inhibitions. A case in point is the behavior of Amos Mokadi, commander of Golani Brigade's Twelfth Battalion. During the capture of the Galilee village of Nasr a-Din, the Arab fighters emerged from their positions surrounded by their children and wives. Although no order was given, the Israelis held their fire. Long afterward, Mokadi recalled that he had been fearful and hesitant: if he let the village men go, the order to destroy the enemy would not be fulfilled, but on the other hand women and children were in the way. "And then I gave an order, and it was quite difficult, that everyone who comes out of the position is a fighter, and therefore fire!" For an instant, Mokadi was confronted with a moral dilemma, but he did not let morality get in his way. And he concluded: "We burned the houses in the village. That lowered the morale of the Arab fighters in Tiberias and raised our morale.""
(by Uri Ben-Eliezer, June 1998)

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